SEO proxies: When you are serious about your search engine

SEO proxies: When you are serious about your search engine

SEO Proxies

SEO can help your business grow twice faster.

SEO is one such technique where the use of significant measures can help you to capture your prospects quicker, retain their attention for longer, and convert them into sales leads that happen smoothly.

The SEO creation functions online because, in a world where almost every business depends on the SEO tactics, you not applying this technique can lose out on qualified leads.

SEO is one such guaranteed solution that can help you grow better if you do it the right way.

We understand how important SEO is which is why we want to help your business grow twice more than your competitors.

Right from what is SEO to securing your SEO actions, we have got that all covered for you in this article:

Let’s get started.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization and as the name suggests its main focus is to optimize a brand’s website or the content it writes. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

Your prospects are looking for something and would type on the search engine to find the solution. When they hit the ‘Search’ icon, a list of relevant information is displayed so that they choose which information would be ideal for them to click upon.

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What SEO does is, ensures that your brand’s content is one amongst the crowd. It ensures that the first information your prospects see is yours. But for that to happen, you need to work on the SEO tactics for your brand first. When the process is completed exactly how it should be, that is when you appear much more visible to your prospects.

Today, if anyone needs information on anything, all they need to do is go on Google and type or voice search for their needs. 99 firms state, ‘’Search engines drive 10 times more traffic to shopping sites than social media.’’ So what Google does is it scans through all the relevant information according to the needs of the prospects and showcases the same to them.

But Google just doesn’t choose any data to prospects, there are some parameters it undergoes such as the website should be easier for Google to understand, the right SEO tactics such as keyword placing or backlinks are placed in the right manner, the website has good traffic and more.

SEO is growing in demand and popularity and why not?

When it is offering you such a massive opportunity to rank the highest so that the minute your prospect sees the first information displayed, the click goes there, imagine how well your business performance would be?

Let’s give you an overview of how SEO can impact your brand.



As you are aware of the main focus of SEO which is optimization, understanding this can help you to create your website or content in a manner that enhances your prospect experience. There would be fewer complications or cluttering of information and that would make it easier for Google to find your solutions and showcase it to your target audience.

Optimizing your website for instance with the way you showcase your solution, optimizing your content with the way you write it, place the keywords and backlinks, use quality images and more, all contribute to making it easier for prospects to find you, explore you and learn from you.

When you make the experience better for your prospects to find their needs quicker, they retain their interest longer with your brand. Such action contributes to closing deals much faster.


Another great thing about SEO is that it helps your brand to capture leads and traffic organically. Many times it happens that when you execute any online measures, you will get leads but not all of those leads would be genuine. Hence there is a time spent to cater to such leads and convert them and if they are not the right leads for your business, you tend to waste time there.

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With SEO this isn’t the issue. The leads or the traffic that is coming in are all those who genuinely want to learn about your solution. They can be considered as warm or hot leads who just need to explore your content or website a bit more so that investing in your solution could be done confidently by them. 


SEO works based on selling using the content platform. ‘’Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.’’ Content marketing is ruling and is considered to be another efficient technique to capture the attention of potential prospects.

With SEO there are two things that matter when you write content, keyword and backlink placing. The selling becomes easier because when you place the keywords your user often uses to find a solution, your content will appear in front of them.

When you place backlinks of your peers from relevant sources, your content gets shared and found under the tag names you have applied as a link in your content, this again springs up to your content in the eyes of your prospects

When you create SEO content, selling doesn’t take a step back; instead it pushes its outreach higher so that the audience that clicks on it, are the ones who are keen on investing your solution. With SEO, selling to prospects has become a much more efficient task.


Your prospect will have multiple contents in front of them, all similar and you know what makes them stop to see your attention, the attention you will be grabbing from your SEO techniques. SEO content isn’t written, you have the opportunity to include high-quality images and videos which holds the attention of prospects.

Apart from this, you also have valuable content which is another reason why prospects stop to read what you have to offer them. It could be the attractive content or the example you mentioned, with SEO techniques you can write an impactful content which will retain the interest of your prospects and by the end, they would be traveling to your website to be catered by you. 


When you go online to find a solution and the first information you see on that page, what are your views on it? What is the first thing that pops into your mind? The answer is that this data displayed is ranked first because it must have got better views and shares and the expertise of this brand would be higher than the rest.

This is exactly what SEO aims to deliver. Just like how you had such thinking in the scenario above, this is what your prospects would be thinking as well when they see your content first. When you apply the right SEO techniques, don’t be surprised by your rankings and the traffic as well as the leads that you cater to. 

Getting started with SEO is easy, we will show you how.



‘’Blogs posts with longer, in depth content is the best.’’ Blogs are a great mechanism to use to retain the attention of prospects. The best kind of blog is long-form ones because they have all the information needed in detail for the prospect to understand the solution advice you are offering them.

