LinkedIn introduced Carousel Ads in the B2B platform

LinkedIn introduced Carousel Ads in the B2B platform

Carousel Ads


  1. How successful is the new approach?
  2. The future of B2B Marketing
  3. Where does LinkedIn stand in Digital Advertising

LinkedIn has recently introduced carousel Ads in its platform. Now advertisers can display their ads in the B2B Social network plethora of LinkedIn. The ads comprise ten customised swipe cards, which will be shown within one ad. As of now, the B2B marketing does not carry the same interactivity and charisma as of a B2C marketing campaign. The ads used in B2B platforms often looks too descriptive and lacks colour. According to the blog post of Rohin Rajiv, The product manager of LinkedIn, the introduction of Carousel Ads on LinkedIn will revolutionise the B2B marketing platform. He also states that the new update will “Humanise” as well as “Colorize” the marketing efforts while simultaneous encouraging users for active engagement through desktop and mobile devices.

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What are carousel Ads?

Carousel Ads are attractive images of products that are displayed within a banner of an ad. The images are then rotated to give a complete glance to the audience. With such large displayable of ads on the screen, a consumer can interact with each product as per his/her requirement. The images one sees in carousel ads are often those products, which were consulted by the user on a merchant website. Apart from those products, the banner also includes some more recommended products. To be precise, Carousel Ads are perfect for site retargeting.

Site Retargeting

site retargeting

The conversion rate of a customer when he/she look for a product is quite low. Almost 98% of Customers usually leave the page without being converted. That is when the Site retargeting feature comes into play. It helps a marketer to retarget a potential customer and re-engage them with using an entirely different approach. Such approach often includes a new level of insight and performance.

Site Retargeting feature takes into consideration those users who have already visited the marketer’s website, and they are now visiting some other websites. Site Retargeting then tries to lure the user by displaying more exciting and lucrative ad. In this way, it converts a site visitor into a buyer.

How successful is the new approach?

According to the results from Beta Trails from 300 Advertisers that includes goliath companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Volvo Canada and RBC etc., around 75% organisations have noticed some upward trend in customer engagement and click-through rates.

Carousel is a fruitful addition to Linkedin, and it shows tremendous potential in the long run. According to Rohini Rajiv, Carousel not only makes the ads interesting for the buyer but also enhance the journey of the buyers in each stage. The ads help a brand to increase its Awareness among the audience as well as elevates the consideration factor among buyers. When clicked on the advertisement, the ad takes the customer to multiple landing pages. Moreover, with the Lead Gen Forms Product on its side, generating a lead seems a piece of cake.

Marketers who are looking for a good Return on Investment for their marketing campaign can easily calculate their ad performance. In coming months, the campaign manager tool will include a lot of essential metrics such as click-through rates, an impression of each carousel card and the numbers of generated leads. With such information at hand, a marketer can quickly figure out the level of success of the ads.

Compared to other platforms, the ad tech front of LinkedIn is a little slow. Right now the B2B marketing platform may be underappreciated, but with time, LinkedIn has a chance to spread dominance in B2B marketing.

The future of B2B Marketing:

the future of B2B Marketing

In the last few years, targeted content and programmatic display of numerous Ad Formats has dramatically increased. According to a report, around 26% of B2B marketers have decided to spend over 300K on video ad placements in 2018.

Plans of B2B marketers in 2018:

This year, in February and March, LinkedIn conducted a poll featuring 202 B2B digital Marketers in The Uk and Ireland. More than 62% of B2B marketers in The UK and Ireland thinks that video advertising should be considered as a primary format for advertising. Around 26% of B2B marketers are planning to spend around £300,000 on video advertising this year that essentially the e-commerce industry would benefit on it.

Where does LinkedIn stand in Digital Advertising?


LinkedIn includes 500 million professionals. When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is always the first choice for everyone due to its high-intent user base. According to a poll by Digiday and GumGum, most advertisers described LinkedIn as a safe platform for digital advertising. In future, LinkedIn should try to integrate video ads in its carousel Ads too to have a more comprehensive approach.

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