How Digital Marketers Use Windows 10 To Increase their Efficiency?

How Digital Marketers Use Windows 10 To Increase their Efficiency?

Windows 10


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    How digital marketers can use Windows 10 to its fullest?


    **Introduction **

    When Microsoft announced Windows 10 would be completely free, automatic upgrade from Windows 7 or 8; many saw this as an unusual, bold and surprising move. Among the many jokes that did rounds that time; one was that Microsoft wanted to go so far away from Windows 8, they skipped 9 altogether and ran all the way to 10 instead.

    **Was the previous version to 10 so bad? **

    I met many people who are extremely happy using Windows 8 and 8.1. They even claimed Windows 8 and 8.1 are the most relevant, simplest and cleanest of all the OS they ever used.  However, the law of the land is majority win the race. Most people found many Windows 8 features either boring or way too ahead of their time (we’re not yet ready to mobilize desktop)

    The Metro-style Start screen, lack of a mechanism to close apps, green Start screen, tiring shut down, lack of  Side-by-side multitasking are just some of the many reasons people wanted Microsoft to upgrade its OS.

    Given the demand and need of the time, Microsoft had to think different and introduce a rejuvenated, refreshed and even cleanest and user-friendly version of their operating system. Thus Windows 10 came!

    Happy people – Great OS

    Windows 10 came with many unique features with innovations being put into its helm. It made everyone smile – the majority who were previously unhappy with its earlier version and the rest who were happy with 8 and always welcomed change. The newest operating system with enhanced variety of improved features even opened increased avenues of opportunities for digital marketers.

    The core purpose of this article is to highlight how the newest operating system has been very helpful for digital marketers and what it holds for them, both presently and in the future.

    Before understanding the relationship between windows 10 and digital marketers; we first need to understand how digital marketers can use the operating system and to what extent they are dependent on it.

    Isn’t that a whopping number and an impressive feet Microsoft achieved within a short span of time after introducing Windows 10? When it comes to digital marketing, the bulk of marketers might be using this OS. An operating system serves the purposes of digital marketers in the following manners –

    An operating system is everything for digital marketers. From managing work to channelizing workflows to simplifying the entire system of marketing, they are entirely dependent on it.

    Some of the core ways an operating system helps a marketer are as follows –

    • Maintaining work flows
    • Documenting experiences
    • Optimizing business
    • Reporting tasks and channelizing team
    • Simplifying the system
    • Enhancing productivity
    • Integrating offline elements
    • Manage ad campaigns
    • Interacting with customers
    • Using different protocols, specifications and interfaces

    He/she makes use of the following things in order to accomplish the job of digital marketing

    • Internet
    • Wireless text messaging
    • Mobile instant messaging
    • Mobile apps
    • Radio channels
    • Electronic billboards
    • Podcasts
    • Digital television

    Some of the core elements such as accessing internet, digital television and radio channels can be accessed using a PC; besides other devices and gadgets. So, in many ways a digital marketer is dependent on operating system they use to experience the most of all the benefits of the applications concerned. The better, easy, simple and uncomplicated the operating system is, higher would be the productivity of digital marketing.

    **Why Windows 10 is one of the best OS for digital marketers **

    No more looking for the start menu. In Windows 10, finding start screen is not a complicated task any longer. It is simple to locate, and easy to operate. Other than the great breakthrough made, the operating system is also good and highly reliable in terms of speed, Cortana, universal apps, simplified action center, a better and improved browser, virtual desktop facility, higher security to name a few.

    **What it holds for digital marketers or how digital marketers can use it? **

    Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a standalone software platform which is designed to extract content from literally anywhere and then process and manage it digitally using a simplified, interactive and holistic, up for the future eco system.

    It’s about a single app store populated with strategically important apps that work on almost every screen. Windows 10 and its interface is in limelight for its responsive design. The core focus is to optimize the core content according to the relevancy and expectation of a user.

    It intelligently proves that today’s digital content, which is ever evolving and ever changing, can be used as part of context, and not necessarily as a channel. Windows 10 empowers digital marketers with so many ways, sources, opportunities and facilities that they can use advertising in the true context of content. Better return out of investment, better thought generation, improved work-result alignment are only some of the byproduct of the hard labor marketers put on to it.

    **Windows 10 and digital marketing landscape **

    Personalized screen enhances the scope for delivering pinpointed, flow advertising –

    Rather than looking at people and product within the context of gadgets and devices, marketers can now treat content in its entirely digital mode – and begin developing content around the new context. Today; virtually all media is digital and windows 10 is a testimony to it.

    **Predictive advertising made simple with Cortana **

    Cortana can do a lot of things and is one of the Microsoft’s most visible features. It can be used for natural language search for files on your computer, it can identify a song, it can search the web, perform calculations and conversations, find facts, check the weather, get directions, set alarms, launch standalone programs, send email, crate calendar events, chat and do many other things. All these actions definitely help an advertiser and digital marketer to simplify his day to day computing task, set work priorities and launch quick programs – thereby saving time, effort and money and generate better ideas timely for greater benefit of advertising and marketing.

    The voice and gesture based interface, improved means to use emotions, simplified navigation system are all part of window 10 and they all collectively help marketers to carry out their tasks in an improvised manner. Windows 10 lets us express our emotions by representing ourselves and it immerses us in digital content holistically – not quickly or with sudden overdose of information and applications. It does so gradually, giving one enough time to consume content and then gradually mange it and extracting value from it.

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