Online Copyright Infringement: What it is and How You Can Monitor It

Online Copyright Infringement: What it is and How You Can Monitor It

Online Copyright Infringement

When you use a company’s work, or an individual’s work without getting consent from them, it’s termed online copyright infringement. It takes place in different forms including producing, distributing, and copying property that is under protection by law.

Examples of online copyrighted materials include:

  1. Text
  2. Images
  3. Technology
  4. Videos
  5. Trademarks

Reselling and reproducing someone else’s work is rampant on the internet especially as people feel they are anonymous and such infringements won’t be linked to them.

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Monitoring Online Copyright Infringement Using a Proxy

Many companies put in the extra effort to protect their properties. So they go as far as employing staff and creating departments in charge of searching for copyrighted materials on the internet. The process can also be automated and it helps to speed up the process but its limitations exist due to the anti-bot features on websites. So a website can block, or mislead the search, feeding wrong information only.

The important detail in searching the web and finding those with copyrighted materials is the IP address. By the IP address, those who commit piracy crimes can recognize everyone accessing their site, and either block or mislead them to wrong information. It doesn’t matter the company that is trying to catch those involved in online copyright infringement. If the information they get is wrong, then the entire process is a waste of time and resources.

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The best way to collect the most accurate data is to emulate a real human user. This way, the company that stole your intellectual property would grant you access as they would see you as a potential customer.

Sending traffic through a proxy would mask your identity and allow you to have access to the accurate data you need. Using residential IPs, the website would see you as a real user, and the chances of getting blocked or being fed with false data are reduced. You can further anonymize yourself by connecting to an IP in a different location.

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Limeproxies offers you dedicated IPs in servers located in over 40 locations for you to choose from. So you can use the proxies with your bots to automatically find defaulters who have stolen your materials. You have 24/7 customer support to come to your assistance if you run into any problem so your task can move smoothly.


Online copyright infringement is a crime that is widespread on the internet today. It is partly due to the ease at which people can lay hands on properties and the thought that they can get away with it easily.

The battle to punish offenders of this crime is serious as companies create departments to find and handle those in possession of their properties illegally. It can be done both manually and automatically, but the manual process is a daunting one hence the preference for the automated process.

With the presence of website blockers and misleading information, it becomes necessary to track culprits anonymously and that’s why you need to connect to a proxy before carrying out the task. Limeproxies is a great option as it offers you all the features necessary to successfully comb the web for your properties.

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