Service Level Agreement

99.9% Network Guarantee

LimeProxies guarantees that its proxy infrastructure will be available and subject to the purchased commitment level, including facility security, power, and temperature control 99.9% of the time. This extends to all network infrastructure under LimeProxies's direct control. Downtime due to planned network or data center maintenance is exempt from this guarantee.

99.9% Total Coverage Guarantee

In addition to our 99.9% network guarantee, we promise 99.9% server uptime. The only exemptions to this guarantee are downtime due to customer fault (including abuse of our AUP or ToS), planned systems maintenance, wrong configurations, not adding authorized ip and voluntary downtime such as downtime associated with service upgrades.

100% Support Guarantee

LimeProxies guarantees customer access to our technical support staff around the clock. LimeProxies warrants against downtime associated with a loss of the ability to communicate with our Managed Services Team due to the physical loss of telephone, support ticket and e-mail access by our support staff. Loss of customer telephone and e-mail access is exempt from this guarantee.

Customers Requesting Reimbursement

Customers will be reimbursed with account extension for any downtime that’s covered in the Proxy Server Service Level Agreement.