The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing 2020

Instagram Marketing 2020

‘’Brands see engagement rates 10x higher on Instagram than they do on Facebook.’’

Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular and widely used social media handles. The rise in Instagram has drawn the attention of businesses like yours to use such an impactful platform to cater to your target audience.

‘’200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily’’ which means that if you conduct your business activities on this platform, chances are your lead conversion rates can skyrocket much faster than your competitors.

In 2020 for a brand to successfully cater to their conversion rates and assist their prospect's actual needs, incorporating the fastest method matters which in this case is Instagram. ‘’The number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion, up 9% year-on-year.’’ which clearly states that if your business isn’t using social media to sell to prospects, you are way behind the competition.

You need a faster method or platform which can help you to:

  • Reach out to potential prospects better
  • Increase your conversion rates better
  • Helps conduct efficient and fruitful marketing activities better

And this is exactly why you need to start marketing on Instagram. Instagram marketing is the perfect solution for a brand who is determined to scale its business and deliver only efficient products to their leads.

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Why Instagram marketing is the best solution for your business growth?

1. Helps you find organic leads

For a business just getting a lead isn’t enough, it needs to get leads that add value to their business which is exactly why the stress on ‘organic’ leads matter. Think of it in this way, you have managed to get 10 leads for your business, but out of 10 say 2 are warm leads and the rest are either not interested and unsure. The 2 leads that are interested are important to be organic leads because those leads are what will enhance your business better. Instagram understands this because what you sell on Instagram via the ads and posts you conduct, you only receive leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer which is great for your business.

2. Caters to a large audience

’Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users’’ which means that your business has the potential to market so many users. When the marketing activities are conducted successfully imagine the figures which you will receive on your conversion rates. Instagram marketing helps your brand to reach a wider audience which is your target audience and when you are able to sell to a wider audience, the high chances of your business making good sales increases.

3. Helps to connect better with prospects

Instagram marketing not only helps to sell but also allows brands to engage better with their audience. With regular postings of visuals, videos and using other features of Instagram such as stories and direct messaging options brands can increase their engagement levels much better. In business, the more you engage with prospects the better are your chances of winning them over and Instagram makes this easy and possible.

4. Provides your insights on prospects

Instagram also provides information that can help you cater to your prospect's needs better. With Instagram marketing, you can easily understand with the likes, shares and comments buttons whether you were able to make an impression. All these insights help to understand what your brand needs to exhibit more.

Understanding this, it’s time you start to apply the top tips that can make your Instagram marketing activity much better.

How can you conduct Instagram marketing for better business growth?

1. Get your hashtag game on

# hashtags have been a super hit in Instagram, today every user who either posts a picture or a video is immune to adding at least one relevant hashtag. The greatest part is hashtags are a great way of extending the post. For instance say if you have posted about your solution which speaks about proxy servers, you could reach out to your audience with the relevant hashtags such as #proxies #server #proxyserver #saasbusiness and much more.

What happens here is say for instance if a user wants to search for something and they type #proxy, your post will appear to them along with the other relevant posts under this hashtag. This is a great opportunity because you can easily extend your outreach and reach out to a bigger target audience. This action could benefit the way your business is showcased in the eyes of your prospects.


Source: Iconosquare blog

As you can see, the minute a user types a word, any content related to it will appear which means that even if they type a word relevant to your business page chances are your page can actually trigger their attention. Use relevant hashtags that matter and use a sufficient amount so that the outreach of the post can be spread on a wider platform.

Business news daily shared a pro tip about hashtags in their article stating the below tips to be followed when using hashtags:

  • Use fewer hashtags
  • Use only the popular and trending hashtags

2. Partner with peers who sell your similar solution


Source: Later

Say for instance you are a brand that sells Saas products, it is wise if you partner with a peer who sells the same solution so that the marketing strategy of yours can be spread across much better. For instance, if a brand deals with lead generation, you understand that for an efficient lead generation to take place, quality data is necessary.

Since you have a business of proxy servers, it is understood that your peers can benefit better by using your service in order to conduct efficient lead generation activities. When two brands merge this way, the marketing grows twice more profitable. You are not only celebrated amongst your audience but you also stand a chance to be celebrated amongst your peer's audience as well.

