App Store Optimization Using Accurate Data

App Store Optimization Using Accurate Data

Data-Driven App Store Optimization Insights

Many businesses who have put in a good investment in their application software are looking for ways to increase their app ratings on the app store.

But what would be the result of combining app store optimization (ASO) with premium data collection? Let’s begin with the importance of data-driven app store optimization insights

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App Store Optimization

App store optimization also known as app store SEO is the process of improving app ranking in the app store or google play store. Other aims of app store optimization are to:

  • Engage with a wider audience
  • Reach a wider audience and gain larger brand exposure
  • Increase the rate of app downloads and activations

The Rise in Mobile App Downloads

You may be wondering why it’s so important to pay particular attention to app store optimization. Just as it is with many other things in business, the answer is numbers. According to Statista, mobile apps being downloaded are on an increase daily. It is estimated that by 2022, 260 billion apps would have been downloaded which is way higher than the record of 205 billion in 2018.

Interview with Pavel Vlasov – CTO and Co-Founder of AppFollow

The following is a short interview that took place with Pavel Vlasov, the co-founder of AppFollow. The interview covered some details about his company; AppFollow, their corporate goals, and their data collection activities.

Pavel previously worked on the Alerter app and he is now a dedicated master coder and CTO of AppFollow; an app management platform.

Launched in 2014, AppFollow is an app management platform that makes it possible to make timely decisions and actions in businesses. They provide data-driven app store optimization insights for mobile businesses for an increased growth rate at every stage of the app life cycle. AppFollow supports five major app stores for operating systems; App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon and then forward critical app data and every update to various services like Zendesk, Slack, Helpshift, and 34 others.

Over time, they have had over 30,000 clients including market leaders using our services and these include companies such as BitMango, HBO, Airbnb, Sony, HubSpot, Square, and a lot more.

What do you look for when looking for a data collection enabler?

We look out for a network that allows for a seamless collection of data from different online sources that can not only be customized to suit specific needs, but is also easy to use, and can also be integrated into various systems. We also look out for a vendor we can trust, and with good customer support to help us when necessary.

What are your main goals in data collection?

We aim to be able to provide our customers with the highest standard of data quality to build their confidence in us. So we continuously work to improve this quality to meet our customer’s highest standards.

The Importance of Data Collection in App Store Optimization

Data has been the bedrock of different forms of optimization, be it search engine optimization, or app store optimization. There are different ways data intelligence and app store optimization can help businesses that depend on app store optimization and they include:

Helps in Informed Decision Making

The process of data collection and analysis can be likened to solving a puzzle. You first collect the data you need and then put them together to the benefit of both client and product. And so when it comes to making important time-sensitive decisions, data is most important.


New companies and those who are also focused on growing need high-quality data sources that can mature and expand with the customer needs and company needs. This flexibility and agility are necessary.

Customization Based On Specific Needs

Different customers have their own specific needs especially when it comes to B2B. in many cases, customized data sets are required to tailor the business outcome to the needs of the customers even better and that’s why many app store optimizations need real-time data to be integrated into their systems as changes occur.


App store optimization is the focus of many businesses that have made apps to further improve their services and help with a wider audience reach. But just as with everything else, it needs to be optimized to be seen by a wider audience for more downloads and wider exposure. Data-driven app store optimization insights are borne from data that help tailor services to the specific needs of the client. It also helps in prompt and accurate decision making, a feature most businesses depend on.

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