The Sneaker Bot Handbook: Improve Your Copping Skills

The Sneaker Bot Handbook: Improve Your Copping Skills

The Sneaker Bot Handbook

The sneaker game has evolved over the years and is a hot cake these days. With every limited-edition sneaker release, there are a lot of intending buyers who are just waiting to pounce on the shoes once they hit the market.

Ever tried to purchase on your own? You will discover that they get sold out very fast before you even get the chance. So how then do you compete favorably against thousands of other buyers and make a successful purchase? We would cover that in this sneaker bot handbook.

Sneaker bots automate the sneaker buying process so that you have a greater chance of getting your hands on the limited edition shoes. Most people use sneaker bots, and so when you bid for those shoes, you are going against bots and regular users too.

This competition is fierce. With sneaker bots, you can send multiple requests and at fast speeds. The multiple requests increase your chances even if the website uses the raffle method of sneaker releases. Sending multiple requests also allows you to make multiple purchases for profit.

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Sneaker Bot Handbook: What Are Sneaker Bots and How Do They Work?

A sneaker bot is a software that has been coded and optimized to automatically and quickly complete all the processes involved in copping limited edition sneakers before they run out of stock. With sneaker bots, you stand a better chance of a successful purchase. Their speed and efficiency give you an edge over other buyers as you struggle to land purchase.

When broken into categories, this is how sneaker bots work:

Captcha Solving

When any suspicious activity is noticed, the website would send captchas your way. This can put an end to your copping practice if your bot can’t solve them. So bots also save time by rapidly solving captchas when they arise.


Proxies are very important as we have seen in this sneaker bot handbook. They make your requests appear to be coming from several users so that the website doesn’t block you. Many bots have their proxies and most bots will allow you to use your own.


Tasks are the instructions you give to the bot before you begin. These instructions include the store you want to cop from, the shoe you need, the shoe size, and then it checkouts automatically. Depending on the sneaker bot you are using, you can create multiple tasks at once so the bot can run through them all to the end quickly.


Retail websites have a one-man one pair policy, and they block those who try to cop multiple pairs using the same account. Even if you use proxies, you would still be blocked if you use the same billing address. Many bots help you bypass this problem quickly by letting you create several billing profiles for every pair of sneakers you want to purchase.


Bots also monitor a retail website to look for a release. They reload the website frequently and once there is a release, the tasks begin. Relying on the bot alone to monitor for releases isn’t efficient and that’s why there are discord groups.

These groups provide you with information like release dates, keywords, links, and even bot configurations so that you can increase your chances.

Requirements for Sneaker Copping

Sneaker Proxy

Sneaker proxies are the difference between you trying to purchase on your own, and using a bot. Your bot use would be wasteful and pointless without the use of proxies. Note that bots are frowned upon by many retailing websites, and without proxies, you would be blocked before you even start.

Since bots have to keep sending requests and bid for a catch, you will need multiple proxies. This way, one IP address wouldn’t have to send all the requests as it would raise red flags.

Proxies are also very essential especially if you are looking at multiple purchases. And so with proxies, you can have different accounts and attempt to cop multiple sneaker pairs without being penalized by the website.

Sneaker Bot

A sneaker bot as already mentioned is software that automates all the processes involved in purchasing a pair of limited edition sneakers.

The processes leading to sneaker purchases include logging into the website, searching for the item, choosing your size and color, adding to cart, and check out. When done manually, these processes can be time-consuming, and time isn’t a factor you have during sneakers release. So a sneaker bot completes all the processes in seconds on your behalf.

With a sneaker bot, you save time, avoid traffic and the wait that could end in an “out of stock” before you make your purchase. Some sneaker bots also give you a better chance by reverse engineering codes from the retail stores. This way, sneaker bots can queue in better positions.

Sneaker Server

A Sneaker server gives you a better chance by maximizing your computer and network power. It makes use of the available RAM, disc space, and internet speed, and makes them optimum so you can successfully cop.

When choosing a sneaker server, use one that is close to the site’s location. This way, you will have a better connection speed.