3. Merge prospects needs and your solution

Have you ever wondered why your solution’s growth is slower despite it being the ideal solution for your prospects? Chances are maybe you are just selling blankly which is exactly why you need to find a way to fit in what your prospects are looking for. For instance say if your prospects want to access information, any information online and are looking for a solution that could help them to conduct this activity, you could jump in an exhibit how your solution can help them.

For instance, you could create a post about your solution and add in the caption of that post ‘ Want to view information online? Are you finding it difficult to access information and are on the lookout for a solution that can help you by ass restricted websites? Our proxy server is the perfect solution for you.’’

When you are able to identify what is it that your prospects are looking for the next step should be to identify how and in what ways your solution can be helpful for them. When you are able to conduct this action that’s when you have a unique yet profitable Instagram marketing best practices in hand.

4. Regular posting offers more benefits

Another factor to keep in mind when marketing your solutions using Instagram is to understand when you should be posting in the first place.


Source: Wordstream

You cannot post 5 or 10 posts in a day with the expectation that your solution will have a good reach, chances are in such situations, your prospects could either unfollow your page or block you.

Now you don’t need that which is exactly you need to start planning when you will apply this Instagram marketing best practices. Lyfe marketing stated, ‘’Early on the weekdays tends to be the best time for user engagement. Overall, the highest engagement rates occur on Wednesday at 3 p.m., Thursday at 5 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3 to 4 p.m., and Friday at 5 a.m. While the lowest engagement rates happen on Sundays.’’

Understand the motive isn’t to consistently post multiple such kinds of activities, the main agenda is to post the right content at the right time so that triggering your prospect's attention and then finally pushing them into the conversion stage becomes easier.

5. Extend your Instagram page

Another way where you can enhance your Instagram marketing best practices is by extending your page reach. For instance, say if you are writing blogs, at the end of the blog you could add your Instagram account link in a way that can help them click on it. For instance, you could say that at the end of your blogs, or newsletters or even infographics’ Was the information meaningful? Did you find the information insightful? We would like to hear from you. Why don’t you hit us up on our Instagram page and let us know your opinion’.

Apart from the above CTA actions, you can also opt to place the link on the sides so that your prospects can click and view it. The main point here is that you need to attract as many prospects to come and view your page so no matter the other marketing tactics you use, always ensure that you have your Instagram page link applied for your prospects to cater to when they see it. For a more detailed approach about Instagram marketing tips for managers and brands like yours can apply, click on this article.

6. Display your brand in an interesting manner


Source: Econsultancy Another way to enhance your Instagram marketing is to showcase your brand in a different manner. The main agenda here is to exhibit your brand in a better way so that it compels your prospects to learn more about what you are offering them. ‘’200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.’’

When posting, always ensure that the images being used are in a high efficient visual form, the captions written are compelling and attractive and also when a prospect views your page, it should look attractive, colourful, eye-catching images and videos and should retain the steps of your prospects to explore more what you have got.

To create a better Instagram page, you can:

  • Use a theme and colour which is pleasing and attractive
  • Write eye-catching captions
  • Using a great font which is easy to understand
  • Not using too much of the colours or long captions
  • Keeping the page simple and pleasant to see
  • Using the Instagram bio to write impactful words which describe your business

7. Make use of Instagram completely


Source: Metricool

Instagram has multiple features that can enhance your posting activities better. From the choices of filters to make your images much better to use stories to engage your audience to learn more about what you have to offer to make use of the features Instagram offers is a great way to enhance your marketing strategies.

Instagram’s business pages also have a results section where you can identify which post is working well, how many people it has reached and much more relevant information which will help you in your business activities using this platform.


Source: The nextweb.com

Making use of such features will help you perform better using this platform.

8. Engage better with peers and your prospects

Engaging on Instagram is necessary, in fact it is better to conduct such a regular activity so that you can build a great relationship with your prospects and give them the opportunity to learn more about you. Instagram as the stats mentioned above has a huge number of active users which means that conducting even a small activity on your page can compel at least a few of the users to participate in what you are offering them.

