Top 10 SEO Best Practices to follow in 2020

Top 10 SEO Best Practices to follow in 2020

SEO Best Practices

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

Studies have shown, ‘’70% of marketers say SEO is more effective at driving sales than PPC’’, now since the statistics have proved the impact of SEO for a business, it would be foolish of you if you are still not incorporating SEO tactics in your business selling activities.

SEO is considered to be one of the best ways to generate more sales and leads for a business and why not?

SEO works under the process to help Google find relevant data that will help users who seek the right solution to satisfy their needs.

Based more on the concept of content, if SEO is conducted the right way, chances are your brand can experience a good number in conversion rates as well as receive organic leads which will add value to your business.

SEO matters in 2020 and the years to come which is exactly you need to get a hold of it right from the start. Luckily for you, this article has been created to share insights on everything ‘Relevant’ you need to know about the topic and how you can work with it better.

Let’s dive you straight in.

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What do you mean by SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and as the name suggests it focuses on optimizing websites so that when Google scrapes relevant information for the online users, it becomes easier for them to detect which website is the right one to pull.

SEO has many tactics under its cap, for instance, there is SEO blog writing, adding backlinks, using keywords and more. The importance of SEO is it stresses more on acquiring more leads. For instance, when you conduct an SEO action and if it’s conducted well, chances are your conversion rates and lead capture tend to grow towards the positive route.

Let me explain this with an example.

You're publishing SEO blogs each week, now what if in those blogs you add relevant keywords which your leads use to find their solutions online?

What if you add links in your blog of your peers so that when someone wants to find them, your blog appears since they have been added as a link?

All of these factors play an important role in making SEO as the perfect choice when it comes to selling online. See it in this way, the online world has now become a medium where every business has the opportunity to engage better with potential prospects. There are many ways to connect with prospects, one such is SEO.

SEO uses the format of content to increase the attention of the solution which prospects are looking for and is also playing a huge part in retaining the same attention through the concept of blogs and other types of content which can be video marketing and much more.

SEO brilliantly uses ‘content’ as the main magnet that will work its way to garner the needed attention to sell better online. Studies have shown, ‘’Almost three-quarters of SEOs think content is the most important factor for an SEO-friendly website.’’

SEO tricks will matter in 2020 and the years to come, the reason for its demand and popularity has to do with the benefits it offers.

Benefits of using SEO tactics in businesses

1. Receive organic traffic

Not every lead that visits your blog is a genuine one, some of them would just be there for a second and then leave or some would have accidentally clicked on your link, all these leads cannot add value to your business in any way hence investing your time in them is useless.

The greatest thing about SEO is that it gives you the opportunity to receive only organic leads.

Leads that are searching for a solution and have found that in your blog are the same leads you need to invest your time in. SEO gives you the advantage of capturing the right leads because only the leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to say to them land up on your page. Such leads drive organic traffic and hence your brand benefits from the arrival of real visitors.

For instance, you have added a good number of keywords in your content, when your leads search for it online, they will be directed among the options that are relevant to their search, your content too would appear. Only genuine leads will click on the content and explore and retain their attention on your page because they would have found your solution the ideal match for their needs. Such leads are a good investment in your business growth.

2. Captures the attention of prospects for long

The greatest thing about SEO is that it can help to retain the attention of prospects for longer. There are thousands of content being published each day and for your content to stand out from the crowd is important. Hence many brands today don’t just write a plain blog, they do more to it such as add visuals, or videos and even quotes or statistics to enhance their content better.

So when prospects continue to read the blog, they are triggered with the above tactics to retain longer and understand what more the blog is offering them to fulfill their needs better. This is a great opportunity as it helps you to identify them and hit them at the right time in order to convince them to invest in your solution.

Since they are interested in what you have to offer, chances are closing deals with such leads becomes much easier. For a prospect to invest in brand solutions the development of trust and confidence is required, with SEO techniques this process takes place in an effective and efficient manner.

3. Helps brands to be spotted faster

‘’93% of online activities start on a search engine.’’ This clearly states that your prospects are searching for you right now while you continue to read this article. One of the main agendas of any brand is to be recognized amongst its target audience and with SEO this is possible. Each day, prospects are on the lookout for a solution that could satisfy their needs.

Imagine how great would it be when they search for a solution for their needs and your SEO content pops up? This would be a great advantage as you will have the opportunity to sell better to them, capture their attention and continue to assist them better during the process.

There are thousands of competitors selling the same solution, what you need to take care of is how you can beat them all and prove your potential prospects that your solution is ideal for them and the only way to do this is to conduct efficient SEO techniques.

