What are the best startup marketing strategy practices?

What are the best startup marketing strategy practices?

Marketing Strategy


  1. Start with an excellent strategic position
  2. Layout the foundations of start-up marketing
  3. Create a content marketing plan
  4. Craft reputation through effective PR
  5. Go Viral

What is holding you back from your dream of penetrating and diversifying the market? Is it that you have problems with a startup for your idea in new services and products?

Well, if that a case, you need to have a marketing strategy plan in place. A great product alone is not enough to succeed. Marketing will make a new product gain mass audience.

The biggest obstacle for the most start-up business is marketing at the infancy. Entrepreneurs are full of ideas, but won’t do much better if the targeted customers don’t know about it. This is the reason behind a compressive marketing plan for most businesses.

People initial attention when launching your product or a service is very crucial for start-ups towards building a good reputation and outstanding in the industry. That’s why we should let our businesses known to every stakeholder.

But don’t give in yet due to poor sales. Marketing for a start-up is a long process from the beginning. Let’s look at various ways o how to have a start-up marketing plan off the ground.


How to go about startup marketing strategy

A successful marketing strategy requires excellent marketing for both products and services. For this reason, let’s focus on a guide that will improve your customer acquisition.

Let me walk you down through a step by step guide


1. Start with an excellent strategic position

You can’t just start marketing a startup anyhow, putting your advertisement in random places. You need a plan since the first step towards successful marketing is a strategic position.

You can start by defining the bracket that your service or product exists in. You need to map the essential products and services benefits further. Keep asking yourself who are your customers and what they should buy from me.

Once you have answered these questions, you will be in an excellent position to launch strategies, objectives, and plans for your brand. You will be able to know the audience you need to advertise to at any time.

2. Layout the foundations of start-up marketing

Feedback at an early stage for a business is more important than the customers themselves. The faster you get customer feedback based on the good and bad side, and improve the product to meet market demand, the easy it gets to win the market over the long run.

Essential aspect for laying a good foundation

Building marketing into the product – you need to have a product that is worth to have a recommending hierarchy. Every single customer should recommend new users and so on to have exponential growth. So you need to align the medium of communication the customer will use to learn about your product. To be successful, matching marketing with the way customer learns about your products is compulsory.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – CRO is the science behind knowing why the visitors you get are not converting into customers. The fastest way to find out why potential customers are not turning to real customers is by asking them. By following this, hopefully, you will have a full idea what reason is preventing them from converting. And now would be the appropriate time to make changes to turn the situation.

Use segmentation to find perfect audience – you can use social media network to find out which segment has the highest conversion rate with your product. Facebook ads are the best way to verify who your audience is.

Upgrading in line with customer feedback loop – startups need to improve towards customers complains and have an appropriate system to have those improvements. Put everything in place to meet their expectations.

Target early adopters – the biggest mistake that marketers make is targeting the whole market too soon. This method results to fail because many people resist change. Your product must be appealing in the eyes of early adopters. Their reviews and testimonials will ‘preach’ your praises, and with time people will come knocking at your doors.

Differentiate your marketing from competitors – marketing is saturated with every marketer hoping to have their product known. If you have similar advertisements with competitors, the less impact it will create. How you differentiate your product from others will help you stand out.

3. Create a content marketing plan

Creating a marketing plan that customers can see and appreciate is an added advantage when it comes to marketing. You should have content advertised with those sites having big traffic. And it’s a good choice to have social media running your advertisements. They generate traffic enough to drive potential customers to your startup.

Below are some online channels that can do you good.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great acquisition channel for more audience if your product solves problems that people search for. For instance, if your startup helps people find the cheapest proxy services; you can have a gig ‘cheapest LimeProxies that suits you.’

Google Adwords enables you to buy a banner advert through their display network. You just need to decide which websites your banner should appear.

Google remarketing

When someone visits your website, a cookie is dropped to their computer. When you visit another website, an ad will appear on their screen encouraging them to revisit their website.  Google remarketing really works well when people you are advertising to are aware of your products.

Facebook advertising

We have seen how Facebook helps to look for potential customers from different segments. It helps you to write a full guide on Facebook ads for your startup.

LinkedIn advertisements

Startups, especially in the financial industry, achieve massive results from people holding their job title as well as the sector. The only setback with LinkedIn is that the Ad appears to be at the same spot every page, causing it to be blind to people.

Affiliate marketing

If your startup has an excellent customer conversion rate, then affiliate marketing will offer you optimal benefit. Though it’s not advisable to use affiliate marketing until your brand is fully established.

4. Craft reputation through effective PR

It is challenging for new startups to gain press attention since the budget at this stage is very tight, and rapport with the journalist might not be strong. But you can sell through a local newspaper or broadcast reporter. Through these channels, you can demonstrate how your product impact peoples lives.

PR is full of remarkable things. If you want everyone to talk about your startup, you must deliver to them something extraordinary.

5. Go Viral

If you want your business to succeed, you have to go viral. You need to have marketing campaigns with viral potential. The best way for this is to start campaign on social media channels, like YouTube. YouTube is the second search engine after Google, and there is an excellent professional service for campaigns based on YouTube views, likes and subscribes.

Create a blog

Creating a blog that converts should not be a fail. Most startup fails because they blog what they want users to read, rather than what users want to read.

To create a successful blog, you need to write 100 articles with each article driving traffic. The articles should be based on the services that you offer.

Email marketing

Traditional email marketing was about building the mailing list to send newsletters. Those days are long gone. Marketing automation has come into place to trigger personal emails based on different rules. It, therefore, enables to send the right message to the right customer at the appropriate time. There are lots of emails offering marketing automation, and it works great for startups.

marketing strategy


As you have seen from this guide, crafting a startup marketing plan is a long and detailed process. It is not something that you can perfect overnight. But with these five steps, you can grow each and every day tremendously.

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