The Ultimate Guide to Buy Private Proxies

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Private Proxies

Free proxy  or Paid proxy


  1. Free or Paid Proxies?
  2. What to Consider In Buying Proxies
  3. Where to Buy Private Proxies?

Proxies are a great tool to enhance internet users’ security and privacy. When proxies first emerged, it was viewed in a negative light as some thought that it was used only by people hiding their suspicious and even criminal acts.

However, with the emergence of crimes against the privacy and security of internet users, proxies have become more and more utilized as a tool against these crimes. The crimes we are talking about are the likes of hacking, identity theft, and ransomware. These involve people tracking your internet activities and getting your personal information such as your name, physical address, IP and MAC address, and even your credit card information.

Even advertisers have found a way into your computers as they deploy trackers that can somehow gather and even analyze your online activities. They can even know the size of your computer screen, the type of device you are using, what websites you are accessing, how long you spend on a single web page and much more.

If you are one of the thousands of internet users that do not want anyone to track your online activities, then proxies are very useful for you.

Proxies work by connecting you to a server before you connect to a website. This way, the proxy server will be hiding your real identity. Your IP address will be masked by the proxy IP address, thereby making it impossible for anyone – advertisers, criminals, stalkers, and even your internet service provider – to know what you are doing online.

If you want to buy private proxies, this article can guide you in choosing which proxy provider is suitable for your needs. Below are a few tips that will help you in your quest to buy proxy server.

Free or Paid Proxies?

Guide to Buy Private Proxies - Free or Paid

Everyone wants free service, of course. But in this day and age, is anything still for free? Getting a free proxy service for instance, is not totally free at all. Yes, you might not be paying a monthly service fee, and you might not shell out any amount of money when using the service.

However, these free proxy providers can inject trackers into your computers. They can actually track and record your online activities, and that is the real cost of getting their “free” service.

In other words, these free proxy service providers may very well be doing what proxies were supposed to protect you from. Instead of giving you anonymity, these providers are the ones who are violating your privacy.

This is sad but actually true. Therefore, it is safer to buy a private proxy, if only for the reliability and security it provides. Proxies don’t have to be overly expensive though. A moderately priced subscription works just as well as the expensive ones.

What to Consider In Buying Proxies

So we have that “free versus paid” issue settled, let us look at the things you have to consider in choosing a proxy service provider. Google “proxy service” and you will get hundreds of results which will leave you confused. How do you choose a proxy service provider? Read on to find out.

Security and Reliability

security and Reliability

Security is on top of our list of criteria because this has been the primary reason why proxies exist at all. Proxies should provide security so that you can browse online without having to worry about someone else virtually watching over your shoulders.

Your private proxy provider should also be reliable, which means that the service can be trusted and is available 24/7. Security and reliability can be partially assessed by going through the feedback or reviews of a particular proxy provider.

The more positive reviews, the better the service. Therefore, take time to research your options and make sure to read the comments section!


There is a minimal amount of trade-off with speed when you connect to a website through a proxy. This is because there is already a third party involved, thereby lengthening the connection process by milliseconds.

Although, there is a change in speed when connecting via a private proxy, the change is minimal and is worth the security and reliability that comes with it. If for some reason the connection is really low, make sure that your network speed is not at fault. You may need to contact your internet service provider in this case.

Server Location

server locations

The speed of connection is also dependent on the location of the proxy servers. The nearer the proxy to the server of the webpage, the faster the connection will be. Also, there are websites that only allow IP addresses from certain countries. This is called geo blocking or geo restriction, and this has been used by large companies such as Netflix, YouTube, CBS, NBA, and other popular video streaming platforms.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you buy private proxies from a provider that has servers in the countries or locations that are close to the websites you are accessing.

Customer Service

The security, reliability, speed, and location of their servers will be all for nothing if the proxy provider’s customer service is poor. You won’t be able to get answers to your questions in a timely manner, or worse, you won’t get any answer at all.

Customer support is very important especially because you will be dealing with some technical stuff when setting up the private proxies. Choose a proxy server provider that has decent customer service. A decent customer support replies to queries in a timely manner, and has different ways by which customers can contact them.

Where to Buy Private Proxies?

We are one of the few proxy providers who have 99.9% uptime guarantee and also 3 days money back guarantee. We also pride ourself on the excellent technical support who will respond to your query immediately.

Note that we also offer international proxies and socks5 proxies. It supports Craiglist, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular websites and applications.

You can also use our service for free for two days if you want to just try it out at no cost.

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