The Internet of Things – Technology of the future

The Internet of Things – Technology of the future

internet of things


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    Building and home automation , smart cities, wearable, healthcare, smart manufacturing, automotive – Internet of Things is everywhere and it is gradually invading the way we think, live and work. Read on as we explore some of the key facts concerning the wonderful technology, which holds a promising future and has already made its footprint in our day-to-day life.

    Imagine a connected world in which almost every device you use in the home, workplace, car and beyond collaborate with each other and are completely connected. Imagine a world where the garage door automatically opens at the beat of approaching car tyres, a coffee vending machine that understands your brewing preferences and prepares you fresh coffee without having you to manually press its button but only command it.


    Imagine a world where the lights are automatically turned on when your car nears the driveway, the front door of a house that unlocks when approached by a member of the house; but keeps locked for stranger. This is indeed the type of the world the Internet of Things wants to develop.

    It heralds an entirely new age of communication, a systematic form of controlled, and desired world of connectivity – in which everyone is connected with their areas of interests through devices that are synced with each other. The Internet of Things ushers in a world of opportunities and possibilities where smart devices mutually connected with each other serve the purpose they are designed to do – but in far better and error-free manner than they are doing today. It is all about developing smarter solutions, programmatically adjusting to the changing human behavior.

    **Key elements of the Internet of Things **


    While Internet of Things is a technology in itself, by format it incorporates many other major technologies to create a smart blend of super technology. Big data, cloud computing, mobile, sensors are collectively propelling the growth of the Internet of Things.

    The true value of IoT is in the development of new propositions and finding new revenue streams. Marketers are trying to use this technology to open up new avenues of growth scope; mostly turning the simple work model into revenue systems. Because IoT promises a better, smarter world and it is one of the most realistic futuristic technologies in sight, investment scope are unlimited.

    Internet of Things is again awesome since it can bring social revolution and awesome sites like jokeri pelit, bring down crime rate, improve cultural efficiency and social stability. It has the power to minimize or eradicate chaos and reenergize a powerful system back on track thereby stabilizing law and order. All of these functions can be fulfilled by leveraging on connected devices that skillfully evaluate and filter data, which can be, utilized for social good, cultural harmony, strong and sustained nation building.

    Taking the point discussed above, we should also remember that this technology can be extremely useful for elderly and disabled person by allowing them to access quality healthcare at great price. The technology can streamline productivity, improve nation’s economy, minimize energy use and inspire renewable energy.

    Perhaps the most important crux of IoT is not in the process it is involved, neither the benefits it offers; but in the fact that it delivers unlimited data that it process everyday while the mutually connected devices interact with each other. The huge fillings of unlimited data offer a good number of scope for marketers to profile their targeted audience and then develop products and services that they can easily sell. So; IoT’s main potential is in the data it process. This is its biggest advantage while at the same time the biggest weakness. While data poses opportunities, companies and marketers who use the data from their customers need to implement safeguarding measures to keep the sensitive data secured and hack-free .

    Companies are employing specialized people such as data engineer who are solely skilled in processing the data gathered from streaming the connected devices to data scientists; who will finally evaluate the potential of the data and find out measures to use them. The most important thing in effective utilization of internet of things is to collect, cleanse, shape, backfill the data and process it holistically; after skillfully catering to the challenges.

    How IoT can be used to counter misconstructed information and inefficient operation?

    The data IoT has is huge so the chance to develop errors – in fact time bound errors – is existent. That’s why companies and individuals who work to streamline the operational efficiency of internet of things need to ensure that they are carefully working with proper machines and devices and always keep themselves updated with the latest status of the work done. The better the efficiency of the devices, better is the result the data extracted generate.

    Challenges of the IoT



    As mentioned earlier, security is the most important challenge IoT faces. It is really important to safeguard the pool of sensitive, important and very crucial data IoT devices and systems work with.


    IoT is good since it monitors you and your activity in order to serve you simplified, better and uncomplicated life. But while it tracks your activity; you also need some privacy and protection. That’s why IoT devices should be structured in such a way that you can totally control how they act.


    It is highly useful to develop IoT devices that communicate and collaborate with each other. But designing a great IoT process is not a simple task. It requires great expertise to come up with a simplified IoT system that works.

    Compliance and flexibility are other important factors of importance and most crucially work as challenges for the effective use and utilization of IoT.

    However; given the rapid trend at which the technologies are changing and every industry is looking after newer ways to improve their revenue potential and restructure their working system; it can be concluded that IoT is the next big thing in technology and it will perhaps bring a world we all want.

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