4. Can improvise and measure SEO actions

Another great thing about SEO is that its actions can be measured. To continue good business growth, the main focus should be on how you can continue to enhance your current performance.

With SEO this can be done easily. With the help of SEO tools available in the market, you can easily keep a track of how your blogs are performing, what topics are being clicked the most, what is the performance scale for the week, daily or monthly, what keywords can be used and much more.

When you are able to witness the performance, as a brand it becomes easier for you to take charge and work on eliminating what is slowing down your online activities and increase the factors that contribute to quicker growth for your brand. The more you improve your SEO practices, the better are your chances of capturing your leads.

5. Increases sales numbers

Whenever prospects would conduct their purchase decisions, they would always use the online platform to conduct their research. This is a great tactic as they depend and highly make a choice on the information that content had provided them. This gives you as a brand to increase your sales by considering such an option.

For instance, you can include all the solutions in your SEO content including the solutions which your brand offers, so when a prospect views your information, they would be compelled to view what solution you offer as well. Your SEO content will help the prospect understand that your brand has the knowledge about what their needs are and also are experts in offering them the right one.

Hence that compels their actions to visit your website and try out your solution. This, in turn, impacts your sales numbers and also helps to close deals much quicker.

‘’Good SEO work only gets better over time. It only searches engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.’’ -- Jill Whalen

You are aware of how impactful SEO is, it’s time you learn which SEO practices require your attention in 2020 and how easily you can conduct it for your brand.

Top 10 best SEO practices to follow in 2020

1. Eliminate anything which slows down websites

Neil Patel stated in his blog “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” No one likes to stare at a website watching it load, it is annoying and consumes a lot of waiting time. In a scenario where technology is growing, waiting for a website to load will only decrease your chances of retaining a prospect’s attention.

With SEO optimization, you need to understand that the more your website is easy to use and clutter-free, the better are your chances of enhancing SEO techniques. When Google scrapes relevant information, it will only do so if the website is user-friendly and has only relevant information on its page.

The best way to enhance your measures for SEO is to remove or rather eliminate anything that is stopping your website from speeding up. Whether you are using a widget or are placing information, ensure that it is minimal and clutter-free.

Keep your website easy to use and refrain from adding anything that can slow down your website performance such as using large images or posting long videos. For instance, when your prospects continue to read what you have to offer in the form of content, they should have a good experience.

2. Add relevant links

Another important factor to conduct efficient SEO practice is through the method of adding links to your content. Rand Fishkin Founder of Moz stated, ‘’Linking out sends trackable traffic, it makes your site a more valuable and scalable resource.’’

See in this way, the more links you add of your peers, the better are your chances of extending your content to a wider audience and indirectly it also affects your relationship with your peers in a good way.

When you add links, it isn’t about how many you include, what matters is whose do you include. There are many of your peers who are knowledgeable and have great expertise in the industry you are in, including them will enhance your blog better and will also bring you under a positive light amongst your competitors.

When you include links of expertise individuals, you can ask them to share your content and receive a good impression of your SEO content in their prospect circle as well. The benefit here is while your peers are growing, you too are able to increase your growth since you will be extending the outreach of your content to a similar audience like yours.

Ensure that you focus more on placing quality links which will add value to your blog as well as push the image of your brand under the expertise category.

3. Write relevant and meaningful content

One mistake which many brands commit while conducting SEO content is that they emphasize more on content ranking on the search engine rather than the actual content itself. See it in this way, the search engine will only rank your website or your content when they find it relevant and useful to the online users.

So when you don’t focus on the content framework, how can you expect your content to rank? The competition is getting tough and the only way you can sell better to prospects is through the content you frame. It is a simple approach to understand, frame content to help your prospects find a solution and not because you want to rank your content.

The latter will take place accordingly so what your focus needs to be on is strong content. Frame content in a way that will help your prospects to find a solution. Your content should be helpful to prospects in a way that they consider your content and make their purchase decisions. Add valuable information, including quotes, images, videos which can add value to your content.

4. Keep a track of the SEO performance

Another important factor that matters in SEO is keeping a track of the performance. The only way you can expect good results from an SEO technique is through the medium of analytics. With analytics, you can keep a track of how well your blogs are performing, how many users have clicked on your content, how many users have explored your website after your content, how many views for content and more.

All of these play a huge role in taking the necessary actions. Think of it in this way, when you know a topic is not garnering much attention, you would have to stop creating the blog under that topic. When you are aware that some content is working well, you can increase and promote that content for better views.

Use the analytics to understand how you can enhance your SEO performances better. The more you improve your SEO actions the better are your chances of increasing the conversion rates of your leads.

