How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business?

How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business?

7 tips finding the seo proxy for your business


  1. What is a proxy server and what is a Search Engine Optimization Proxy Server?
  2. Finding best SEO Proxy Server for your business
  3. three types of security proxies

Accessing a regionally blocked website is not a matter of concern nowadays with the recent advance in technology. All you need is a reliable proxy server to access any site from any country with complete anonymity. The best part of using a proxy server is that even the website owner won’t even know that a user from a different region is watching their website. There are also several SEO Proxy servers available online, which can be used to optimise the search results of a site.

What is a proxy server and what is a Search Engine Optimization Proxy Server?

In academic term, A Web Proxy Servers acts as an intermediary between two computers so that they can communicate with each other. A proxy is something which you can use as a replacement for an original server. In simple words, when you access a website, your PC connects to the official website of the website. Now, if you are not allowed to visit the webpage, then you can watch the site. However, with a proxy server, you can pretend to be an authorised person and visit the website, without revealing your real identity.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO consists of processes or parameters used by a Search Engine, which decides the ranking of a particular website. The classification of a website entirely depends on its valuable contents, number of visitors and several other critical parameters. As the ranking of a website is a natural process, a site has to earn it rather than buying it.

An SEO proxy has an additional advantage by providing exceptional performances in SEO activities apart from offering the same benefits as a standard Web Proxy. Several business firms and Online Marketers are going for SEO proxies nowadays for its better visibility and performance-enhancing features. SEO proxies guarantee absolute anonymity by replacing the original IP address of a User with some other IP. Hence, letting abstaining you from leaving any digital footprint.

All business firms and marketing firms have to visit uncountable websites and web pages on a daily basis. During regular online searches and researches, a firm has to enter various keywords and queries to obtain the necessary information. Sometimes, a user has to visit some blocked website too for the sake of gathering data. Now, the problem arises when a user searches a large number of queries in a particular search engine. If a single IP has been used to access a large number of questions, then the search engine will consider the IP address as spam and will block it. However, using an SEO Engine, one can continuously change its IP address and send as queries as he/she wants without being blocked.

It is practically impossible to perform unsurmountable searches from a single server for business development purposes. Operating numerous searches from a single server would require a substantial amount of bandwidth as well as time. So rather than losing profits to low bandwidth, one can switch to an SEO proxy server. An SEO Proxy Server uses a large size of bandwidth along with a significant number of online traffic capacity. Therefore, you not only enjoy a smoother search experience but also get timely results too.

Contrary to regular Users, An online marketing expert uses the Search feature in a whole different way. Such robust search activities often come under the suspicion radar of a Search Engine or web servers, resulting in blocking of the IP address. Using an SEO Web Proxy Server is not a bad idea in such cases.

Now, the question arises about finding the best SEO Proxy Server for your business. Here are few tips:

Best SEO Proxy

** 1. Contacting directly**

Now the basis way one search for an online service is by just typing a query. For example, if you want the best SEO proxy, then you will type “Best SEO proxy for small business”, “Top SEO Proxies” etc., which shows you random results on the screen. What you get from these websites is a short description of the services they offers. Now as an online marketer or business developer, you know how marketing works. Most business only puts the positive limelight on their services and hardly mention any drawbacks of their services.

The best way is to contact the service provided by yourself. As a business owner, it may sound unprofessional to use a service just by reading a description unless you get detail information about it. Start by drawing a plan about your daily requirement, your expectations from the service and your budget. Then call the customer care executive of the service provider and gather all the information as per your requirement. If the service provider fulfils all your expectations, then go for it. Factors that make up a good proxy includes its reliability, level of secrecy it provides, its compatibility with other software and whether it’s a full-package or you have to purchase additional bundles with it.

After only getting confirmed regarding the reliability of the service provider, take any further action regarding availing the service. Most companies lie about their services or don’t disclose the hidden charges. As a result, you may see additional expenses in your Credit card bill. While short listing the best service provider is a long process, but it’s totally worth the time.

2. Security of the SEO proxy

Its curial on your part to ensure the credibility of the proxy service provider before subscribing for it. Read the full terms and conditions carefully, especially those conditions which are in fine print, to avoid any kind of loopholes in the contract of services. Now the next step involves finding the best SEO Proxy based on their security:

In general, there are three types of security proxies:

  • SOCKS:

Socks aka Socket Secure is an underlying protocol which you need to initiate a connection with the web proxy server. With using the SOCKS protocol, you can securely exchange network packets between the central servers with you with the use of a proxy server. With using SOCKS through a proxy server, you can build a path for User Datagram Protocol or UDP packets and Proxies arbitrary IP address of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Connections. SOCKS5 protocol is one of the most popular and secures SOCK protocol among users around the world. Apart from providing all the features of a SOCK, it also adds an extra protective layer. With SOCKS5 protocol, only authorised clients can access the server and its data, which requires entering the right authentication credentials.

  • HTTP:

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the basic necessity of every data Communication. HTTP is essential to send access requests to the correct Servers as it’s the vital element which is required to establish a path between the User’s PC with the Proxy Server. With integrating HTTP with Web proxy server, you can send a request to a central server with complete anonymity. As similar to the mechanism of segregation, the user network sends an application, which is registered by the proxy servers. Then the proxy server further carries forward the request to the source network, which the user network desires to access.

