Ultimate Guide for Facebook proxies

Ultimate Guide for Facebook proxies

Facebook Proxies

Did you know that Facebook who was considered to be just a platform for connecting with friends across the globe has now used this same technique so that businesses can sell better?

Facebook has grown towards the business side as this creation has opened doors for a brand like yours to connect better with your potential prospects. ‘’1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily.’’ and the number keeps on increasing.

Social media has made businesses realize that if they want to sell and perform better, the only way is to start engaging via online platforms. The social world is an answer to what your prospects need, make it easy for them to find you by drawing closer to them with platforms such as Facebook.

While the social platform is great, it does have a few drawbacks such as restrictions. These restrictions can go from not being able to manage Facebook wholely and also not being able to sell better as the information is very less.

Technology has been developing and over the years has introduced our solutions which can help in making your life easier. For an issue as one stated above, this article has the answer to how you can efficiently conduct Facebook activities and what solution you can use to prevent any stoppage your way.

Let’s get started.

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Why use Facebook?

1 . Here for the long run

Facebook was first launched in 2004 and now years later it has grown to be a powerful and well engaging platform to help businesses like yours to cater to prospect's needs much better. Facebook is a great platform because it is now managing multiple business accounts, the greatest thing about it is that it is here to stay for long. With the constant growth in the business front, Facebook will be continued to be used as a great selling medium which your business shouldn’t be missing out on.

2. A great communication medium

Facebook is one such popular social media channel that has no scope of fading away. It is one of the easiest ways to connect with prospects because you can advertise your page much better with the help of Facebook ads. You can also add comments, tag users and join groups to engage much better with prospects. Engagement is what will help your prospects to develop the trust for your brand as well as help you to connect with them better and Facebook aims to deliver just that.

3. Provides insights with Facebook analytics


Source: Reviewtrackers

Facebook provides a detailed and insightful report on your business actions with reference to marketing activities being conducted. This is important for you as a brand because it can help frame the way you conduct your marketing actions. For instance, the insights include how many users have clicked on a post of yours, how far you reach is and more. When you have such data you are able to understand your prospects better. If you are aware that you're getting more clicks and views on a specific blog topic, you can go on to curate and post such topics more regularly hence increasing your conversion rates.

4. Cost-effective marketing technique

Spending on marketing is huge and a lot of your revenue is spent on conducting such action but not everyone has the ability to spend more than what their business acquires hence investing in Facebook marketing seems to be the most liked option. To sell on Facebook doesn’t require a bigger amount, you can set up a free business account and continue to engage better with prospects. You can easily get in touch with your prospects without having to spend much. If you're opting for Facebook ads, you need to spend according to the usage of your marketing activities which sounds more reasonable.

5. Builds your brand

The number one reason why Facebook is better for your business's marketing activities is that it helps to shape and give your brand a better name. When you start to market on such platforms, you are helping your brand to receive a good identity. You are building the existence of your brand to an audience that needs to hear and find you in an easier manner. Prospects would invest in a solution form a brand that is popular and has all their needs accommodated, Facebook is such a medium where it ensures that your brand reaches them as fast as possible.

6. Helps to drive good organic traffic

When you are marketing on such a platform, you are extending and showcasing your brand to an audience that would invest in your solution. When you receive such leads that have found you via your real marketing actions, it becomes easier to understand that they are genuine leads. These leads act as an important asset for your business growth which is exactly why incorporating it is important when the priority for any business is capturing not just any leads but only organic ones.

7. Helps you target the right audience

Did you know that many times it has happened that when a business conducts any marketing activities, the reach has been more but the conversion rates have been less in number? If you too have experienced such a similar situation the reason for such a failure is because you were targeting the wrong kind of audience. When you sell your solution, not every user will be your target audience. For instance, if you are a vendor of selling software, your target audience would be more on developers, businesses who depend more on software and more. Understanding this Facebook allows you to choose which target audience you want to cater to and ensures that your marketing activities are garnering their attention. This will help eliminate your time from dealing with the wrong kind of leads and helps you accomplish your conversion rate numbers much quicker.

8. Helps you scrape through the tough competition

Another great thing about Facebook marketing is that it helps a brand to skyrocket and perform better than its peers. For instance, with Facebook insights, you can easily identify what your prospects expect from you, and with constant monitoring, you can also get a hold of how your competitors are exactly using Facebook marketing for their brand. This all provides your brand with meaningful insights that play a huge role in shaping the way you sell your solution to your potential prospects.

While Facebook has proved why it is the right fit for you, did you know that the more followers you manage to grasp via this medium, the higher are your chances of a brand being recognized?