Engaging with prospects is necessary and the ways to do it is:

  • Having a story put up speaking about your solution
  • Giving away freebies
  • Conducting contests
  • Creating a group to engage with your target audience
  • Tagging audiences on posts

A relevant article online shared the 4 ways, one can engage better with other users online:

  • The first is to like posts. When you like a user's post, you are climbing one step towards initiating a connection with them.
  • You can also engage with prospects by commenting on their posts via an opinion form or a suggestion or simply giving a statement. This strikes up a good conversation in return.
  • You can also engage with prospects or your peers by mentioning/tagging them in the posts you share. For instance, you could share your recent blogs and tag a few influential people from your industry and get them to share their views. This is a good marketing strategy as it garners more prospect attention.
  • Lastly, you can try the method of direct messaging. You could trigger the attention of prospects by messaging them privately and getting to explain to them more about how you can help them.

The more you engage with your prospects, the better you are able to sell to them. With the world going digital, the one thing which lacks in social platforms is the humane touch. By conducting such activities you are opening up about what your business believes in and are indirectly sharing across that satisfying prospect's needs are a priority for you. To set up Instagram marketing staties is easy but to implement I require the right techniques to do it. Engaging with the audience is one of them.

9. Make use of Instagram stories


Source: Later

‘’Brands post an average of 2.5 stories per week.’’

Instagram stories, a trend that is breaking the internet. In fact, many users on Instagram use this feature almost all the time to exhibit any kind of thing. On the business front, this could be one of the greatest ways to engage with your prospects. ‘’62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.’’

An Instagram story lasts for 24 hours which means even if you post a story about your solutions on your Instagram stories at say 8 pm, till the next day at 8 pm it will be available which means that it will help to cover many of your target audience’s attention. ‘’500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.’’

So say for instance if you have posted about a new feature in your solution, you showcase minute details on the stories, chances are when your prospects view it a few of them would revert to you to enquire about the new update in your solution. Hence this is another great Instagram marketing best practice, which you can apply to increase the views about your solution.

To create a great Instagram story, you should apply the following tactics:

  • Explain in brief about what you wish to tell your target audience
  • Use compelling images
  • Don’t include all the information, just create a brief attractive sentence
  • The content mentioned should trigger the curiosity of your target prospects to revert to you

10. Sell better with captions and visuals

Another great marketing tactic to sell better on Instagram is to make use of graphics and well-written captions.


Source: Mentionlytics

See it in this way, there are thousands of posts being viewed by your prospects as and when they scroll Instagram, so why should they stop their scrolling when they see your post? Instagram has provided you with the platform to engage and sell better to prospects, how you do it purely depends on your strategies.

To garner your prospect attention among the crowd, a compelling caption which is pulling the attention of your prospects to click on the link to your page and a visual which is again pulling the interest of your prospects to explore more on what you are offering them is a win-win situation.


Source: Placeit

Always ensure the below factors are kept in mind when trying to pull the interest of your prospects:

  • Use only high-quality images
  • Write impactful captions, you only have a few seconds to stop prospects from scrolling forward
  • Use powerful words
  • The images should be attractive and should retain the prospects from viewing it more

11. Create impactful campaigns


Source: Business Linkedin

Another Instagram marketing best practices are the creation of campaigns. Creating campaigns are necessary because it gives a brand the opportunity to cater and attract their target audience. With campaigns, a brand can easily capture leads and bring them to the conversion stage. For instance, you can create campaigns for certain categories such as to draw more prospects towards this social media handle, you can easily create a campaign highlighting the factors your social account provides. If any leads visit your website, you can create another campaign to retain their interest. If they haven’t visited your website, you can continue to target then with the campaigns so that they can push their interest to view your social account. Campaigns are a great way to exhibit your strongest asset which in this case is your lead driven technique, Instagram.

Conducting these techniques will definitely help your business to grow better. But did you know that when you conduct such an action on multiple Instagram accounts, the chances of your brands grows much better.

Benefits a business can acquire with the use of multiple Instagram accounts

1. Catering to multiple audiences

The number one reason for businesses to have more than one Instagram account is due to the fact that they can engage with multiple types of audiences from different locations. For instance, a brand like yours can create a separate account for users in the USA, or Australia or Japan and cater to the needs of the users in that particular country.

The benefit here is as a brand, your outreach in global countries will be higher, you will be able to cater to your target audience's needs no matter where they reside, your chances of conversions are higher as well as since you will be catering to a number of leads.