  • HTTPS :

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the more secure version of HTTP to establish secure communication between two servers. Being an advanced form of HTTP, it creates end-to-end encryption between two servers with the help of TLS or Transport Layer Security. TLS is a cryptogenic protocol, which adds an additional layer of security when a user tries to exchange data packets in an online platform. HTTPS is ideal for those businesses who prefer data confidentiality above everything. With HTTPS you can transfer highly encrypted communications without risking your security.  

Now you get an HTTP secured proxy server as they widely used, but proxy like SOCKS and HTTPS are provided by very few proxy servers only. As SOCKS and HTTPS require specialised knowledge to provide exceptional service, they always come at an expensive cost. The chance of being blocked or spammed while using SOCKS and HTTPS is as close as negligible, as only elite users use them.

Before subscribing, it is vital that you ask your service provider about the type of Security they are providing. Also, figure out what kind of security you want. If you are happy with basic HTTP security or your business deserves better-secured platform as SOCKS and HTTPS. Before buying the best SEO Proxy for Your business, it’s paramount to check all the factors necessary for your business.

3. Check whether the proxy provider is Legitimate or not

Another very vital quality that needs to be addressed, in order to find the answer to regarding How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business and use the proxy or buy. Checking the legitimacy of the proxy provider is as important as the security protocol they offer. Now for an ideal proxy server, it is their duty to provide an excellent simulation process so that, stimulating multiple search queries on the search engines won’t be an issue. Now, developing simulation tools requires an extensive R&D cost, as a reason why they charge you an additional fee. While free simulation tool providers may claim they got everything you need, but in reality, they lack specific features, which makes them vulnerable. An ideal Proxy Server provider must have the potential to change their proxy servers more frequently to avoid disruption when one server is blocked or spammed.

Creating and operating proxies is quite cost-effective and time-consuming for just any random proxy provider. Apart from the efficient and experienced workforce, one must ensure a proper creation and operation of new proxy servers on a frequent basis. A Lone proxy provider doesn’t have enough resources to set-up a new proxy as soon one server gets run out. To create a proxy server in running condition, its time consuming leading to massive loss of your business during the cut-off period. Although paid proxy server providers like Lime Proxies charge a nominal fee but, at least your business will be safe, and you won’t risk any hindrance during your daily operations. Its always better to do proper research of a proxy provider and avoid free proxies as far as possible.  

4. Check whether the SEO proxy server provides multiple locations or not

Now, the fourth point is an essential point, which needs to be looked upon in order to know How to Find the Best SEO Proxy for Your Business. Now in the world of Globalization, you don’t want to limit your business within the boundaries of your country only. Diversification is the key to a successful business and to achieve that you must have safe access to websites of other countries too. Some site restricts their access to other countries, and in such case, a proxy server comes as a boon. The proxy server you decides to choose must provide you universal access. For an optimised search result, you must have the power to access the websites of the country you are targeting.

Optimizing search results confers on a few strategies like

  • Using geographic keywords – it means the use of such keywords that contain the geographic location of the place the experts want to target.
  • Using alternative spelling – In the UK, People use the spelling “colour” whereas Americans use “Color”. Therefore, SEO sometimes differs as per the academic culture of the country.
  • Make sure your SEO Proxy provider includes these features as mentioned above to optimise the search result. Your SEO proxy must have the functionality to change the location of the user IP address as per the webpage standard you are desired to visit. Also, with the smart algorithm of Google, you may not find the appropriate SEO result as Google will display different web pages in the search engine as per the geographic location. For example, if you are from the UK and you type” Best red colour shoes in America”, your results will massively differ. If your server is UK based, then you won’t be able to see specific local online shoe provider in the USA, the word colour will also have a significant effect on search results along with several other issues. An advanced proxy server provides you with the feature to change the location of your server according to the country.

    Due to all these reasons in order to know How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business, you need to check this multiple location features in the proxy server you would be using and see the number and names of all the locations that you will be able to access

    5. Check for the reliability of the company

    In order to get the answer for How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business, it is crucial that you must find out the trustworthiness of the service provider. Various factors can be considered in order to ensure the credibility of the Service provides. Start by checking all the online reviews of the Service provider and make sure they have a good base of satisfied customers. Now you cant put your entire trust on online reviews alone. Sometimes most of the reviewers consist only of unsatisfied customers who often leave a wrong comment before figuring out the real issues. While satisfied customers never bother to post a Thank You comment, a website often suffers a substantial biased “good to bad” review ratio. You must also check the credibility and experience of the workforce working for the service provider. An excellent service provider must possess experienced staffs with good ethical values. In addition, check the number of years, the service provider is operating. A large number indicated that they are worthy enough to serve for a long time.

    6. Check for Protection of your website from DDoS attacks:

    DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are a real pain for any user. These brute force attacks often cause hindrances to businesses while attacking websites and web servers by disrupting its function. DDoS attacks overpower the servers of the site by bombarding them with a large number of traffic, which eventually leads to crashing of the website altogether. Now if you use an IP address of a proxy server, then instead of attacking your site, hackers will target the proxy IP address. Hence, when you ask the question How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business? Then surely Inquire about this feature.

    Learn how to buy private proxies

    7. Great Server Uptime:

    Server Uptime is the percentage of total time you use on a proxy server. Reputed proxy providers like Lime Proxies and other proxies are known to provide a server uptime of around 99.992% to 99.998 %. Your work will never even be stalled for a second if your proxy is faster and have an excellent Uptime.

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    In the process of searching How to Find the Best SEO Proxy For Your Business, we cover the most vital features or points that need to be kept in mind while seeking a web SEO proxy for business purposes. Hope, The above features and process will help you and other users to find a reliable, legitimate and cost-effective proxy with complete security.

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