Also, choose a server that is in the same place as your proxy as it makes the connection better. All of these come together to increase your chances of a successful limited-edition sneaker copping.

Types of Sneaker Bots

AIO Bots

AOI (All in One) bots just as the name implies are compatible with multiple shoe websites. You can cop from websites like Footsite and Shopify. 

Adidas Bots

Adidas bots are used to purchase limited-edition Adidas sneakers and Yeezy sneakers. Both sites have the same type of release; the raffle system. And so when buyers bid, they are kept in a queue and then the website selects winners randomly.

Footsites Bots

Footsites comprises Footlocker, Footaction, ChampsSports, and EastBay. You can cop sneakers from Footsites using most AIO bots.

Nike Bots

The Nike website also uses the raffle system of sneaker release, and it’s a difficult website to cop sneakers from. Nike bots are meant for the Nike website only.

Shopify Bots

Shopify isn’t as easy as it used to be in the past when it comes to botting. They now have strict measures to detect and block out bots. You can cop on Shopify with AIO bots, Prism, NikeShoeBot, or CyberAIO.

Supreme Bots

Supreme websites sneaker releases are a first come first serve type. Supreme bots are for copping supreme websites only and are more efficient than AOI bots. But if you also have an interest in other brands, then AIO bots are a great alternative.

Free Sneaker Bots

Free sneaker bots don’t provide you with the security and efficiency that paid sneaker bots give. The sneaker bot owners would have to generate revenue one way or another, and they could do so by selling your details. To reap the full benefits of using a sneaker bot, go for paid ones.

Best Practices for Sneaker Bot Use

  • Use a sneaker bot that can solve captcha quickly as captchas are common when copping
  • Use a bot that can cop efficiently from different stores
  • Use a bot that keeps running even when the site crashes
  • When shopping for multiple pairs of sneakers, use different billing methods

Proxies to Use with Sneaker Bots

The type of sneaker proxies you use play a role in your success rate when copping. Datacenter proxies are a great choice for sneaker copping. Their limitation however is that they are not compatible with every website.

So before you use them, do some research.

Residential proxies are however a safer choice to use for shoes copping. They work with different sneaker bots and can be used for almost every shoe website. And so in this sneaker bot handbook, we recommend using residential proxies for most sites.

Only use datacenter proxies for sites like Shopify that are compatible with the proxies.

Best Practices for Proxy Use

  • Don’t use the same proxy for multiple orders
  • Use datacenter proxies when you are interested in shopping from Shopify

Residential proxies work well when you are copping from Footsites, Supreme, and Adidas

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Limited Edition Sneakers Retail Business

The resale of limited edition sneakers can yield profits of up to 200%. That’s why the rush to cop them from the manufacturer is always high. So you see that even though sneakers copping can be stressful, it’s worth it in the end.

You can choose to start small or go all out, the important thing is to make use of your bots, proxies, and server properly.

Once your sneakers are purchased legitimately, you can resell them without any crime being committed. You can test the waters with just a few pairs of different brands and types to know which is in high demand.

You can get your market by going all out on social media and other digital spaces, so there would always be a market for you. 

Is The Use of Sneaker Bots legal?

The use of sneaker bots isn’t illegal. However, the companies frown at their use as the bots buy everything, leaving no room for real customers to benefit from the affordable price.

Bot use also slows down the website server due to the numerous requests that come in rapidly, and can even crash the site.

To prevent all of these, websites have put anti-bot features in place to detect and block bot activity. That’s why sneakers copping isn’t easy and straightforward as you need to bypass all the obstacles.


The use of sneaker bots has changed the way we purchase limited-edition sneakers. With the fierce competition, bots are the only way to have an edge over other interested customers. This sneaker bot handbook has provided information such as the requirements for a successful copping, and best practices when using proxies and bots.

There are a lot of proxies to use when copping with bots. Use premium sneaker proxies such as Limeproxies to reduce the chances of your IP getting blocked and increase your success rate at sneaker copping.

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