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4G Mobile proxies with unlimited bandwidth and specific geo-targeted IPs. Flexible billing and no monthly commitments.

10 proxies

Pay as you go

$60 / gb

Pay as you go

$60 / gb

Frequently Asked Questions

How many concurrent connections can be used?

By default we allow up to 100 concurrent threads. This limit can be increased upon request.

What type of authentication is provided?

By default proxies are authenticated by your IP. Maximum of IPs will be allowed. On request we can also authenticate by username/password.

Can I test a proxy before purchasing?

Sure. Please signup here for a free test proxy. You may also contact support to request a test proxy.

Are there any service restrictions?

Yes. Proxies cannot be used for e-mailing, spam, abuse, accessing e-commerce sites such paypal, ebay and access to mailing sites will be blocked. Scrapebox for Spam, xRumer and/or any forum commenting software usage is not allowed.

What's the difference between premium and private proxies?

Premium Proxies have 1gbps dedicated bandwidth speed and virgin IPs which are never before used. Private Proxies have 100 mbps bandwidth and uses recycled IPs.

What is your refund policy?

LimeProxies believes in complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the proxies, we offer a full money back if requested within 3 days. Please read our refund policy for full details.

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