Dedicated Proxy: Service Guide and Reviews

Dedicated Proxy: Service Guide and Reviews

Dedicated Proxy Guide

Every day, an increasing number of internet users use a proxy. Marketers use it as a lot of marketing apps and bots need proxies in their operations to function properly. When you need to unblock websites, you would also need a proxy. For search engine optimization tools like Scrapebox, you need proxies too. You also require proxies to cop sneakers from their sites when using bots like AIO Bot.

There are a lot of scenarios** where the use of proxies can’t be overemphasized** and that’s why there are a lot of proxies available. In this article, we would dwell more on the dedicated proxy; what it is, and some of the best you can find.

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  • Offers you dedicated Proxies for Scraping and Copping purposes
  • Proxy servers are located in various areas worldwide
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Fast and stable connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth

MPP Group

  • Provides dedicated proxies for copping sneakers
  • Offers datacenter IPs located in the US and EU
  • Fast connection
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Supports SOCKS5 protocol
  • Offers you dedicated proxy IPs
  • 24-hour free trial period


  • Great for use with social media
  • Helps with social media marketing campaigns


  • Great for use in managing multiple social media accounts
  • Its datacenter is located in the US and the UK

Squid proxies

  • Fast speeds
  • Offers you dedicated proxy IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Proxies and Their Role

A proxy serves as the middle man between an internet user and the target website. With a proxy, all sent requests to pass through the proxy server which then processes them before they are sent to the destination server. This way, the sent traffic is encrypted, and the sending address isn’t your real IP address but that of the proxy server. So you don’t communicate directly with the target site as your proxy does that for you and you can surf the internet anonymously.

By doing this, you can hide your activity and your online presence completely as there would be no traces of you online. You can also do a lot more and use more programs in achieving your tasks as many programs need proxies to work. Note that private proxies are better to use for most tasks than free proxies.

Some of the advantages of using a proxy include:

1 . Change your IP address: since you would be connecting to another server, a proxy allows you to change your IP address to that of the server you are connected to.

2. Anonymous Web Surfing: proxies help users maintain zero online presence as they browse anonymously

3. Unblock censorship: you can bypass internet blocks that prevent you from going online in your location. You can also have access to blocked sites and content due to your location.

Dedicated Proxies

A dedicated proxy is also known as a private proxy and its the dedicated IP proxy host on a dedicated server. No one else uses a dedicated proxy but you, so you can enjoy peak performance and not suffer from an IP block due to the actions of other users. Being the only user, you will have top speed even during peak hours.

How it Works

In ensuring that the proxy you buy is indeed private, you need to confirm by authenticating it. This can be done in any of the following two ways:

  • Whitelist IP Authentication: in this method, you use the IP that is given to you when you purchase a private proxy from the service provider. This IP is what you use for authentication and it gives you access to the proxies.
  • Username and Password: this is a very common method of IP authentication and is commonly used by internet users. All you need to do in this method is to provide your username and password.

Types of Dedicated Proxies

1 . Private Mobile Proxies

Private mobile proxies are used for cell phones that operate with associated mobile data carriers. They are always changing as they are assigned when a device needs to go online hence they are difficult to trace.

Since they are less likely to be tracked, they are mostly used when anonymity is a priority.

2. Private Dedicated Proxies

Private dedicated proxies are datacenter IP addresses that offer stability and reliability for your internet use. They can be used to mask your real IP address and provide you with anonymity as you go about your internet tasks.

3. Private Residential Proxies

These types of proxies are attached to a real address making websites believe that the request they receive from the IP address is from a real home location. This feature of the proxy makes the websiteless suspicious.

Benefits of Using A Dedicated Proxy Server

1 . Fast Speed

With dedicated proxy servers, you can do your work faster as they are hosted on a fast server. The use of dedicated proxies also promises greater success at completing your task as they are more likely to bypass filters and firewalls.

You get a lot of IP addresses in multiple locations to choose from according to your needs, and each one gives you great performance.

2 . Security

While online, it’s important that you only share information over secured channels because you don’t know who is listening. Email service administrators can read your unencrypted emails, and your ISP and other interested third parties can also have access to its content. This is just one instance out of the lot and by this, you can agree that it’s easy to track someone and even build the profile of an internet user.

Hackers are always on the internet, looking for data to steal. This data can be used by them or sold to the highest bidder. Depending on what is stolen, they can create a fake profile of you, and open accounts with your identity, hit you with personalized ads, or spam your email.

But with a proxy, your data would be encrypted and protected, so that the information that would be needed to do all the aforementioned wouldn’t be available to hackers.