2. Let’s you sell your products better

As a brand, there wouldn’t be just one product that you will be dealing with. It would confuse your prospects when you tend to sell more than one product on your Instagram page hence creating a separate account for all your products gives you the opportunity to sell them better and allow your prospects to understand what the product is about completely. For instance, when you share all your products on one Instagram account, chances are:

  • They will be confused
  • They might not remember all your products
  • It will be too much for your prospects to take in when you exhibit the line of products you have

However, on the other end, when you create a separate account for your products, chances are:

  • You can earn better revenue with the advertisements for that product
  • Your prospects can explore and understand each of the features of your product much better
  • It becomes convenient to tap prospects who would like your product and convert them quicker

3. Let’s you customize what you want to show your audience

Not all your prospects are the same. Each of them will have different preferences, tastes, and choices which make their needs different too. Engaging on Instagram is necessary and the way you engage in Instagram matters because it helps you to create a unique batch of content dedicated to serving such prospects.

With the help of multiple Instagram accounts, brands like you can show different sides of your business to develop the trust of prospects as well as attract them towards learning more about what you have to offer. For instance, you could create dedicated accounts where you can show:

  • How well do your employees function?
  • What are the activities you employ in your organization?
  • What goes into the making of your solution?
  • Existing prospects testimonials

While Instagram marketing is helping your business to grow higher amongst your target audience, did you also know that Instagram helps you to increase your followers so that the marketing activity you conduct becomes much more efficient?

See it in this way when you increase your followers using Instagram, the better are your chances of conducting Instagram marketing much better.

How to increase Instagram followers to conduct efficient Instagram marketing activities?

1. Make use of relevant hashtags

How can your prospects find you through the crowd? When you have multiple brands who sell the same solution as you, how can you get your prospects to see you and pull them towards exploring what you have to offer? Hashtags can be of great help here. Hashtags or # is a trending action that makes your prospects find you much better. For instance, if you sell proxy servers, the minute your prospects type proxy on the search bar on Instagram, the list of pages associated with that keyword will appear.


Source: Hopper HQ

Apart from this hashtags also help your brand more recognizable. For instance, since you sell proxy servers, you could use hashtags such as #offering #onlythebestproxiesinthemarket #find your ideal proxies here. When you conduct such actions, prospects tend to identify you from the crowd and push the follow button to receive more updates on what you have to offer hence increasing Instagram followers for your brand becomes higher.

To create good hashtags, you need:

  • To make it relevant
  • Easy to understand
  • Should be memorable
  • Don’t use too many hashtags

2. Extend your Instagram account

To increase your Instagram followers, your account advertisement shouldn’t be limited to just your page. You need to target your audience outside as well. With the growing competition, it becomes easier to be completely distracted from the multiple brands there, hence if you believe that your solution is better than your peers, drive your prospects to reach out to you the minute they view your solution.

For instance, when you publish a blog, in the end, you could write a statement like a CTA saying’ What did you think of the blog? We would like to hear from you, why don’t you share your opinions on our Instagram handle?’ This is a great triggering factor to direct your prospects to learn more about you and to hit the follow button when they land on your Instagram page. This action can also be applied to any of the activities you conduct such as when you post a picture or video, you could add a link directing users to your Instagram handle, you can also conduct contestants where you can make prospects head over to your Instagram account to reply.

The more attention you draw over impulsive actions the better are your chances of attracting more prospects to come and engage on the platform you wish to engage with them. Conducting this action regularly will only help you to push prospects to immediately hit the follow button on your page since they are halfway convinced that you have the solution they are seeking.

3. Increase interactions online

Another great way of increasing your followers on Instagram is to make yourself more evident to your prospects. You can’t just wait for your prospects to find you and then acknowledge you and finally follow you, this is a time consuming as well as a slower growth process. See it in this way, for a trend to fade away doesn’t require much time till the next new trend shows up similarly, you cannot just wait idly expect your prospects to be in search of you. Just like the new trend, there are many competitors who would snatch away your prospects without you even realizing it.

Hence it is important to engage with your prospects. Mark your existence while commenting on groups, debates, posts and any other online activity which will enhance your identity much wider. For instance, say if you comment on a particular post, the communication will likely be continued, prospects who have commented on that post will get notifications of your interactions and will be bound to see what the commotion is all about.