5. Write attractive meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the content you see under each article. It is basically a small description which gives a brief about the article. Many brands don’t focus on meta descriptions which are a bad factor as meta descriptions can be used to again trigger the attention of prospects and compel them to click the content.

When you create meta descriptions, always ensure that you do not copy pasting it or duplicating it as you will be violating Google’s conditions. Ensure that you write a small crisp copy that is engaging and attractive and helps your prospects understand in a brief way what the content is all about.

You can even include keywords that can help push your article when prospects are searching for it. Never miss out on any meta descriptions and make sure that when you write it, it is unique and captivating for prospects to click on the content link.

6. Use relevant keywords

Another important factor that matters in SEO is the selection of the right keywords. Wouldn't it be great if you place all these keywords which your prospects would frequently use when searching for a solution that can accomplish their needs?

Ensure that you are using relevant keywords so that when your prospects search for a solution, your SEO content is the first thing they see. Never force or push your keywords in a sentence for instance, if the keyword is ‘proxy servers’ apply it in a sentence naturally, for example, ‘Using a proxy server is good for a business’. Don't try to force the keyword in the sentence when it is not relevant for instance, ‘your business functions better with the right solution and also with a proxy server’.

The context wouldn’t make sense in that case. To find the right keywords conduct research online and keep a closer look at what keywords your competitors are using so that you can apply the same and enhance your blog better. As mentioned earlier, to rank better on the search engine, conducting the right SEO techniques matter.

7. Conduct consistent content posting

If you plan on posting today and ignoring for the next few weeks, chances are your ranking will not happen every soon and your prospects might take a longer time to find you through the crowd. The SEO process isn’t an easy task, it takes dedication to continue conducting it and that’s when you witness good results.

It is wise to plan your SEO strategies in a way that can help your business to grow better such as creating content at the right time, deciding when to post the content, planning when to search for new content topics, researching a better content framework and much more. When you continue to post consistently, you are enhancing your brand in a better way.

You are able to shine through the crowd, you can be considered as an expert with your content, prospects would develop trust with each of the content they read from you and there are some more advantages which can impact your business scale higher. Research, Plan and conduct your SEO actions accordingly and the results will be evident.

8. Make your website better on mobile

Today everyone who accesses the internet or any other online platform is using their smartphone to conduct this action. Not all your prospects will use a desktop or computer to access information which is why you need to make your website and information source mobile-friendly.

Just like how you make your website user-friendly for all the users accessing information via desktop, ensure that you do the same for mobile devices. If your website isn’t great on a smartphone, chances are you could lose out on a few potential prospects. Ensure that on a smartphone your website is faster to load all the information is clear to read and it is in the rightly structured.

9. Frame SEO content the right way

‘’If you’re going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort.’’-- The Content Factory

Create attractive titles because it will attract your prospects to explore the content, write an exciting introduction which will make your prospects to continue reading what you have to offer, add eye-catching images and videos which will help retain the attention of your prospects for longer, add CTA (call to action) options which will make your prospects to explore your website next.

In simpler terms, frame your content in a way that sells, that answers all your prospects queries and that pushes your prospects to explore your band more. When this happens often, nothing can prevent your conversion rates from skyrocketing.

10 . Use social media to grow better

Social media is a great platform to sell to prospects online. When you blend in SEO it becomes even better. The main agenda of SEO is to increase the number of leads and sales numbers for a brand and what better than using social media to conduct such an action.

When you conduct SEO content action on social media, the number of shares, likes, and comments will all add up to its outreach to your target audience. Use social media which is considered to be one of the fastest ways to capture and convert leads better, exhibiting SEO content can help extend the views of your content much higher.


‘’Good SEO starts with the ability to implement it. You can have the best content and technical optimization, but if it takes you one year to roll out changes, the battle is lost.’’--Kevin Indig

SEO is a great medium to use when growing your business in 2020.

To grow and utilize SEO better, you can adopt brilliant solutions that help to make SEO much easier. To cater to prospects better, it is ideal to have data that can help you to capture more information required to enhance your SEO techniques better, You can do this with the use of web scraping.

Web scraping extracts information online from any source or website so if you want to choose the right topic for your blogs or want to place the right keywords, you can use web scraping to scrape the relevant information so that the SEO process you conduct is more effective. To enhance web scraping better, you can work with a proxy service.

A proxy service ensures that you are able to access any information online without the fear of being detected. It hides the IP address of the user so that no risks are being attached. You can use a proxy server solution to get a hold on what your competitors are working upon and improvise the way you are functioning with your SEO tactics.

What are your views on SEO? How are you planning to incorporate SEO techniques into your brand? We would like to hear your opinion.

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