Which are the 5 Emerging Data Trends to Watch for in 2017 and How Mozenda Can Help?

Which are the 5 Emerging Data Trends to Watch for in 2017 and How Mozenda Can Help?

Data Trends

****If we think of the year of 2016 we can say it was pretty memorable concerning the world of data. Not only could we observe technical developments such as new applications, self-driving cars, but the results of elections all over the world.

Now we are listing five emerging data trends with the help of experts, scientists, and industry-leaders that will influence various organizations and show that Mozenda can apply to each of them. We firmly believe if you look through these ideas you will be able to finish projects that are data-driven faster, and achieve your aims.

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1. Automation will be quicker and smarter

The former untapped sources will be extended and manual procedures will definitely grow although automation is not a new idea but it is more important and relevant ever because 2.5 Exabytes of new data are created day by day. The most important thing with working data is to automate everything where it is possible. To identify is the first and the second is assimilate the data automatically into organized repositories as accomplishing this is only one way for analyzing. As Kalvan Veeamachaneni, the Principal research scientist says, it is extremely important for companies to automate procedures in these days especially those processes that are done absolutely manually. On observing data problems they always found the similar if not the same data processing techniques so the whole processes need to be streamlined with developing algorithms and building software systems that do them automatically. Mozenda can solve the problems as it fits for automating work naturally and human oversight is not needed any more like it was necessary previously. This is called WPA – Web Process Automation. Using WPA we can skip manual tasks such as monitoring dynamically changing web pages, copy-pasting, and so on.

2. Data integrations improves

A lot of organizations have bought large number of data but others have realized that buying big data is not enough something has to be done with it. It is very inefficient to collect lots of data because it is a very expensive solution as before being useful the date becomes obsolete. Edd Wilder-James, Vice President of Technology, Strategy, Silicon Valley data Science says that as data is sumptuous to use so business owners should lessen the impact of data silos if they want to move to a higher value and also maintain a competitive edge. A much more effective, pragmatic and progressive approach can be reached by removing the barriers of silos. The final goal is to make a company data-driven which benefits from data in an organization-wide, consistent manner. So we can sum up this by claiming that it is expensive and difficult to work with unstructured web data and this is the field where Mozenda can help you.

3. An expected skill – data literacy

Concerning to make decisions what is really important to be aware of relevant data such as: hiring, education and so on. Business analytics and its related fields can already be found in some of the top educational institutions so the future generations of MBA students will be familiar with these fields and will be able to handle this large number of data and also they will business leaders who understand its value. So the data-driven culture doesn’t mean any more that every user has to understand and use R, Python és SQL Server. What Mozenda can give is an ultimate tool for any business to utilize web data when making decisions as Mozenda can be learnt by everyone as it is understandable.

4. ‘Right Data’ instead of Big Data

As a matter of fact data is only useful whet it can help solving the problems or answer the questions rose up. For example what your costumers are like, what they like, what they want to buy, and where they come from and so on. Many companies spend too much time to collect data but they do not think over what kind of data they need or what kind of data they should search. Mozenda is a very useful tool because it can extract the data you need and you can go on with your work.

5. More and more important: quick data

Big data is only useful if you can make analyses from it or it can be prioritized in order to get the good answers. Mozenda is a really cloud-based solution for online data extraction, advanced features are supported by Mozenda and the process of gathering information is assisted to be streamlined. It can’t be emphasized enough often that only with fast data you can make the information more actionable, useful, plentiful and more beneficial to your company or organization. With the help of Mozenda data can be automatically extracted in order to be used on its most efficient way and results can be delivered to the most important destinations like FTP server, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure or email addresses.


Why it is important for you

If you have any organization and you would like to run it in a prosperous way with treating and dealing with data it its proper way, if you want to get the appropriate answers for your questions, if you don’t intend to waste your time and money, you would like to get the right analyses and statistics for you organization and work, if you need a software to be easily used by you co-workers then Mozenda is the ultimate answer.

On using Mozenda you will see that you will be able to apply it to achieve an efficient, positive change in data handling. Otherwise you can decide easier if you put up these questions for yourself:

– Do you use the right data while working?

– Do you collect or possess web data that are useful and have they already been utilized for your organization?

– Can the processes you use have benefits from automation?

Without a shadow of a doubt your organization can gain a lot from automation data processing and can be more competitive in the market with making a good use of Mozenda.

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