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Geo-located dedicated France proxies. Get more done and boost your campaigns with a private France proxy. Limeproxies enable you to select the best French proxies and get local, relevant information faster than any free proxy in the market.

Limeproxies’ dedicated France proxies get you better results faster without having to worry about IP address blocking. Crawl websites, extract data, and say goodbye to your IP concerns with Limeproxies. Simply choose among one of our premium France proxies and browse away.

The Advantages of LimeProxies’ Private France Proxies

Thousands of IPs

Thousands of IPs

Spread your scraping traffic across thousands of shared French IPs to avoid detection and baning, and if you need more private IPs, feel free to ask us.

Dozens of integrations

Dozens of integrations

Seamlessly integrate your workflow to our proxy service. Limeproxies integrates with web scraping tools and with your browser without any add-on.

Easy to use

Easy to use

We aim to simplify your workflow; that’s why we connect you to our private French proxy network in a dead-simple way.

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With Limeproxies get these awesome features and stay ahed all

Multiple Granularity

Multiple Granularity

Thousand IPs with different database packages with varying levels of IP geolocation so you can give different levels of access to different workers.

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Premium France Proxies for data scraping, sales intelligence, price tracking, and ad verification

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Premium France Proxies for data scraping, sales intelligence, price tracking, and ad verification

Limeproxies fast and secure dedicated French proxies help businesses around the world connect with French users, boost sales, and jumpstart their marketing and sales efforts.

App Testing

Test how your app behaves in different countries and splat bugs before your clients experience them.. Our fast proxies enable you to send hundreds of requests to your platform and test its stability.

Website Testing

Limeproxies combines a global network with flexible testing tools to see what your website looks like to customers around the world so you can ensure a seamless customer experience.

Online Scraping

If you need data about your potential clients, you can use our dedicated proxies to automate your data scraping.

Rank Tracking

Limeproxies premium France proxies are one of the ways to keep an eye on your Google rankings without the risk of being blocked.

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Fast and good communication. Any problems and/ or questions will be answered quickly. They are very ...

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Amazing customer support and great products...

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They do it well, their customer service does the job well....

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Good service with very good fast support

Good service with very good fast support...



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Great services, Quick communication and high-quality proxies....



Service works as expected

Service works as expected. Decent customer support. No problems....



Best service i had.they will answer you

Best service I had.they will answer you very fast. Very happy with the support...

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I'm a novice at using a Proxy service. LimeProxies has been fabulous at getting me up and running. E...

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so good support and hight respond

so good support and hight respond....

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Awesome support team with fast proxies....



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Lime Proxies

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Problem solved quickly....

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Helped me with everything I needed...

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Their supporting system is excellent. The supporter always reply quickly. They are very friendly. Th...

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