This is true, you can ace your social media handle much better by focusing on all the aspects that can contribute to the increase in your Facebook followers.

Increasing Follower’s List

1. Conduct frequent Facebook ads


Source: Oberlo

As listed earlier, Facebook ads are a great way to either engage with your prospects or to sell to them. With Facebook ads, you can increase your follower's list since you will be reaching out to them with your solution. When interested, the prospects will head over to your page and even to your website confirming a strong follower from their end.

Facebook ads can help to increase your follower's lists because they are able to help you decide what type of prospect you want to target in terms of location, detailed audience types and even age groups. This makes it easier to capture the attention of your ideal audience and hence compel them to follow you to learn more about what you have to offer.

2. Send Facebook invites


Source: Oberlo

Another way to increase your Facebook followers is to send an invite of your page to your target audience. You can conduct this activity in an efficient manner by first identifying which type of audience you want to capture, you can do this by using web scraping solutions (the process of extracting information from any source or website).

Once you have in mind which prospects you want to capture, you can send the invites accordingly. Refrain from sending multiple invites to many prospects as Facebook has the ability to block you, keep a gap for each invite being sent. The invites are able to get more prospects to accept the invitation hence increasing your followers count.

3. Create impactful content


Source: Lyfe Marketing

Another way to attract the attention of prospects so that they can land up on your page and hit the ‘follow’ button is through impactful content. The right kind of content is what will turn heads towards your page. When you post content it has the power to connect with a prospect on a more relatable and emotional content.

With a good marketing strategy, you can create insightful blogs, attractive social media posts and conduct insightful debates which will help a prospect to view your brand as a place where they can resolve all their queries. ‘’42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing.’’

To conduct efficient content marketing tactics, you can try the below steps:

  • Create relevant content which prospects want to read
  • Posting content at the right time in the right place for maximum prospect views
  • Create content in any form such as visuals, videos and more

No matter which content you create, curate it in such a way that it compels your prospects to find the content informative and relevant according to their needs.

4. Conduct frequent giveaways


Source: Oberlo

Do you know why a few of the pages you use on Facebook have a higher followers count? One of the reasons is because of the page offering multiple giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to capture the attention of the prospects you want to engage with. Who doesn’t like a giveaway and the greatest thing about it is the fact that the reaction that needs to be done is very easy, so why won’t a prospect be compelled to conduct that action?

You can apply this technique when you are engaging with your prospects online. For instance, you can conduct a giveaway where you could ask your prospect to like your post, follow you and share your page with their friends and in return, they can get a huge discount on your products or anything else.

Such activities are a good trigger for your prospects to engage with you. This will not only help you to increase your followers but it will also extend your outreach even if a few of the people share your page with their friends.

5. Indulge in creating pop-ups


Source: PopupAllyPro

A pop up appears when you land on a page where it asks you whether you would like to know more about the brand. The great thing about pop-ups is it works as a quick decision-maker, in a second the prospect can either click on the pop-up or reject it and continue scrolling through your page.

If the pop-up strategy is conducted correctly, chances are you can win yourself some good new followers. The thing about pop-ups is you need not have attractive content to make your prospects curious about what they have just read when you use such content, your prospect will be compelled to learn more about what the pop has to offer.

You can place your pop-ups according to the places you want to wish for instance at the end of the blog, when a prospect is reading your blog, on your social media handles and more. This will work as a great way to divert your prospect's attention towards clicking spontaneously to learn more about your brand offers.

6. Indulge with influencers


Source: Marketing Land

Another way to increase your Facebook followers is by partnering with the influencers in your niche. With an influencer, getting followers becomes a whole lot easier. The reason being an influencer’s words are believed and followed by its audience. For instance, if an influencer shares the word that using your solution can help its audience, there will be a few of the influencer's audience who would come to visit your page.

Ensure that you pair with a good number of influencers who have a strong follower base and whose words are taken seriously. Pairing with them can be another effective way to increase more views on your Facebook business page as well as impact your follower count.

7. Make use of automation for a consistent flow of online activities

To increase your Facebook followers, the main agenda is to keep your work consistent. Whether it is posting content on a daily basis or monitoring the stats of your online activities. All of this cannot be conducted regularly manually. Hence it is wise to use automated solutions that can help you conduct this action on a more accurate and continuous basis.

With automated solutions, you can conduct repetitive activities such as continuous posting, monitoring the page, replying to prospects and more. When such activities are conducting regularly and efficiently, why won’t the follower's list on your page increase? The only time your follower list will fall is when your page is inactive or irregular in its online activities.

You have all the tips you needed in order to grow the brand image you are setting on the social media account well. Did you know that if you conduct this action on more of your Facebook accounts, the chances of success for all your goals are higher?