3. Anonymity

Dedicated servers provide you IPs from different locations so you can connect to any required location to complete the task you have at hand. Doing this gives you a great deal of anonymity as it hides both your IP address and location.

Use Cases of Dedicated Proxies

1 . The Use of Dedicated Proxies for SEO and Web Scraping Purposes

If you intend to perform a large scale of online operations, you need a proxy. This is particularly applicable to the SEO and web scraping industries. In SEO, its useful in harvesting URLs with SEO tools. SEO service providers also use proxies to track site ranking and find backlinks.

When scraping is necessary, proxies are required as they provide you multiple IPs through which you can send as many requests as possible without raising any suspicions. In business, using your real IP for market research is a bad move as you could be recognized and fed false data to keep you in the dark.

2. Efficient Sneakers Coping

When limited edition sneakers are released, they sell out in a very short time because there are a lot of buyers purchasing the same stock. It reduces your chances of getting one greatly. To stand a better chance, you would need to use a bot that sends requests rapidly and automates the whole process.

Rapid requests lead to an IP ban, and so you need a pool of IPs from which you can send out multiple requests to increase your chances of buying the sneakers. You may also need to buy in bulk and since its one purchase per person, that would be a problem only proxies can solve.

3. Rendering Local Services

Ticketing websites for instance only permit the purchase of one ticket per IP address. What happens if you need to purchase more for resale? You need a ticketing proxy with its pool of IPs if you must make multiple purchases.

4. Improved Social Media Marketing

In social media marketing, a lot of accounts are needed to reach out to more people, and trend in many locations. Many social media platforms don’t permit more than one account per device, and so it becomes necessary to connect with different IPs as offered by a proxy.

On your own the task of running and managing multiple accounts can be cumbersome, that’s why social media automation is used. These bots work with proxies so that every account appears to be owned by a different user.

The Best Dedicated Proxies

1 . Limeproxies

If you are looking for a proxy service that offers you fast internet speed as high as 1 Gbps, more than 100 subnets, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and customer service that is always available, then Limeproxies is what you are looking for. They give you proxies for gaming, ticketing, customer solutions, and a lot more.

As a dedicated proxy service provider, whatever you pay for would be used by you alone, so you can expect the best performance at all times. If you need to change IPs, it would be done immediately so you can get on with your task without wasting time. There are as many as 25 authenticated IPs available to you at a time, and this together with the automated control panel places Limeproxies at the top when it comes to ease of use and good service delivery.

2. MyPrivateProxy

MPP provides its users with over 14,000 dedicated proxies plus multiple subnets. You get up to 1 Gbps internet speed and their servers are reliable. You can use them for your sneaker copping needs as they are compatible with use on many sneakers' websites. You can also use them for your ticketing needs and in every case, expect nothing but the best performance each time.

3. YourPrivateProxy

YPP is another dedicated proxy service provider. They provide you with efficient service but are expensive. Their proxies however have a lot of limitations of use as they don’t allow its use on mailing, Xrumer, Conquer Online, Scrapebox, Torrents, and TicketMaster. They also make no refunds if their proxies get banned while copping sneakers.

4. HighProxies

One of the alluring features HighProxies has is their prompt customer support. They are also great for use with SEO tools like Scrapebox, and they offer you fast internet speed too. If you require a dedicated proxy for your social media marketing, HighProxies would be perfect for the job.

5. Proxy-n-VPN

Proxy-n-VPN proxies are great for use with social media automation tools in the management of multiple social media accounts. They also give you craigslist proxies to help you bypass craigslist posting. For your SEO needs, Proxy-n-VPN is a go.

6. SquidProxies

SquidProxies are popular and their IPs are known to work on all bots that support HTTP(s) protocol. Even though they don’t guarantee that you will have access to special websites like Nike, they assure you a full refund in 3 days if they can’t help you to achieve your aim.

7. OxyLabs

OxyLabs is a company that specializes in data extraction. They have a pool of more than 1.5 million datacenter IPs located in over 80 data centers around the world. There is a dedicated proxy service and their IPs are not bought from the ISP but secondary corporations. So you can be sure of anonymity and privacy. You can use their datacenter IPs in any custom data extracting tool and script.

OxyLabs also has an automatic proxy rotator that helps you rotate your IPs automatically. This way, you will perform your tasks even more easily and efficiently. Note that the proxy rotator changes IP per request.

Their most appealing features are the 24/7 support system and a dedicated account manager for each account. you have a 7-day free trial period to test their services before committing.