When they find your thoughts listed on the comments, they will be compelled to check your Instagram page, they will be exploring it and chances are at least 4 out of the 10 people who visit your page, the 4 would follow you. A prospect will follow you when they find something relevant to their needs and when your page delivers that, receiving organic leads doesn’t become a hassle.

4. Conduct consistent online activities

Whether it is creating insightful videos or the creation of posts, such activities need to remain consistent. For instance, if you post 3 days a week, ensure that this activity is being conducted regularly in this manner. The reason being when you start to become irregular with your posting, chances are your prospects could leave your page. The reason why a prospect follows you is that they want to receive insights about your solution.

When you are able to showcase your posting activities on Instagram, they would follow you in order to receive and view what you have to offer now if you put a stoppage to that or you reduce it becomes easy for them to leave. When a page has lesser activities or a fewer engagement process, why would a prospect continue to engage with that brand? Always ensure that whatever activities you conduct on Instagram, which could be posting thrice a week Instagram stories, sharing videos, conducting contests or giveaways, all of that will matter when it is conducted in a disciplined and regular manner you witness your brand experiencing an increase in instagram followers.

5. Make your Instagram bio attractive


Source: Sprout Social

The bio of the above example gives three information:

  • Who it is?
  • What does it do?
  • What needs do they supply their prospects?

When your prospects visit your Instagram page, with just one glance they need to hit the follow button but there have been instances where prospects have even walked away. The reason being the bio of the brand wasn’t attractive or compelling enough to retain the interest of the prospect.

Your Instagram bio should have the following pointers:

  • A good sentence which states what your solution is about
  • Include a hashtag so prospects can remember your brand
  • Speak about your brand and solution with impactful words
  • Put relevant links that will guide your prospect to learn more about you.

Always remember you have just a few seconds to make an impression. When you trigger a curiosity amongst your prospect they would want to learn more about what you have to offer.

6. Make your caption game on point


Source: Social Media Examiner

The caption above brilliantly presents the main agenda of the post:

  • The book launch
  • What does the book present?
  • Why prospects need a copy?

On Instagram, there will be thousands of posts your prospects would be viewing, what would make you stand out from those thousands is to write a caption which will immediately stop your prospects to read and increase their curiosity to understand what the brand is speaking about. This is crucial because the caption is what will pull the attention and interest of your prospects.

If you are going to write a bland or plain caption, chances are you will not be able to garner many eyes on your posts. To write a good caption which turns eyes, you need to answer the below questions:

  • What is your post about?
  • Why have you posted such an image?
  • What are you expecting from the post?
  • Why do you want your prospects to view your current post?
  • What benefits are you offering your prospects via the post?
  • What is the main agenda you are selling from that post?

A good caption has the ability to help identify you from the crowd. When you are able to capture the interest of your prospects, the second action would be from them where they will start to explore more about your solution. When that happens, hitting the follow button doesn’t become too hard for prospects to hit.

7. Shape your account for prospects to remember you in one glance

Another way to increase your Instagram followers is to create such a page that has the right colour, theme, visuals, fonts, and content which compel prospects to hit the follow button in order to understand what you have in store for them. Creating an Instagram handle doesn’t stop your duties here, you need to mould it to make it an appealing and attractive platform that will capture your prospect's attention and push them towards exploring your solution.


Source: MobileMonkey

Wework’s Instgarm handle captures your attention with the graphic image and the caption. It is crisp and speaks for itself. This post garnered multiple comments and likes making it a post worth sharing.

The whole reason why your brand is using such a social platform is that you want to garner more leads. All your prospects are going to spend a few seconds on business Instagram pages and if it interests them they will retain longer. If you want that to happen, you need to work on the way your current social media handle is at the moment. There are many b2b brands that have a great Instagram handle because they are able to create an impression which would definitely make their prospects come back for a second glance.

