Never remember your password again with 'Password Manager'

Never remember your password again with 'Password Manager'

Password Manager

How many passwords do you have currently?

2, 3 maybe 6?

How often do you remember them? Despite keeping a track do you often feel that you tend to miss out on a few passwords just because it isn’t too easy to remember?

Your situation is experienced by multiple other users as well. Today for anything you want to access, view or conduct online, you require a password and not just a regular password, but a high-end password that will prevent your hackers from cracking it.

Passwords are different, for some you need to add symbols, some expect more characters and while the others are alright with the type of password you enter in. Passwords are important because it safeguards from any unauthorized person to access it. 

The unique feature of passwords is that it can help you secure your confidential personal data which is one of the key importance in the current scenario. But how many passwords will you remember in your lifetime? 

And when you change it, wouldn’t it leave you in more complexity and confusion.

You are living in 2020 which is why you need to know that for modern users like you who expect everything to be conducted in a click, there is a solution for you to eliminate the need of remembering your passwords and just help you get started without any password entrance.

That solution is popularly called ‘Password Managers.’

Let’s give you the details.

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They are your saviours in an age where the list of hackers is waiting for an opportunity to get inside your system. Password managers are softwares that stores and also manages all the passwords you have to log in to your various accounts. There are different types of password managers such as ‘Web browser-based’, ‘Cloud-based’, ‘Desktop’, ‘Portable’ and ‘Stateless.’

Your passwords are stored in an encrypted format and when you want to view that information, you can do so with the master password. Another great thing about Password Manager is that for instance, you have to log in multiple accounts each day, you can download the password manager as a browser extension so that whenever you open your online accounts, you need to click on the extension and the autologin will be done. 

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Password managers are a great solution because in a time where critical passwords are being generated it becomes difficult to keep a track of it. Writing it on sheets of paper, storing in mobile phones or telling someone else isn’t the ideal way of protecting your information.

Password managers eliminate the need for the above actions to take place and also helps users like you conduct multiple other actions while Password Managers take care of the rest.

What is the rest?

Let’s find out the details.




With password managers, you don’t have to worry about remembering passwords because it is already done for you. In place of you, the password manager will fill in the form and ensure that you are logged in without any difficulty.

How easy was that?


At times you share your account handles with another person whom you trust so the password for those accounts will be used by the two of you. What happens here is password managers let you share the password with another person as well giving you the control.

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As mentioned earlier, you just need to remember the one password that will help you access all the other stored password data. 


Since the logins are done with the password managers directly in the form, there is no need for you to type in any of the passwords. This also eliminates hackers from trying to capture or sneak in when you enter your passwords keeping your account safer.

With password managers having so much to execute, it only makes sense if you start applying its practices right away. The article has curated a list of the top 5 brands that offer password manager applications so that you can find who is the right fit for you and invest in their solution sooner.

Let’s get you started now, shall we?





Dashlane is considered to be one of the best-closed source platforms available. It can be expensive for a few because it offers a range of beneficial services such as a VPN service to safeguard its users when accessing any public activities such as using a public WIFI. It offers a free plan where it gives a maximum of 50 passwords to be stored for one device. 

If you opt for more than that, then you can move to their premium service which comes at $3.33.





1Password is used by a brand like Apple which in itself states a lot about the product. 1Password doesn’t offer a free plan but instead, it offers a free trial version where users like you can opt to view its features completely and then take a call. The greatest thing about 1Password is that it is user friendly and holds good security.

It’s prices range between $3.99 to $7.99 and it also offers a family plan for $59.88 for up to 5 users. In 2019, 1Password was considered a huge hit.





NordPress is another unique password manager software that is derived from NordVPN. It is another user-friendly password manager that is considered to be the strongest in what it offers to its users. It offers end to end encryption and also browser extensions. The price ranges between $2.49 to $4.99.





LastPass is considered to be one of the most popular platforms when it comes to password managers. It does hold a few of its features on the paid section but its main features are still free to use such as saving, filling and generating passwords, accessing passwords on any of the devices, securing user accounts with two-factor authentication and more.

You can always try how LastPass functions and then choose to invest with them. Their price ranges between $3.00 to $4.00. This solution supports close to 50 languages, almost all browsers and covers all core operating systems. It also offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox and more. If any errors are found, LastPass works to resolve it immediately.





RoboForm is another password manager software that has stayed long in this field despite the tough competition. Their price ranges with the lowest costing $1.99 a month. It has a good online backup, shares passwords securely in case of shared accounts, has form filling as well as they also enter in the passwords in the applications.

RoboForm also has an integration with Chrome, Firefox and more. It offers end to end encryption and also it stores all user data in containers that are secured completely ensuring no amount of hacking can try to break it.




Password Managers are a great solution and can help you in 2020 to continue your online actions without having the fear of forgetting or anyone eyeing on your passwords. While this solution safeguards your password activities, it is important that you also safeguard your online activities.

Browsing websites online especially on restricted sources can cause blockage of your IP address, hence, to enjoy a better online experience conduct the same action with the use of a good proxy service provider. A good proxy provider can help you to access information online even from restricted sources. Your IP address will be hidden hence you will be anonymous.

The online world can get scary and doubtful but with the help of reliable solutions such as Password managers and Proxy services, the fear starts to fade away.


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