Features to Look Out for in Dedicated Proxies

Before making a move to buy dedicated proxies from a service provider, there are some actors that you must look out for so you can get the most out of your web surfing experience.

1 . Anonymity of Proxy

Many internet users are concerned about their online privacy and anonymity, and that's why they use proxies. With a proxy, you can send requests to the web server anonymously as the request would be sent from the proxy server you have paid for rather than your real IP address. So even if the websites want to trace the origin of the request, those important details like your location and other information that can be gotten from your IP address would not point to you. So you have nothing to worry about in terms of cookies and other means of tracking that websites use.

This is advantageous especially when you need to visit the website of your competitor as you would be visiting like a regular user. No false data would be fed to you and you can even extract data if you want.

Even though dedicated proxies provide you with anonymity, you need to ensure that the proxy service provider you choose doesn't have any history of data leakage. you need to ensure that your data is secure. As the days go by, websites are becoming smarter, and are using new ways to detect the real identities of visitors and track their activities. So you should choose a service provider that can bypass all the security features of the target website and retain your anonymity nonetheless.

2. Virginity

Virgin proxies have not been used before and they are otherwise known as fresh IPs. For the best overall performance, these types of proxies are the best as they give you speed and security with complete anonymity. There is no fear of the IP being flagged already due to the carelessness of the previous user, and so you can go unnoticed when you use it. So if your intentions are for automated use in coping or scrapin, these are the best proxies for you. ensure that the proxy service provider would give you this service.

3. Speed and Security

When judging a proxy based on its performance, two most important aspects to be looked into the speed and security of the proxy. The speed of a proxies server can help you achieve your tasks smoother, or can frustrate your efforts in the end so it's always best to test for the proxy speed before you make up your mind. Good proxy services allow for a trial period and so you can check for the features you are looking out for before making any commitment.

Another reason why you are using a proxy is for the purpose of security, and even though dedicated proxies offer top security, you shouldn't relax. Not all proxy service providers offer you top notch security and so choose only that which uses advanced tools and algorithms to ensure that your data is safe from intruders and snoopers. Some proxy service providers sell their customer data to third parties, and so in evaluating the security a proxy provides, check for their reviews and make findings about the proxy service in this aspect.

Most dedicated proxies would give you an added layer of firewall to protect against malware. And so since your device doesn't connect directly to the internet, the proxy filters out any malicious content that could harm your device or steal your data. This is one of the features a dedicated proxy should possess to protect you adequately.

4. Cost of Proxy

You may be tempted to use a free proxy, but note that it isn't worth it. Price has a direct relationship with the performance of a proxy. So if you are using a free proxy, expect a terrible performance. But if you are using a costly proxy, expect great performance. Most industries that use proxies heavily use the price as a factor to determine which one to go for.

Be mindful though as some proxy service providers use this to sell bad proxies for a high amount. To be sure of the type of proxy you are going for, check that the IPs are fresh and have not been used before. This way you can be sure that they would perform well and given you good speed and security and are less likely to be banned.

5. Customer Service

When it comes to great customer experience, customer service plays a major role. During your use of the proxy, you will certainly encounter some problems and the ability of the customer service to get back to you swiftly and solve the problem rapidly is what would make you enjoy your use of their service. A slow or delayed response could make you lose out especially if you are in the middle of a time conscious task like sneaker copping.

Different proxy providers have their different ways of handling customer queries. While some offer you a money back guarantee, others will exchange your proxy if it gets banned by the target site. Some give you 24/7 live support, while others take forever to attend to your query. do your research and go for the service that treats you as their priority.

6. Location of Proxy

Proxies allow you to be virtually present in a location even though you are far from it. this way, you can have access to content that is restricted from you due to location. Before you purchase a proxy, ensure that they are in the location they say they are, and also check that the location is a trustworthy one. Some proxy locations increase the chances of your IP getting banned. You should also consider the location of the website you want to use the proxy with as the same locations are less likely to raise suspicions.

Generally, proxy servers in some reliable locations like the US and the UK are less likely to be banned than those from other locations like Russia and Ukraine.


Proxies are important to ensure the successful execution of many online tasks like web scraping, social media marketing, copping of sneakers, and many more.

Not all proxies are good enough and assure you success with your tasks, that’s why you need to use the highly recommended Limeproxies that guarantees the best performance at all times.  With a blazing speed of 1 Gbps, excellent customer service, and assured privacy among other things, this dedicated proxy is compatible with most websites and bots, and will do perfectly for whatever task you have in mind.

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