How proxies are effective for SEO?

How proxies are effective for SEO?

Proxies can be used for building backlinks

Are you a website owner? No doubts you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and most likely you know how important SEO is for any website that wants to grow and earn revenue or fame. In simple words, SEO is the backbone of any website. SEO becomes really very powerful and effective when it is combined with a web proxy. In this article, we will discuss how proxies are effective for SEO. Before we move to the crux of our article let us go through some technical terms and aspects which will help you in understanding the whole article in a better way.

What is a proxy and how it works?

Every system in a computer network has a unique IP address. No two end devices can have the same IP address in the same computer network. The Internet is smart enough and it knows how to send the correct data packet to the correct computer on the basis of the IP address.

A proxy server is basically a computer(server) on the internet with its own IP address (which could be multiple in number) that your computer knows. When you initiate a web request, your request goes to the proxy server first. The proxy server then forwards your web request on your behalf to the web server, and then revert back the response from the web server to your computer.

While forwarding the request the proxy server can make changes (if it is configured in such a way) to the data packets you send. For example, a  proxy server can mask your IP address, so the web server doesn’t know exactly where you are in the world. It can also encrypt your data, to prevent your data from getting intercepted by any hacker. It can also act as a firewall by blocking and allowing certain inbound and outbound traffic as per the requirement. Basically, when you use a proxy, you are rerouting your traffic from your original ISP server to the proxy server. This has a number of benefits in terms of SEO which we are going to discuss in this article.

proxies are effective for SEO
What is SEO?

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the dynamic procedure of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to any website by gaining good page rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. It is not as easy as it sounds. Only if you use decent SEO techniques, you will be able to move to the top of the search results.

SEO is reasonably the most crucial factor that determines the success rate of almost every website on the WWW (World Wide Web).  Making your SEO right should be the first priority on your list of strategies that you have planned for the development of your website.

In what ways proxies are effective for SEO?

Proxies can be used for Simulating Traffic
\\\\[Proxies ](/blog/proxies-for-seo/)can be used for Simulating Traffic

In normal scenarios, almost all of the search engines will automatically provide you with a good page ranking if people are actively searching for your website over the internet. But, this is not as easy as it sounds, usually, it takes a lot of time to attract visitors to your page. But, what if there was a tool using which you could have automated the whole process and reach your targets at a much faster rate. Fortunately, there are tools, using which you can stimulate traffic to your website which will look very human i.e completely organic traffic. The tool will present it like real humans are going to search engines, and searching for your website, and then they are finally clicking on your website. It will convince the search engine to understand that people want to visit your website very often. As a result, they will automatically boost up your page ranking. And once you manage to get a very good ranking,  you will start getting a lot of organic traffic. It is the time to discuss the main point now. It is highly recommended that you use a dedicated private proxy when you are using such a tool. Otherwise, if all of the traffic is coming from the same IP, you will not get much benefit, instead of getting the advantage for many visits, you will just get the advantage of one visit. In worst cases getting unusual traffic from the single IP will get flagged as suspicious and will be blacklisted or completely banned. Using proxies you can also bypass geo-restrictions and can get multiple views from any desired location or locations around the world, by using the proxy of that particular location.

Proxies can be used for boosting your social media presence
Proxies can be used for boosting your social media presence

Proxies for Boosting Social Media Presence

Not a single person who has a little knowledge about SEO would deny the fact that a website which is being discussed, shared commented, liked, posted, followed over social media are always bestowed with a good page ranking by all the search engines. As a beginner, it is very hard to make your website that popular on social media. But If you use private proxies you can achieve this in a very short span of time.

You must be wondering how can proxies help you in increasing the engagement? It is true that you can do bulk comments, shares,  like using various automation tools, but it is also true that when you use a single social media account, with a single IP address, from the same geolocation, to do bulk comments, likes, shares, and posts, your IP address as well as your social media account will most probably get flagged and can be suspended for fraudulent usage. Whereas, when you use proxies, you can use multiple social media accounts with multiple IP addresses, from multiple geo-locations to do bulk comments, likes, shares, and posts over multiple social media platforms without getting banned or blocked.

