How to Use Proxies for OkCupid Dating Site?

How to Use Proxies for OkCupid Dating Site?

Proxies for OkCupid Dating Site


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This topic will definitely attract all the people who wish to date or find a partner. Yes,  they are Online dating sites.

Online dating was introduced in 1695 by 2 Harvard University students, Yes, another creation by Harvard students alongside Facebook.

Dating sites have made it simple for all the singles out there to find their perfect match. But this is not how it all started, earlier online dating was done using advertisements which were displayed with the information of the person who wished to date/find a partner but, as there were a lot of problems faced due to such advertisements, online dating websites have set certain restrictions to avoid misuse of such sites they also offer dating courses.

Proxies for OkCupid Dating

The standard way of restricting access is by blocking the IP address of the individual who is trying to misuse the site. Well, when ISP connections are shared it is always possible that you are on the blocked IP and you will not be able to access the site.

But the most important thing is why are we discussing this?? Well we are here to help you know how to stay safe without getting blocked on the site you wish to use.

Using a proxy is the best solution for these cases as they always help you switch to an alternate IP and access the website without any issues

Let us discuss about clients using proxies for Dating sites, OkCupid is one such site which turned out to be the most reliable application for dating and serious relationships.

OkCupid also known as OKC has been helping people around the world to find their partner for nearly 14 years now, and the number of unique users were marked to be 1.3 million in 2011 which has crossed the 30 million mark by now, having 1 million unique sign ups for a day.


Unlike every dating site, OKC has a free version and paid version as well, With the free version the options are limited but as an upgraded/paid member, you can get full visibility of user profiles, see if your messages have been read or deleted, see who viewed your profile, who wants to meet you and enjoy the app without annoying ads to name a few.

OKC offers practical apps for iOS and Android and unlike other dating solutions, you don’t need to link your profile to any of your social media profiles as the registration process is simplified. https://limeproxies.com Although this site is available in most countries, there are many cases in which you may come across issues when you try to access the website or the mobile apps. If you are at work or school and you try to access your account or create an account, it is likely that you find out the service is blocked. Work and school internet networks implement firewalls and filters that prevent access to certain content and usually games, streaming services, social media apps and dating websites are affected by these restrictions. In order to bypass the restrictions that stop you from meeting new people or chatting with your matches on OKC while you are on your break, you can use a proxy server.

Proxies allow you to mask your internet IP address with the IP of the proxy server you are using, this keeps you anonymous and hence it is really hard for someone spying on you to find out what exactly you are doing on the web.

online web proxy

As OKC implements strict rules for the users there are chances that a lot of accounts get banned and here is when you can use a proxy to be anonymous and start using your account again, but before you start using a proxy do you really know whether all the proxies are safe and reliable?

Well, You might have noticed websites providing free proxy services, Using a free proxy will get your browsing at risk as the same proxy may be used by another user from a different location leading to poor connection or speed. You should also know that free proxies are not at all safe for regular use as providers log their information on the server and your personal information is at risk, hence it is always recommended to choose a paid and trusted provider. Before choosing a proxy provider you should know how proxy servers are differentiated.

Proxies are classified into these 3 types basically:

Level 1 Proxy: The web server can’t detect or find out whether you are using a proxy.

Level 2 Proxy: The web server can detect you are using a proxy, but it can’t detect or know your ISP IP.

Level 3 Proxy: The web server can know that you are using a proxy connection and it can also know your real IP (ISP IP).

However, we always recommend users to go for Level 1 or Level 2 proxies when it comes to using your social media accounts which include the use of your personal information.

Please note that no social activity is safe on the web unless you have a secure connection for your device.

Now that you know all the basics about how a proxy works, and how they can be used, it is your decision to choose the best proxy for your purpose.

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