Creating multiple Facebook accounts can help you to sell better, increase recognition as well as help you to target a wider audience.

Why this should concern you?

Let’s get straight to the matter.

Increasing Selling Strategy

1. Catering to multiple audiences

The number one reason for businesses to have more than one Facebook account is due to the fact that they can engage with multiple types of audiences from different locations. ‘’49% of users like a Facebook page to support a brand they like’’. For instance, a brand like yours can create a separate account for users in the USA, or Australia or Japan and cater to the needs of the users in that particular country.

The benefit here is as a brand, your outreach in global countries will be higher, you will be able to cater to your target audience's needs no matter where they reside, your chances of conversions are higher as well as since you will be catering to a number of leads.

2. Let’s you sell your products better

As a brand, there wouldn’t be just one product that you will be dealing with. It would confuse your prospects when you tend to sell more than one product on your Facebook page hence creating a separate account for all your products gives you the opportunity to sell them better and allow your prospects to understand what the product is about completely. For instance, when you share all your products on one Instagram account, chances are:

  • They will be confused
  • They might not remember all your products
  • It will be too much for your prospects to take in when you exhibit the line of products you have

However, on the other end, when you create a separate account for your products, chances are:

  • You can earn better revenue with the advertisements for that product
  • Your prospects can explore and understand each of the features of your product much better
  • It becomes convenient to tap prospects who would like your product and convert them quicker

3. Let’s you customize what you want to show your audience


Source: Shopify

Not all your prospects are the same. Each of them will have different preferences, tastes, and choices which make their needs different too. Engaging on Facebook is necessary and the way you engage in Facebook matters because it helps you to create a unique batch of content dedicated to serving such prospects.

With the help of multiple Facebook accounts, brands like you can show different sides of your business to develop the trust of prospects as well as attract them towards learning more about what you have to offer. For instance, you could create dedicated accounts where you can show:

  • How well your employees function?
  • What are the activities you employ in your organization?
  • What goes into the making of your solution?
  • Existing prospects testimonials

You now have all the ingredients needed to enhance the way your Facebook activities can be conducted. But what you need to also know is that you are engaging with the online world which means that it might not be as safe to create another Facebook account or monitor your competitor’s performance.

While the actions listed are necessary you should know that all of this can be conducted when you are using the unique solution that technology has introduced to you in the form of Facebook proxies.

Use Facebook proxies

Proxies are offered with the use of a proxy server. With a proxy server, you can easily conduct your Facebook activities without any risks being attached. The unique reality of a proxy server is that it helps to hide your identity while conducting any online actions. It covers your IP address and adds a new IP address so that even if the IP is blocked for any reason, the original IP address of the user isn’t affected.

For instance, now you want to enhance your social media handle which in this case if Facebook, you would cater to all the steps needed to make this platform better. But when will you actually receive success from this account?

That can only happen when you are able to outperform your competitors. And how exactly will that happen? When you make use of Facebook proxies. With a proxy, you can easily access what your competitors are doing and fill in their missing gaps in your solution. This will only enhance your brand as well as help you to cater to multiple audiences as you are serving them what they are actually looking for.

With Facebook proxies, you can even manage multiple accounts as well as increase your Facebook followers as you will have all the essentials needed to enhance your Facebook account from the crowd.

For instance, with the use of proxies that a proxy server offer, you can easily create another account. For you, it will be like on person managing several accounts but from the outside, it will look like two separate users.

There have been instances where Facebook accounts have been blocked. What would you do in such cases?

Using a Facebook proxy will help. Proxy serviceshttp://www.limeproxies.com/ are a solution where it ensures that any activity you do online is secure and safeguarded without any identity being revealed of the user. For instance, now say your country has blocked Facebook, with the help of a reliable proxy service provider, you can easily unblock Facebook without any risk.

The IP address is the main cause for the blockage of many accounts and the reason being it gives away the user’s location. So what happens is when you try to unblock Facebook, you will be doing it with a new IP address and your current IP address will be hidden.

This would be a great measure because you can conduct any activity you want without any restrictions. Your identity will never be revealed and you can conduct risk-free actions related to the social world at any time.

To sell via the online platform in 2020 isn’t just about incorporating the trend it also requires you to utilize such solutions like Facebook proxies to make you work much easier and speed up your sales process.


Facebook proxies can not only help you to enhance this social media solution better it can also help you to conduct more actions with it.

When it comes to choosing which Facebook proxies are better, always invest in one which is paid, a dedicated proxy, offers a good number of IPs and is great with its performance.

So tell us, what are your views on your Facebook proxies? Where do you plan in using them for your social media activities?


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