There are various social media automation bots available in the market. Some are paid and others are free, either of them can be easily used with the proxies. You can also use other automation tools to schedule your posts so everything goes in a timely automated manner. It is highly recommended to go ahead with paid tools as well as paid private proxies for better results and also if you don’t want to lose your social media accounts and your main public IP. As there are high chances of getting exposed with free tools and proxies.

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Proxies can be used for building Backlinks
Proxies can be used for building Backlinks

Proxies for Building Backlinks

There are more than 200 parameters based on which Google provide a rank to any website. And without any doubt the main parameter considered by Google is Backlinks. Backlinks are actually the hyperlinks which are linked to your website from other websites. Your website’s Google ranking is directly proportional to the number of backlinks. Which means the more backlinks your website has, higher the Google ranking you will get.

The backlinks on popular websites will not only help you in SEO but it will also help you in bringing prospects to your brand. A search on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines produce a lot of traffic. But not all traffic is produced from searches. The traffic produced by users click on the backlinks is very much comparable to the other sources of traffic. Even a single link on a well-known website will help you in gaining a steady traffic to your website for years. One very useful fact about this type of traffic is that it is highly convertible. They are high chances that if someone gets to read a good content and if he/she discovers a backlink pointing to your website, they will click on the backlink to know more about your website and the products and services you offer. You can see the power of a mere backlink which can bring you more customers without any extra effort. They might join and support your social media campaigns or they might read your blog and then share the same with their relevant folks.

As backlinks are very beneficial for your website, you will try creating as many links as possible. But, before you initiate the backlink creation mission, there is something you should never forget. When you use the combination of proxies and tools, it is very obvious to think of creating many numbers of backlinks. This is not at all a good thought, as Google and other search engines check if the links are organic or not. A crazy number of links will indicate that the links are not organic. It is possible to use the tools without the proxies, but that would be a great mistake. As you are going to collect a lot of data and build a lot of Backlinks. If you won’t use proxies there are great chances that your public IP address may get banned.

Proxies can be used for Data Scraping
Proxies can be used for Data Scraping

Proxies for Web scraping

SEO revolves around data. You need to use a data scraper if you want to collect various types of information that can be used for search engine optimization purposes. Were you thinking to perform data scraping without an automation SEO tool? Please do not think of moving ahead without a tool. As it will take a life, and more to do so, and even then you will not get 10% of what you can get from scraping tools like ScrapeBox.

ScrapeBox is a  multi-threaded tool, so with ScrapeBox, you can carry out many operations concurrently. Don’t forget to use paid proxies along with ScrapeBox, or the search engines will first flag your IP address, and then it will blacklist it straight away. In any case, ScrapeBox needs dedicated proxies to work. ScrapeBox becomes a powerful tool once ScrapeBox is combined with dedicated proxies.  Time to discuss some great features that come along with this amazing data scraping tool.

Search Engine Harvester:

The first feature that we are going to discuss is the search engine harvester. This tool scrapes URLs not only from big search engines like Google but also from many other big and small search engines. This is very helpful because the more data you collect, the more data you process and the better you will be in terms of SEO.

All you need to do is put keywords and tags related to what you are looking for and then let the search engine scraper do its work and bring you the information you need. The real work starts once you get the information, now you can find the blogs on which you can post comments to get backlinks in return. Similarly, you can perform multiple operations on the information that you get from the scraper to achieve your SEO goal. You may also use the keyword harvester to find long keywords related to your main keyword. As search engines examine your keywords for ranking your website. If you just use a single keyword or just short keywords, your SEO will not be that effective. Apparently, long keywords are more effective and well treated by search engines. Once you get multiple good keywords using the keyword harvester, you need to start using them on your website and with time you will see your page ranking going up.