The greatest thing about blogging is that it has the capability to keep the prospect reading for long hence increasing the chances of them confidently investing in your solution. With SEO, remember that while it helps your brand to rank better, with its first technique you need to create valuable content that can help your prospect to retain their views on just your blog.

When framing your long blog content, ensure that you conduct the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly research in the article
  2. Explain every advice or tips in detail
  3. Use high-quality images and good videos from reputable sources
  4. Provide examples for your prospects to understand better
  5. Keep the language simple to understand
  6. Write all the relevant information needed for the topic


Bucket Brigade technique is the art of connecting one statement to another. For instance, 

‘’Did you know that there is one unique solution that can help to grow your business? 

It is popularly called, ‘proxy servers'

What are proxy servers?

This is the perfect example of the Bucket Brigade technique and when used in SEO it can give your brand a benefit. The benefit of capturing your prospect's attention for long. Have you wondered why many prospects view a content piece for some time and then leave?

The reason is clear. The content wasn’t strong enough to capture their attention to read further and you cannot let that happen because if you do, your chances of lead conversion fall slower and short. Instead, when you use the Bucket Brigade technique, you are framing sentences that connect with each line. 

So when a prospect reads it, it is compelled to fall line after line to understand what you have written and this is great because it captures their attention for long. 

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Yes, you heard that right!

You would be writing on different topics but often your prospect would Google the same topic which you have written previously. It would be great if you just tweak it up a bit with the latest information and update it. You can still get more views on it.

Conduct the same actions with your old blog and always keep them updated. Your prospects will need to view information more than once, give them the opportunity by providing them the latest information through your blogs. 



Source:Monitor Backlinks

A backlink is a process of linking relevant websites to your content. For instance, say if you are writing about the best proxy servers in the market, you would add a backlink to it as shown. This can be a great SEO technique as adding backlinks from relevant sources can increase your website ranking.

What happens is you add a backlink from a good source when your prospects type in that source, your article will too appear. Also, there are chances where the source you have added, can also share your content which again can benefit you. Even when someone adds your brand name in their blog often, Google will identify your brand in a positive manner.

When you have applied backlinks from a well-established source, your content adds a good weight.


Another good SEO technique is the art of placing keywords. The reason why we are placing keywords in the content is that this action will help you rank your website too. You are placing keywords that your prospects use when searching for their needs and hence when they type it, your content will automatically be in front of them.

Having said this, don’t try to over place it everywhere in the article. Use it genuinely and it should look like a normal statement. When you try to cram it in, it becomes obvious and the statement loses all meaning. Ensure you apply a good number of keywords and it should look natural.

You know that SEO is great and how to get started with it but did you know that SEO being an online technique can carry certain risks such as say for example when scraping keywords from your competitors, there are chances of your identity being revealed and this can cause a block in your IP address. 

There is one way to avoid this from happening as it can result in your work to take a long pause, making use of an SEO proxy.


When it comes to daily search engine optimization functions, you’ll probably need to deal with proxies. Typically, an SEO proxy serves as a middleman that connects your computer to the Internet. It can be a great mechanism that allows businesses to perform an efficient online activity and boost their brand without worrying about anything. In short, it bypasses restrictions and filters provided by the search engines, websites, and social media networks. 

So how can the use of SEO proxies help you conduct efficient SEO activities online?


Proxy servers are the modern solution your business needs. In fact it is the ultimate solution to access anything information you want online which you believe can enhance your business better. Proxy servers can help you to access any kind of data without revealing your identity. This means that you can even hop to your competitor's website and access their information without them even having a clue.

What happens if they track you?

They will never be able to find that such an action is being conducted by you since your IP address will be different. IP addresses are an easy way to find the location of the users and the proxy server eliminates that. It hides your real IP address and showcases another IP address so even if the IP gets blocked, it wouldn’t be your actual one.

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Using a proxy server for SEO can be beneficial. 

For instance, you can access your competitor's keywords and see which ones they are using and you can do the same for your content as well. You can also access the comments made for each of the articles posted by the competitors and fill in the missing gap which they don't have.

This action can help you to enhance your SEO tactics much better and will help your brand to sell much better than them.Proxy servers are a solution your business requires and the only way to do that is to incorporate modern solutions which will help your brand to grow better. 

Proxy servers are one such kind.


SEO proxies will make your SEO activity better and efficient. You now also have all the information you need to get started.

But before you head out, let’s conduct a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:


  1. SEO stands for search engine optimization and as the name suggests its main focus is to optimize a brand’s website or the content it writes. 
  2. Your brand should start investing in SEO because it helps you to sell better, captures the attention of prospects quicker and more
  3. The top SEO techniques you can apply is creating long-form content and more
  4. An SEO proxy can hide away your identity when committing SEO actions

When investing in a good SEO proxy ensure that you are able to do with one that offers good security and a good number of IP addresses. 

Do let us know what you think of the article.

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