How To Bypass ISP Ban with Proxies for 4Chan

How To Bypass ISP Ban with Proxies for 4Chan



  1. Importance of IP Address in 4Chan
  2. Proxies that Work with 4Chan

Reddit and 9gag are two of the most popular image board sites. People all over the world visit these sites for entertainment purposes. But in 2003, 4Chan came into the picture when a young Japanese animation enthusiast created it in order to meet people with the same interest. This young man is Christopher Poole, and he was 15 years old at that time.

Since then, 4Chan has attracted millions of users and site visitors, probably owing to the fact that the site is free to use and does not have too much advertising. In essence, making money using proxies is not one of the priorities of 4Chan. Even so, a lot of 4Chan images and memes have gone viral.

This is how the site describes itself:

“4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. 4chan’s collaborative-community format was inspired by one of the most popular forums in Japan, Futaba Channel. Different boards are dedicated to different topics, from Japanese anime, manga, and culture to video games, music, and photography. Users do not need to register an account before participating in the community.”

The site is setup in such a way that the main section contains subcategories of pages where guests can post images. The website also has a section that allows visitors to post without pictures, thereby enabling the text messages where visitors can post about any topic.

Importance of IP Address in 4Chan


Anyone can use 4Chan, even those who do not sign up and create an account with the site. And anyone can essentially post anything because the standard of what is acceptable is quite low. Of course, there are moderators that check the things that are posted, and if they think that someone has violated the terms and conditions by what they have shared, they can get banned, or at least their IP address can get banned.

The website had claimed that it does not keep a record of the identities of its visitors. A majority of the people who post on 4Chan do so under the name “Anonymous”, as the site does not force visitors to reveal any personal information. As a matter of fact, there are stories that say that the “Anonymous” hacker group are originally formed by posters of the site.

This anonymity of website visitors that 4Chan claims to provide, however, was proven untrue in 2010 during the hearing of United States of America vs David Kernell case. The evidence against David Kernell included 4Chan’s audit logs, and one of the information on those logs are the IP addresses of the website users.  4Chan turned over these logs to the FBI when served with a search warrant.

An IP address is enough to reveal the identity of a person, making it one of the most sensitive information that needs to be protected. This leads us to an important point in this article: there may be instances when people need to hide behind a proxy while on 4Chan. Whatever those instances may depend on the user.

Why Use Proxies?


Keep in mind that the ultimate reason behind wanting to use a proxy is to hide a person’s real IP address, thereby hiding his or her real identity. Proxies work to protect the real identity of a person by masking their IP address with a dummy one.

Now, a person’s reason for using a proxy may be totally different from other users. The main thing may be that you are trying not to get banned from 4Chan because a minor infraction can really get an IP address banned. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, whatever the reason is, know that there will be repercussions.

Proxies that Work with 4Chan


In 4Chan’s Frequently Asked Questions, it is clearly stated under the question “What is your Tor/proxy policy?” that,

“Due to repeated abuse coming from Tor exit nodes and open proxies, our official policy is to block them when possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience this might cause those who use these services for legitimate purposes.’

Thus it is clear that using open or public proxies, as well as Tor exit nodes, can get anyone blocked from 4Chan.

The best proxies that are recommended for 4Chan is than those that are Private or Premium proxies such as offered at LimeProxies. This proxy provider has the following features that are very useful when accessing 4Chan and even other websites.

  • High performance
  • Free IP Refresh every month
  • Simultaneous usage
  • Dedicated IPs
  • More than 300 Subnets
  • IP and Username authentication
  • Speed of 1Gbps
  • Fully automated control panel
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Multiple locations in 8 US states and over 30 countries
  • Highly anonymous
  • Works on all classified ads
  • These features can also allow people to use the proxies for other purposes such as SEO strategies, social media campaigns, and the likes.

    In Conclusion

    4Chan is a very popular image board website. Millions of people all over the world are attracted to it because it is simple and hassle-free. Visitors don’t need to create an account in order to browse or even post something. In addition, there is no nuisance that too much advertisements bring.

    For some reason, however, there may be a need to use a proxy while on 4Chan. The David Kernell case where 4Chan’s creator, Christopher Poole, was one of the witnesses, has proven that accessing the site using the real IP address will reveal the identity of the user. This is still true even when that person did not create an account with 4Chan. Thus, there is really a need to hide the IP address if you want to maintain your anonymity and privacy.

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