If you too want this to happen, ensure that the following steps are being conducted:

  • Make sure your logo is imprinted in every post you deliver
  • Use subtle colours and not too bright
  • Use the right fonts which are easier to understand and read
  • Use one type of theme so that when your prospects see the post elsewhere, they can recognize it's you
  • Use certain images or taglines when posting to create an awareness of your brand
  • Use high-quality images and videos
  • Write impactful captions and hashtags

The main agenda here is to shape your social media handle, Instagram into a platform that is neat, relevant and interesting so that hitting the follow button to receive updates about your band becomes quicker and easier.

8. Create content as per your target audience

Not all of your target audiences will be the same. For instance say you run a software business, for each of your software you will be targeting different audiences. For example, if you have a callback software your target audience would be b2b brands, if you have an email marketing software your target audience will be marketing heads and so on.

It is important that your Instagram handle should promote the solution you are selling by posting relevant content related to that solution. You can have multiple Instagram accounts to promote your every solution. This action can be conducted safely with a good proxy service. With a good proxy server, you can manage multiple accounts related to your brand and promote your solutions much better.

When this happens, you are able to provide an insightful solution that will make your prospects want to learn more about you. Hence when the curiosity increases amongst your prospects, the need to explore the brand more makes them hit the follow button.

9. Draw prospects via emotional connects

Being in the business front, you are well aware that if there is one way to sell much quicker to prospects, it is through the path of emotional connects. Nike Instagram handle is the perfect example.


The words used can be related to their target audience much better which is exactly why Nike has a great follower list of over 96.2 million. As you can see Nike is connecting with the women and supporting the increase in numbers for marathon while indirectly showcasing in the picture the brand of shoes they use.

When you are posting an image or video or writing a caption, don’t just create one because you want to sell, shape it in such a way where your audience can relate to it. For instance, if you provide proxy servers, you could write captions or post pictures explaining the struggles without it such as not being able to access information from restricted websites, not being able to view information and much more.

When you are able to list down their problems in a manner they can relate to, do you believe that it would be hard to increase your Instagram followers?

10. Get your human side out

While technology has managed to develop unique solutions, it has also taken away the human touch which is being replaced by these solutions. The great thing about Instagram is that with its features such as Instagram live and stories, a brand can easily engage with prospects. Ensure that you are able to connect with your prospects in a way where they feel that you genuinely care for them and are selling a solution that isn’t just a sales business for you.

To engage in a human form with prospects isn’t that difficult, following the below steps can help you:

  • Apart from posting your solutions, also post genuine content on occasions, festivals, and the upcoming trends
  • Have a one to one session with your prospects such as solving their queries about your solution using the Instagram story option
  • Send direct messages to your prospects who are following you and your existing prospects as well to show your gratitude for them trusting you and buying your solution
  • Share snapshots of your team, the work being performed so that your prospects can get a better understanding of what you offer them
  • Continue to engage with prospects and reply to their comments without any delays

You now have all the tactics and solutions right in front of you to create the best Instagram marketing strategies to successfully grow your business well in the 2020 market. If you have observed clearly, you would understand that all of this information that you’ve read about depends purely on data.

Data is what will help your business to identify what needs to be done in your next sales or lead driven actions. Yes, the online world provides a pool of information but did you also know that not everything you find online is valid?

The rise in online crimes is getting trickier and dangerous which is exactly why many brands who hold vital information restrict access to their data. This data is needed and required if you look upon to grow your business in the coming years which is why you need a solution to capture data without being spotted as suspicious.

How web scraping can help you capture data for efficient Instagram marketing?

Web scraping is the process of extracting data from a source or website that consists of valuable information. Web scraping is conducted very easily, all you need to do is select the website you want to scrape, select the data you need and place the scraping code for the action to take place and find all that data saved in your system in the format you would like to view it in such as CSV file and more.

Web scraping can help conduct efficient Instagram marketing by:

  • Capturing lead details for you to cater to them quicker
  • Retrieve data which can enhance your marketing activity
  • Capture insights on what your prospects really want which can, in turn, help you to improvise on your marketing techniques and more

Web scraping can be conducted on a regular basis as well but this can also be a drawback because your brand still can fall under a tiny risk of being caught as suspicious hence to tighten regular web scraping activity, it is important to conduct this process with a reliable solution.

How proxy servers can conduct efficient Instagram marketing activities?

A proxy server acts as a middleman between a user and the information it wants to access. Say you want to access a website, you will send a request to it to access it. The request will first be received by the proxy server who changes the IP address and then sends it to the website. The main reason why brands get blocked when accessing information online is because of IP addresses.

