How To Open Blocked Websites using Proxy

How To Open Blocked Websites using Proxy

Open Blocked Websites


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Buy Private Proxies
  2. Other Ways to Open Blocked Websites

The reality is that a lot of websites are blocked, some based on geographical location, and some based on content. This leads us to the important question of how to open blocked websites. This article will discuss how one can access websites that are blocked by using proxies.

It is important to note that there are a number of ways to open blocked websites. Advocates of internet freedom have developed and are continually developing ways to bypass restrictions in an effort to maintain freedom in the world of internet.

The controversy over Net Neutrality has become like a stone inside the shoes of internet users all over the world. For some, the repeal of Net Neutrality by most governments has become annoying and irritating and somewhat unfair.

People open a website expecting to have the freedom to see and access everything they need, only to find out that some web pages or even the whole website are blocked in the country where they are located. It does not matter that the website is for entertainment, business, or personal transactions. The fact is that the internet should be a free world. All data must be treated equally, regardless of source, destination, size, and content. This is the basic principle of Net Neutrality which has been slowly disintegrating due to government regulations that do not support it.

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How to Open Blocked Websites by Proxy?


As mentioned, one of the methods that will enable anyone to access blocked websites is by using proxies. This article is focused on explaining how proxies work and how they can help open websites that are otherwise blocked.  

A proxy server acts as a middleman between the user and the destination website. The user connects to the proxy server and asks it to connect to the server of the website the user wants to access. The proxy server then makes the connection to the other server on behalf of the user.

And since it was the proxy server who made the request, the website won’t know that it was actually the user who is accessing it. It is like hiding behind the proxy server. This way, the website has no way of knowing which country the user is from, thereby allowing them to bypass geographical and even government restrictions.

By using proxies, the user’s IP address is masked and hidden. A different IP address will be used by the proxy server and this depends on the proxy selected.

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Private Proxies can give detailed tips on choosing the right proxy provider.



LimeProxies also offer international private proxies and socks5 private proxies. It supports Craiglist, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular websites and applications with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

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  • When unblocking websites through proxies, the configuration of the proxy settings of the application or device is needed. The steps and instructions differ from application to application, so click here for the Setup Guides.

    Other Ways to Open Blocked Websites


    1. Type in the IP address instead of the URL

    The URL of each website is associated with an IP address. There are times when the people blocking a certain website only by the URL and not the IP address. In this case, do a ping command, to get the IP address of the particular website.

    Go to Start > Run, then type cmd and press enter. Enter the command: ping url.com.

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    Type in the IP address into the address bar, and the website can be accessed. This method is effective if the authorities who blocked the website did not include the IP address. If they did, then another method must be used.

    2. Modify the DNS Server

    The DNS settings on any device can be modified to use Google DNS or OpenDNS instead. CloudFlare also has its own DNS services. Just make sure to save the original DNS settings before making any changes so that there will be something to revert to in case connectivity problems are encountered.

    3. Tor browser

    Tor is an IP Anonymizer that becomes more effective when used together with proxies. Users will be able to access blocked websites and at the same time, they will be hidden from prying eyes. The only drawback is a low speed.

    The Bottom Line

    It is disheartening that the banning and restrictions of websites because of geographical restrictions and government regulations has become a reality these days. The bright side to all these, however is that there are still ways (a number of them, actually) to open blocked websites.

    One of the methods that are effective and popular in unblocking websites is by using proxies. Proxies work by acting as a middleman and hiding the real identity of the user. The website that the users want to access will not know who the user is or where they are located, allowing them to access it freely as they would in the ideal world.

    There are free public proxies available, but users would need to share an IP address with a lot of people. There are downsides to this because the other users of the same IP address might be doing things that can get the IP address banned. If this happens, the user’s access can suffer too. Using free public proxies will also affect the speed of the connection because a lot of people are sharing the bandwidth. There are even moments when the connection slows down to a crawl because of the high number of people using the same public proxy.

    People, however, can buy decent proxies at $4.99 per month, and the rate goes down on purchasing proxies in bulk. A minimum amount of money will be shelled out, but there is a guarantee of decent if not exemplary speed, exclusive use of IP address, and more.

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