Private Proxy Server Questions & Answers

Private Proxy Server Questions & Answers


You may be a publisher or an advertiser and may meet private proxy servers, and perhaps you have questions about them – what they are, what they are for and of course how to use them. Now we can serve you with some insight about private proxy servers that you need to know. Here you can find the most frequent questions and answers about them. If you have any further question you can get in contact with us via our website. We are always glad to help with answering all the questions emerging, recommending the best solution and making the final decisions. What is really important that you can ask us any time, about anything in connection with private proxy servers. You just put up the questions and we are ready to answer them. Now let’s look over the most frequent questions together!

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Q: What is a private proxy server?

A: As a matter of fact it means a computer that is physically situated in another geographic location. With an example we could say that you or your office is in Boston but you can have a private proxy server in Europe or Australia or even in Africa. The point is that between your office and your proxy server there can be huge geographical distance.

Q: Why private proxy servers are used in the online advertising world – what is the reason for it?

A: Actually it is important to know that ****online advertising is frequently Geo-targeted which means that web contents and different ads are available to users from different locations. In other words if you want to see (and of course you need to see) what your potential clients or customers can see in that certain location – and you can do it with using proxy because it can emulate the experience of a local user from a different location. So if you are in Manhattan but you advertise in Belgium, Europe you have the same experience using the internet as if you were in Belgium, too. When you connect to the internet by proxy you can use it like other users in Japan, UK, and Russia. This is extremely useful and effective for QA and for testing purposes as well – because you can make sure that all Geo-targeting is functioning well shown adequately. The other great advantage of using proxy servers that you can do a lot of research work on the new and distant locations – as you can compare your products and service with the competitors in the online market! You can check any kinds of data you need to run a successful advertising campaign which is a great advantage of proxy servers.

Q: How to choose the proxy server provider you will fit for you the best?

A: The aspects that influence your decision always depend on the type of business activity you do. Naturally you can find more criteria if you think it over very thoroughly otherwise the main criteria for web professionals are generally the follows:

The locations: The first thing that you should check is to make sure whether your proxy network possesses private proxy servers available in the locations you are about to target and those locations as well you may be targeting in the future. You can find network that are designed for advertising professionals and it always the best idea to use it. In this case you use a network with private proxy servers that have been designed for your needs.

The ease of using it: Many people try to use each proxy server separately but the most excellent idea is instead of utilizing each proxy server separately you should search a very simple, very easy to be use interface which is actually like a browser toolbar. You can switch locations with a single click with the help of this toolbar. But you do need to remember that all your needs can’t be served with a browser interface. For instance when you use non-web applications and intend to advertise inside them or you plan to advertise on PlayStation Games or mobile platforms you will surely need an advanced solution like proxifiers. Naturally you can find all the necessary solutions that your need just you should choose your proxy server provider that can support every each of details you want. So in this case you can combine simplicity with flexibility.

Speed and security: As you are a professional user these aspects are inevitably essential for you. Therefore you should choose those private proxy servers that can provide you as fast connection speeds that you have in your office. Furthermore you should be ensured that you internet connection and online activity is secure and that the proxy is transparent (you don’t need to be afraid as it doesn’t alter the web content you can see). And last but not least reliability is also important as your proxy servers have to be always available whenever you want to use them. It is sometimes a very critical point of proxy servers, far from you location so the connection has to be in a high quality. If you can’t connect to the proxy servers you can’t work, plan and raise your campaign.

Q: One of the most important and most ultimate questions: as an advertising professional which private proxy server network you should choose?

A: Limeproxies provides 40+ Geo Locations (Choice of several international and US geo locations), 24/7 Support Guarantee, High Performance (Works Great for high performance, multi threaded softwares)


So when it comes time to buy proxies, choose the private proxy service provider that is highly anonymous, delivers the best features and constantly strives for the best (and fastest) possible service: Lime Proxies. You can get started today for free, or view our pricing structure to get an idea of the many plans we offer to fit your needs

Now you have got an extensive review over private proxy servers – we do hope we could give you the answers for the first questions emerging so that you can choose the proper ones that meet your requirements.

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