The Best Proxies for Tik Tok Automation

The Best Proxies for Tik Tok Automation

TikTok Proxies

Tik Tok is a great way to **promote brands as it gives you a platform for social media marketing. **The best results come from opening multiple Tik Tok accounts as you can cover a larger audience. Instagram was the go-to for social media marketing but its use is gradually declining.

This is because as time passes, Instagram gets stricter and accounts get banned or blocked easily. So having multiple Instagram accounts or using Instagram automation for brand promotion is becoming more difficult. Luckily for marketers, Tik Tok is growing and is a great alternative to Instagram.

Tik Tok was the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018 and ever since internet marketers have tried to make use of the platform to their advantage. Having multiple fake profiles would guarantee a wider audience, but just like with every social media platform this is frowned upon. If a single user has multiple accounts, the accounts would all be banned, so how can you create multiple accounts on Tik Tok without being penalized?

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It’s simply through the use of Tik Tok proxies. In this article, you will learn how you can have multiple Tik Tok accounts and use them for your social media marketing purposes, what Tik Tok proxies are, what you can use them for, and where to buy them.

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Tik Tok Proxy

A Tik Tok proxy performs the function of other proxies by routing the user’s request through an intermediary server before the traffic is sent to the destination server. What Tik Tok proxies do is to route the user’s traffic through other IP servers before getting to Tik Tok so that when the traffic arrives, it would seem to be from somewhere else.

Since the requests reach the destination with a different IP, it’s now possible for users to have more than one account without being banned.

Without a proxy, every account you open from the same device would be banned as the requests would all come from the same IP address. This would be interpreted as one user opening multiple accounts and Tik Tok frowns on that. They also frown at the use of proxies to access the platform, so if they suspect you are using a proxy, your account would be blocked.

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Unlike Instagram and other social media platforms whose anti-spam features are at an advanced stage, Tik Tok isn’t yet sophisticated to detect when some smart proxies are being used.

Due to this, there aren’t any specialized proxies yet to bypass Tik Tok’s anti proxy system. By this, you can simply use some premium proxies like Limeproxies on Tik Tok to manage multiple accounts.

The Best Tik Tok Proxies

Since Tik Tok isn’t strict now with their anti-spam features, there is no specialized proxy for Tik Tok yet. So you can use any good proxy to manage multiple Tik Tok accounts. The following are examples of proxies you can use to open and manage multiple Tik Tok accounts without any penalty:

Mobile Proxies to Use For Tik Tok Automation

Mobile proxies are the best to use in opening multiple Tik Tok accounts because they reduce the risk of being discovered and banned to almost zero. This is because mobile proxies are not linked to any specific account as the proxies are assigned dynamically. So when there is a need to connect to the internet, the proxies are assigned after which it is withdrawn.

As efficient as it is, mobile proxies are the most expensive types of proxies.

1 . Luminati

Luminati is the first mobile proxy to be launched and made available in the market. They have a large number of IPs containing up to 7.5 million IP addresses. This allows you to have as many Tik Tok accounts as possible without being caught or banned. You have different cities to choose from according to your preferences. Even though they are one of the most expensive, they offer you great performance and are very reliable and secure.

2 . AirProxy

At the moment, AirProxy only provides users with 4G mobile proxies and Italian proxies. They also give you a dedicated SIM card for the period of your subscription which allows you to enjoy great performance and premium services. It also makes term an expensive proxy service and so you should consider them only if you want to reduce the chances of your Tik Tok account farms from being discovered to zero.

Private Proxies

Dedicated datacenter proxies are the cheapest types of proxies and are recommended for use with Tik Tok. This is because as Tik Tok hasn’t put in any sophisticated features yet to prevent the use of proxies, it would be an overkill to spend a lot of money on the more expensive proxies like residential proxies.

With private proxies, you can open and manage multiple accounts without being caught as long as you stay within acceptable limits.

