How to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

How to get the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?


Reaching a targeted audience view-milestone is an unusual happening for every Youtuber; it feels like the happiest moment in the millennium. It was not long ago when YouTube used to give access to live streaming to those popular YouTubers who had more than 1000 subscribers. Imagine, the happiness and the sense of achievement on their faces! Well, things have changed now and live streaming has become a common tool for marketing purpose by non-entities and the subscribers’ count had also been dropped down from 1000 to a low 100.

It seems a difficult task finding subscribers but, have no worries, there are some top-notch tips to improve your subscription count. Let’s get started!

1. Creative content

Now, here this may seem easy but it can be a daunting task to chunk out creative videos, week after week. Sometimes, materials and things may not be that abundant as the current demand of viewership for it. So, what you can do over here is that just add your own spin to it. For instance, you might have seen many unboxing videos of mobile phones stating the obvious features which you can gather from the official page itself, but, there are few channels where demonstrators unbox the whole phone and tell you the exact functionality of each feature of the phone.  Thinking out of the box can seem crazy sometimes, but if you don’t, you have just taken a step back from the first step towards creativity.

2. Name strategically

Here, you think a lot about getting a proper name for your channel and it is most possible that you are going to think something really complex. Now, ease your brain and go for a simple unique name, which will grab attention and will not make the viewers cringe. Even if your name is matching with other YouTubers, it doesn’t matter until the content becomes irrelevant from your set goal.

3. Enhance your channel design

This is one of those crucial stages where your viewers get the first glimpse of your channel. Do make sure to have a unique heading or tagline so that your viewers can get attracted and can connect with the content of your channel. Always remember, design is the first key step to achieve glory.

4. Take a notch down

Unless you are talking about grave dangers to the living beings or sensitive materials not to be accessed by everybody such as animal hunting, repeated talks about violence in the world etc., you need to loosen up a bit and show your humour to give your viewers a little smile on their face. There is a reason why reaction videos are so damn popular these days! People love to see others enjoy stuff and giving their reaction to it. Sometimes it can be considered not useful but basically, it is fun to watch it. So, next time you upload any videos, do think out of the box and try some genuine goofy moments to share such as after shoot talk, where you show your little dorky side and many more; your viewers will love it!

5. Get out of your room and explore

It may sound weird but the youtuber’s normal background does have a lot of impact on their channel health. More vivid and lit the background, more soothing and ease for the viewers to watch it. You might have solid content but standing in front of a robe with low light, isn’t giving your channel a glamorous impression. Move out sometimes; change the environment so that your viewers can witness the different shades of your life and style of videos.

6. Thumbnails are the key

This can be the trump card for you if you did it creatively. It is shown many times when creative thumbnails have increased the popularity and subscription count. You need to just take a picture and edit it with a unique thumbnail. So, when you put that in your video introduction, viewers can instantly know what your video is about and if they should be looking at it or not?

7. Annotations:

As a viewer, it is often annoying to see those annotations popping up in the corner of the videos. This might be tedious work but the moment somebody clicks on the link, that particular user gets automatically subscribed to your channel. It’s no harm to do that and when you will witness the growth in your subscription count, you are going to do it in every video.

8. Just ask:

Well, no matter how much content your videos have, if you don’t have a proper chunk of subscribers count, you are not doing it right. If the above mentioned methods didn’t work, you can just ask your viewers to subscribe. By doing this, you are clarifying your intentions of being the best at what you do. Audience love honesty and confidence, so a simple asking will not let you lose your pride but may gain you a lot of love and subscribers.

9. Never forget who you are

You might often come under circumstances where you may be tempted to touch on those subjects which might differ to your personality and agenda. First and foremost, you have to pick your subject according to your intuitions and personality. What suits you? Why will this topic be suitable for me? How much input can I give, week in week out? These are some of the few questions you need to ask before starting your channel or doing videos. The moment you find the answers, you will get to know there is nothing more transparent than presenting your true self.

10. Get an attractive introduction and ending

There are some of the famous YouTuber, who have the most infectious audio tracks to their introduction. These audio tracks stay on the mind of the viewers who will automatically come visit again. By getting a unique and attractive jingle or recap video at the end will give you an identification, which will connect you with your audience. For e.g. you can just create a recap of your upcoming videos and post it at the end of your current videos. This will surprise your viewers and they will look forward to watching your next video.

All of the above tricks and methods are the proven way to find success on youtube. If you have any other suggestions please leave your comment in the section below.

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