How Proxies can make your SEO journey a success?

How Proxies can make your SEO journey a success?

Proxies and SEO


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    Proxies and SEO are an inseparable couple that always go hand in hand. Most of you might be thinking that this is just another article promoting a particular product; however, it is more informative than persuasive.

    Essentially, the endless search of right proxies for your particular SEO techniques have been quite tedious and relentlessly daunting. With so many proxies out there, it becomes frighteningly overwhelming as to which one to choose.

    Therefore, here you will find some great tips regarding the types of proxies that you need. In particular, reference will be made to the two most popular SEO tools in the market in order to explain the appropriate proxy that will make your SEO efforts worthwhile.

    The two SEO Tools

    So, before we can jump onto the topic of what type of proxies are the most beneficial in your SEO journey, it is necessary that we present to you the two most effective SEO tools so that you have a better idea of their compatibility with different types of proxies.

    To begin with, SEnuke is an incredible SEO software that has been out there in the market for quite a while and has been attracting millions and millions of SEO specialists, allowing them to try different tactics.

    Similarly, Xrumer is another tool that lets you perform SEO techniques like a charm.

    Although most of you may already know what is the purpose of these SEO tools, for those who are not aware of them, SEnuke and Xrumer are primarily used to automate backlink generation of your website.

    That is, these tools allow you to automatically create a number of backlinks on various forums and other platforms and thus allow your website to go up the rankings on Google.

    Nevertheless, such techniques are sometimes referred to as black hat SEO tactics which indicate that doing SEO in such a way is illegal and unacceptable in the SEO community.

    On the other hand, the tools can be used in a completely legit way as they have other special features that let you perform SEO more effectively. So, let us look deeper into these two SEO tools.

    1. SEnuke

    SEnuke, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most popular SEO tools ever made. It has three versions to date, which are, SEnuke TNG, SEnuke XCr and SEnuke X.

    SEnuke TNG is the latest with a number of new and improved features including a better skin, crowd searching feature, and a built-in OCR along with a macro-reader.

    It’s predecessor, the SEnuke XCr, is another powerful version with a robust XCr feature that allows a community of SEO specialists to download and upload bits and pieces of scripts. This means you can easily download a piece to fix a certain issue.

    The oldest version is the SEnuke X, which is yet another powerful tool allowing you to perform SEO using some classic methods.

    2. Xrumer

    Xrumer is a specialized SEO tool that allows you to create backlinks through posting comments on forums. This means you can be posting hundreds of comments constantly with different user IDs.

    It only has a single version that keeps getting updated and as such, you will only have to buy it once.

    However, it comes with three different tiers; Lite, Standard and Business. Although they are not very different, they still have certain things that distinguishes one from the other.

    Why use proxies?

    Now that we know about the most frequently used SEO tools and that their primary purpose is to create backlinks, it is now time that we shed some light on why you actually need a proxy to perform SEO.

    Well, as we already know, Xrumer and SEnuke create automated backlinks and they do so ever more intensely. Although this is a very effective method to create backlinks and improve your rankings, it can sometimes backfire since your proxy may get blocked.

    That is, if you allow these tools to constantly create backlinks for your website using your own private IP, chances are that Google and other search engines will recognize the backlinks as bots and hence block the IP address for good.

    Therefore, it is only sensible to use different proxies that can allow you the freedom of performing intensive backlink creation without going out of business.

    Types of proxies to use

    At the top of the chart, there are two types of proxies; ones that are free and the ones that are not.

    At the outset, free proxies might sound tempting. However, free proxies can be quite dangerous since these proxies frequently fail due to being overused. Given that they are free, there is no telling as to how the provider is paying for the servers to maintain the proxies.

    One possible way is that the provider is selling out your search habits to companies by keeping logs on whatever you surf over the internet.

    Hence, given the dangers, it is strongly recommended that one uses a paid proxy that is legit and reliable.

    Types of paid proxies

    Paid proxies, however, also come in various forms and you need to be careful to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Essentially, there are three different types of paid proxies.

    1. Rotating Proxies

    Providers of rotating proxies allow you the freedom of working with different proxies. That is, the provider automatically gives you different IP addresses and as such, you need not worry about having any one of your IP addresses banned.

    You can also perform as much SEO as the limit of SEnuke and Xrumer allows to boost your website’s rankings.

    2. Elite Private Proxies

    Next down the line, are Elite Private Proxies whose providers do not keep logs of your activity and therefore keep you completely anonymous.

    However, you may need to cut down on the speed of your SEO since you cannot work with different IP addresses all the time.

    3. Shared Proxies

    Lastly, there are shared proxies, which, as the name suggests, are shared with multiple users. Although they are cost-effective, they might bring down your SEO’s efficiency since many others will be using the same IP addresses for things that might be illegal or inappropriate.

    You could also check this SEO Checklist 2019 and Data Science Tools.


    In conclusion, make sure that you contact your proxy provider before buying a proxy. It is recommended that you tell him/her about all your requirements and apprehensions and only then, make an informed decision.

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