1 . Limeproxies

Limeproxies are a proxy service provider that gives you premium service but at a cheap rate. They offer you a blazing connection speed of up to 1Gbps, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, more than 100 subnets, and customer service that is available 24/7 to answer your every query no matter the time of day. So no matter the task you have at hand be it automated Tik Tok operations, opening and managing multiple Tik Tok accounts, or you need ticketing proxies, gaming proxies, custom solutions, amongst others, Limeproxies is the place to go.

Their proxies are private and so you would have your IP address to yourself, allowing you to enjoy full efficiency and performance by yourself. You can change your IP address anytime you want, and you have available to you at a time, 25 authenticated IP addresses ready for use.

So when you desire anonymity for your internet marketing amongst others, Limeproxies can be trusted to provide you with premium features that will make your tasks a success.

2. High Proxies

At High Proxies, you will get both general private proxies and also specialized social media proxies. Both proxies are private but since you would be needing them to open and manage multiple Tik Tok accounts, its better you go for the social media proxies.

High Proxies offer you unlimited bandwidth and a 99% uptime. You will also get high speeds of up to 1Gbps from this service provider because of their high-grade infrastructure and skilled professionals that work to provide you with the best. So when looking for the best proxies that offer you premium services but are also pocket friendly, High Proxies is one of such.

3. Instant Proxies

Instant Proxies provide you with the cheapest proxy service that can be used with Tik Tok. Its cost in no way reduces its performance as you get reliable IPs and good security.

You would expect that their low prices mean they are generating revenue through other means such as leaking IP addresses but they don’t. they take their client’s privacy and security seriously so you have nothing to worry about.

4 . MyPrivateProxy

MPP is also one of the best private proxies you can find and more interesting is the fact that their proxies work great with Tik Tok. They have more than 226,000 IP addresses in 21 states in the US, and each server is reliable, secure, and very affordable.

They also have premium servers in other countries and provide users with unlimited bandwidth, and uptime of 99%, and fast internet connection speeds.

Residential Proxies – Best Choice for Opening and Managing Bulk Tik Tok Accounts

Residential proxies are linked to real Residential IP addresses and so are more trusted than other proxy types. Social media marketers can therefore use this trust to their advantage by opening and managing multiple Tik Tok accounts without fear of being caught. The chances of being discovered with this proxy are far less than with private proxies but they are usually more expensive.

Since Tik Tok isn’t at the level of other social media platforms yet in terms of anti-spam features, using residential proxies seems to be overkill at the moment.

1 . Smartproxy

Smartproxy provides you with a large pool of residential IPs that allow you to open and manage unlimited Tik Tok accounts. You have nothing to worry about as your requests would be seen as coming from real residential areas.

You have a lot of choices to choose from amongst the 10 million-plus residential IPs in over 195 locations and more than 8 cities. You also get an uptime of about 99.9% and unlimited bandwidth. A downside to its use however is that unlike with private proxies, it’s not as affordable.

2 . Stormproxies

Stormproxies are very compatible with Tik Tok and can be used in opening and managing bulk accounts. This is even though they only provide you with HTTPS proxies. Subscribing to the proxy service gives you access to over 7,000 residential IPs that can be rotated at different intervals. So if you need a proxy that gives you anonymity and speed amongst other endearing features, Stormproxies is a good catch.

3. Microleaves

Microleaves is another good example of a proxy provider that provides you with residential IPs that are compatible with Tik Tok. They have over 5 million backconnect proxies and the one you use can be changed every 5 minutes, allowing you to rotate your IP for every account.

You get both HTTPS and SOCKS proxies from them and they offer you real residential IPs. You also get unlimited bandwidth and servers from all around the world so you get a lot of options to choose from. If you are looking for cheap residential proxies, Microleaves would be a great option.