IP address gives away the location of the user which is the prime reason how a brand understands whether it is an authorized user or not. Proxy servers prevent this from happening and hence acts as a shield from revealing a user’s identity.

With a proxy server, you can conduct web scraping activity without any hassle as it safeguards your real IP address securely. Also, it helps to avoid Instagram IP bans without any hassle.

Why don’t you see it for yourself?

How proxy servers avoid IP bans to conduct smoother Instagram marketing activities?

1. Increases the postage of multiple ads

Earlier if you posted more than the set number of ads, the action would be to block your IP address. But with a proxy server, you can easily add how many ever ads you want to post. What a proxy server will do is since it offers numerous proxies, you can use them to hide your identity and post more ads on one account. Instagram will not be able to detect it since it will be unaware that it is coming from the same account. What the proxy server does is, it hides your IP address so the fear of being detected itself is eliminated hence it avoids Instagram IP blocks.

2. Collect relevant information

To cater to your prospect's needs, you need all the information you can to understand what it is that they are looking for. When you search through account information of your competitors, you can easily find your target audience, but when your rivals account is restricted, conducting any mishaps will alert Instagram to block you. Hence using a proxy server here will be beneficial. For instance, using a proxy server will help you view any information you like as well as keep a closer check on your competitors account, the proxy server will hide your IP address so that you can easily conduct this activity with ease.

3. Loads online activities quicker

Managing a business account on Instagram isn’t a joke. In fact, from engaging with prospects to posting ads, chances are conducting this activity regularly can lessen your internet performance. We live in a century where every new trend has a reduced time frame and if your internet is slow, you will be missing out on opportunities. But if you are using a proxy server this wouldn’t be the case. For instance, when you post ads continuously you will be using one dedicated proxy which means that the work being conducted will not be restricted due to any hindrance and you can easily post ads without any stoppage. Even if another person is using your Instagram account, with different proxies, a proxy server assures you that the internet performance it delivers will always stay high hence helping to avoid Instagram IP blocks of your brand.

4. Great security measure

As mentioned, the online world is filled with dangerous crimes such as data breaching and much more. Hence with the Instagram actions being conducted by you such as posting videos, photos and creating ads, chances are these could go away in the hands of the hackers who could steal your information and pretend it is you. When that happens, due to no mistake of yours, chances are your account can get blocked without you even understanding the reason why. Hence to avoid that using a proxy service will be beneficial. The proxy server ensures that whatever activity is being conducted by you is being done under the safe light. If you are storing information or accessing information, it creates safeguards the data and ensures that no risks are entering your system.

5. Keeps a track of your employee's online activities

If you are an agency or a brand that heavily depends on the social media world for your bread and butter, you are in for a treat. When you conduct activities on behalf of your clients such as posting ads, there are times where the use of few internet pages can deviate your employee's action which can cause a mishap which will detect any suspicious activities. Hence the greatest thing about proxy servers is that you can block out all the other possible distractions so that your employees conduct efficient work without any hassles. When so many users are on Instagram, for a business it develops a double opportunity to capture the right leads, hence with a solution such as a proxy service, eliminating any mishaps beforehand serves a better pathway.

Types of Instagram Proxies you can utilize to avoid Instagram IP blocks

  • Static residential IP proxies so that manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Datacenter proxies so that you can easily grow your Instagram actions with maximum results
  • Rotating residential proxies so that you can create how many ever Instagram accounts you wish


‘’1 billion people use Instagram every month’’.

Instagram is growing and is soon on the verge of becoming one of the most lead driven platforms to conduct efficient marketing activities. When you use tools such as web scraping or proxy servers to conduct such an action ensure that you invest in a good one.

For instance, ensure that when you pick a web scraping tool it is much quicker and better while scraping. With reference to proxy servers ensure that you invest in a well-paid proxy service that offers a good number of IP addresses and is reliable in its action.

Today your prospects want to see more of what you have to offer rather than just speaking of it, use Instagram as that platform to capture their attention and increase your chances of catering to them better.

So when are you planning to commence your Instagram marketing activities? Which technique will you apply first? We would like to hear from you.


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