Meta Scraper:

The webpage meta scraper is the second most amazing feature provided by ScrapeBox. Along with keywords, this tool scrapes the meta description and also the page titles from multiple websites. Deciding the best metadata for your website is really a difficult task, it also takes a lot of time, money and efforts to find the best metadata. Instead of working for getting your own metadata it is better to harvest metadata from similar websites. Sometimes smart work is much better and much effective than hard work. You need to make sure that you are using different metadata for different pages of your website, otherwise, the outcome will be five to ten percent of what you expected.

Other than the two major feature we discussed in the above paragraph, there are many other options provided by ScrapeBox like comment poster and link checker. Play with the tools till you get your perfect combination of features that you actually need for your purpose.

Proxies can be used for doing Competitor Research
Proxies can be used for doing Competitor Research

Proxies for Competitor Research

Competitor Research is one of the most important steps that many of the website owners skip, and their ignorance affects their page ranking.  

As Competitor Research is one of the main pillars of a well-structured SEO operation, no doubt there are a lot of different ways to perform competitor research, but the result you get after doing backlink research of competitors is very useful, as search engines examine backlinks when allocating rank to your website. You need to have the correct set of backlinks, otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve a good page rank, no matter how many irrelevant backlinks you use. You may get almost the same ranking as your competitors if you use their backlinks. It is not recommended to use all of your competitor backlinks. You just need to use the ones that have good page ranking. Once you are able to use their backlinks along with some of your own, there are great chances that you will leave them behind in terms of pagerank.

Research Tools:

Previously, people used to perform the competitor research manually, and this procedure used to be highly time-consuming. You can’t rely on manual methods anymore, every website owner including your competitors are already using automated tools. You should also use such tools to ease your work as well as increase your efficiency.  The whole process is very simple, you just need to put your selected keywords into the tool, and then based on keywords it will examine your competitors. And as a result, you will get an idea about their sources of links. You can further click on the links to find out if they have originated from a blog comment or an original blog post. Once you get the flow, you can do the same in order to get the same or similar links. The whole process is a bit time taking, but the result will be worth the time and applied efforts.

Before proceeding with the above strategy, you need to keep in mind that if you are using a tool that is going to search for a lot of URLs or it will be making a lot of queries simultaneously, you will get blocked by search engines in seconds. To prevent this from happening you need to use dedicated proxies along with the tools.

Fast loading
Fast loading

When you perform SEO using proxies, your websites gets cached in the browser of the user. It means that if a user tries to visit your website, the website will get cached in his browser or if he is already having your website cached in his browser, the website will load from the cache itself. So after the first visit, the website will definitely load faster. It is for a  fact that the websites which load faster gets a good page rank.


In this article, we discussed; What are proxies? How exactly proxy works? What is SEO? And finally, we discussed how effective proxies are for SEO. By the end of this article, we got to know that SEO is nearly impossible without the use of dedicated proxies. We also learned how proxies prevent our public IP as well as our social accounts from getting banned, and it also helps us in bypassing geo-restriction.

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As a summary, the following are the applications of proxies in SEO operations:

  1. For Data harvesting from Search Engines.
  2. For keywords harvesting.
  3. For creating multiple accounts on the same website
  4. For doing bulk likes and comment over social media.
  5. For posting blogs, article, comments on various websites using proxies.
  6. For Simulating Traffic.

Proxy is just a helping hand before you go blindly with the tools thinking that you are using proxies and nothing should happen and cross the normal limits applied by search engines and social media and get your accounts and IP addresses blocked. Make a habit of using the tools as per the guided limitations. Don’t forget, in the end, whatever you do with the bot should look very human, very organic.

Stay tuned with the blog we will keep updating the use of proxies for SEO tools. Should you have any queries related to the effectiveness of proxies over SEO. Write to us in the comments section below.

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