How to grow your YouTube subscribers and Exposure?

How to grow your YouTube subscribers and Exposure?

YouTube Subscribers and Exposure


  1. Why YouTube Subscribers?
  2. Take support of Featured Channels

If you ever wish to open your video channel on Youtube, you must have asked these questions to yourself, why do you want to do this? What will be the primary concept of your content? How to get it more highlighted and increase views? Like big Youtubers, how to have a proper fan base?

Now, all these questions can be answered subsequently in this article and to start with the foremost thing, i.e “Subscribers”, the YouTube version of the regular audience who are going to be the foundation of success for your channel.

Why YouTube Subscribers?

grow your YouTube subscribers

YouTube subscribers are the most essential part of your successful YouTube channel. It is impossible to have a consistently large number of views, likes and comments on all of your videos if you do not have a dedicated fan base who have subscribed to your channel. Always remember, having a bigger number of subscribers will give you more publicity to your channels.

Now in the following article, we are going to see some of the most definitive and fruitful steps to gather and maintain a proper number of subscribers for your videos.

If you don’t adhere to the three basic yet important principles, everything will end up being worthless.

  • Consistency in uploading
  • ****Always upload your videos on regular basis. The thought of uploading just once in a while and enjoying the benefits is foolishness. To earn views and increase the number of subscribers, you have to upload a video on regular basis.

    • Value input

    There is no profit if the product doesn’t have a proper selling point. If your videos don’t possess a creative and attractive content, it will be highly difficult for you to highlight and increase your views. So, it is crucial to have the best content in your videos boosted with top-notch marketing strategy. This will gradually make you popular among YouTube users.

  • Be creative and attractive:
  • Well, have you ever wondered why reaction channels and fitness channels are so on trend these days for gathering subscribers and views? It is only due to the unavailability of such content few years ago and some creative ways to showcase in their own style. A unique and attractive content will not only make you popular very soon but will attract millions of viewers around the world. Again, irrespective of the content being strong and plain like iron, it is the style and outlook of glittering gold that attracts people.

    Follow these three important principles and you will definitely see progress in gathering a large number of YouTube subscribers. Now let’s move to the next step of how to make your videos popular and increase the number of subscribers

    #1: Ask for Subscribers


    One of the simplest but daring ways to do is to directly ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. It may sound needy but it is an important step as mostly viewers often just see it and shift to another one without showing their appreciation in the form of like, comments or subscription. So, it is quite a handy step to greet your viewers and ask them to show their appreciation or review it.

  • Ask them to subscribe
  • Ask them to like
  • Ask them to comment their opinion in the comment section.
  • This is one of the sample lines: “Now, if you like this video, click on the like button, give your important feedback and subscribe to our channel”, you can use this and frame in your own style.

    #2: Advantages of Annotations

    Annotations can be handy in giving your videos an extravaganza look. These are colourful stickers that Youtubers attach to their videos, to give it a different outlook altogether.

    Now, there are two productive ways to put your annotations in a smart way, in order to increase your subscribers:

  • Call-to-action annotation: Below the subscribe button, paste a “speech bubble” annotation, to every video on your channel
  • Click-to-action annotation: Now, to use to call to action annotation you have to follow this process:
  • Take any relatable image or graphic and add it to the video.
  • Impose it with “spotlight annotation” which will be directly connected to your channel page.
  • The moment anybody clicks on the annotation on the video, he/she will be automatically subscribed to your channel

    #3: YouTube Widget & Blog


    There is much bigger chance of getting subscribers if you run a blog. The traffic you have generated on your blog can be simultaneously shifted to your YouTube channels, which will indirectly generate views and get highlighted to grab more subscribers.

    Once you start linking your videos on your blog, there are two simple and convenient ways to gather more views and subscribers:

  • YouTube Subscription Widget: You have to install the YouTube subscription widget and attach it to the blog in the top right corner. Your readers on your blog can easily notice it so as to visit your YouTube page.
  • The process is:

    Install the widget

    Copy the iframe code(written below) and paste it in your blog’s HTML code.

    <iframe id=”fr” src=”http://www.YouTube.com/subscribe_widget?p=addYouTube Username here” style=”overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 300px; border: 0;” scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″>

    Note: Do not forget to mention your YouTube channel username in the mentioned space.

    To know further or minute details visit YouTube official blog.

  • Call-to-action graphic: YouTube has given an additional feature to YouTubers to highlight their videos on their blog. You can just make a graphic note in a form of square or rectangle and paste it in your linked video in the blog. The readers who see it will get to know what they have to do by seeing the message in that graphic.
  • The best advantage is that they can not only share and like those videos while watching those linked videos but can also subscribe to your channel by just clicking “More Info” option. Cool, isn’t it?

    #4: Take support of Featured Channels

    One of the best ways to increase your subscription base and views is to constantly collaborate with fellow YouTubers, which will indirectly promote your own channel.

    You can see it in your YouTube channel page, where it will be mentioned in the caption of “Likes and recommend”, here you can recommend your own choice of YouTuber you collaborate or follow. When those YouTubers do the same for you by mentioning you in their recommendation page, in lesser time you will be flocked with a large number of viewers

    It is not a rocket science to do a collaboration or taking their concern for recommendation. You just have to contact and discuss with them( Don’t worry, it is not going to hurt you, so just meddle)

    #5:  Interaction is the key


    You will have come to accept the fact that YouTube is a global platform, not a single platform showcasing just your videos. You must be prompt in reaching out to fellow YouTubers channel and witness their creative works

    As said earlier, you can earn loyalty and grab positive attention towards yourself, when you start visiting other YouTubers page and giving good reviews on their content in the comment section. You can go a step further by subscribing to their channels if you see they are responding to your reviews. It is a healthy way to start appreciating others, this will result in others appreciating you.

    Do it on regular basis, by visiting other relevant YouTube channels, comment how you find their work wonderful and impactful in anyone’s life. A little pampering and positivity will go a long way for your sustainability in YouTube

    Always remember : Be true to yourself and give a heartfelt message to the videos which touch you the most

    #6: Go for a Payoff

    Last but not the least, you need to make it exciting for your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Have you ever thought why YouTube personals such as Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey get such massive viewership and subscriptions? Their controversial remarks about doing a particular task have always grabbed attention which automatically resulted in viewership and subscription.

    Now, you don’t have to do something controversial but excite them with an exciting and funny task, such as if you 10,000 subscribers, you are going to upload your Drunk dance videos or for 50,000 subscriptions, you can opt to do 200 push ups live on camera and so on. There are thousands of ideas that your mind can come up with, but the main task is to implement it.

    Now, I am going to put down a few steps to follow the Payoff method:

  • Get to know your current subscriber count (e.g., 450 subscribers)
  • Set your subscribers goal (e.g., 500 subscribers)
  • Opt for something funny or exciting things to perform live, if you reached your set targets of subscription. Remember, asking will not make you low but will make your viewers feel more connected to your channel
  • Announce your goal to them with each video and update in a funny way
  • There is no bigger characteristic than being empathetic about your work and goals to achieve. The more clarity you keep with your viewers, the more love and respect you will earn among them.

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