Functions of Tik Tok Proxies

Online marketers automate Tik Tok to gain more followers and make more money. The automation bots create multiple accounts that can be used to love videos and stand better chances of trending. Smart marketers use this trend to make money. Note that love is Tik Tok’s version of likes.

Since every computer or device used to access the internet has its IP address, the websites can know when a device has been used multiple times to open an account. But with proxies, the real IP address would be concealed and that of the chosen server is where the request would come from. This would make it seem that different computers and devices are being used to open the different Tik Tok accounts.

So social media and internet marketers can avoid sanctions from Tik Tok’s anti-spam system as they manage multiple accounts. Even if you plan to manage multiple accounts but without the use of automation tools, you still need proxies.

Do You Need Tik Tok Proxies?

If you would be using a single account, then there is no need to invest in proxies as Tik Tok won't suspend your account or penalize you in any way for a single account. But if you try to automate the single account and you cross the limit that raises red flags, the account would be banned and no amount of proxy usage would save it. Proxies only come in handy when you intend to use more than one account per device, or if your IP address has already been blocked by Tik Tok.


1 . How Can I Avoid a Ban While Using Proxies?

To avoid a ban when using proxies, you need to avoid managing more than one account per proxy. Maintain the safe practice of one account per IP address. If you are using Tik Tok automation bots, try as much as you can to mimic human behavior and avoid the urge to send more requests than is natural. Doing this will raise red flags as humans can’t spend that much in a given time. So if you are following other users, do it moderately and take a break as humans would do.

2. What Are the Best Proxies For Tik Tok Bots?

The perfect types of proxies for Tik Tok bots are HTTP/HTTPS proxies. You can also use socks 5 proxies but they are more expensive than HTTP proxy.

3. Can I Automate Tik Tok With Free Proxies?

Simply put, you can’t. Free proxies have been used for many reasons to the extent that they have been abused and so websites just block them by default. Using free proxies also puts you at the risk of having your account hacked or spammed as they provide you with little or no security.

4. How Many Proxies Do I Need for Each Tik Tok Account?

You only need one proxy per account as you can open one account per IP. So if you need multiple accounts, you can make use of private proxies as they are cheap and you can easily afford more of them.

5. Can Shared Proxies Be Used for Tik Tok?

Shared proxies are targeted by spammers and hackers, and so using them puts you at risk of being hacked. The performance you get from shared proxies is shared between you and the other users, and so you don’t get the best of security and efficiency. It’s a risk.

6. Which Tik Tok Automation Bots Are Compatible With Proxies?

At the moment, there is no available bot specifically for Tik Tok as the platform hasn’t given out any public API yet. Some internet marketers however build custom bots for them to enhance their marketing and brand promotion on Tik Tok. So to get a Tik Tok bot, you can either wait and buy from someone who has built one, or you can meet a software developer to create one for you.

7. Does Tik Tok Ban User Accounts?

Tik Tok doesn’t ban accounts as easily as other social media platforms do as they are still lenient in their rules. You will however be banned if Tik Tok notices you are operating on multiple accounts as this act is frowned upon. So if you must do this, you need to use a proxy.

8. Does Tik Tok Allow the Use of Proxies At All?

No, Tik Tok doesn’t allow this. Using proxies at all will get your account banned.


Tik Tok is a growing platform with a lot of potentials to help in the growth of businesses, and as their anti-spam features are not as sophisticated yet this is the best time to build your followers base on the platform.

With multiple accounts, you can reach more audience, and increase your chances of trending so people can see you and know what you have to offer. Tik Tok however frowns on the act of multiple accounts by a single user and that’s why we have given you all you need to know on how to create multiple accounts on Tik Tok.

With a proxy, your single device can be used to open and manage multiple accounts without getting banned. This is because you will be operating with different IP addresses, making it seem like each account you work on is operated from a different location and device.

Only premium proxies like Limeproxies can go undetected by Tik Tok, so if you want to ensure your Tik Tok accounts farm is safe, go for only the best.

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