Why is Limeproxies a better alternative to Bright data?

Why is Limeproxies a better alternative to Bright data?

Limeproxies better alternative to Bright data

In recent years, private proxies have grown in popularity. It's because of the many breaches that occur on the internet. Stolen bank account information, credit card information, and personal business information have become common. Proxy servers operate as a firewall and web filter and provide shared network connections and caching data to speed up common requests. A good proxy server protects users and the internal network from the bad stuff that lives out in the wild internet. Finally, proxy servers can give you a lot of privacy. There are many proxy servers on the internet, but only a handful of them are reliable. Because many service providers sell shared proxies as private proxies, it's best to go with a respected proxy provider. Bright data is one of them. Fortune 500 firms use Bright data's proxy network and data collecting tool, yet fame does not always define your service. Instead of offering clients a wide range of services and benefits, Bright data offers only a few features on high-priced plans. An alternative to Bright data could be the answer to this problem. It's difficult to find a suitable alternative for Bright data, but we've done the legwork for you. Limeproxies is the best alternative to Bright data. This article will go over all the key reasons why limeproxies are a preferable alternative to Bright data. So, let's start.

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Features of Bright data

Data Collector

You can gather accurate data from any website, at any scale, and have it delivered to you on auto in the format of your choice with Bright data's data collector tool. Many people collect data manually; yet, this can be accomplished with the help of a data collector. Yet, using Bright data's tool is not simple. You must educate yourself on the issue, which will take a long time. The following services are provided by this tool:

  • Collecting web data requires quick adjustments to site updates as well as creative blocking techniques. The Data Collector reacts quickly, ensuring that data is given without interruption.
  • As the size of your data collection grows, your infrastructure may fail, posing extra challenges. Data Collector's main advantage is its infinite scalability.
  • Collecting data on your own takes a lot of time and effort. Data Collector helps you save time, effort, and money by freeing up resources.
  • Data Collector makes it possible to capture public online data in real-time. Get data in minutes and personalize your collection to meet your specific needs.
  • Integrate automated deliveries to your preferred storage place — API, Webhook, Google cloud storage, Amazon S3 bucket, Azure cloud, emails, and more – to get the most up-to-date and correct data.

To use data collecting, you must first request the data. You have a lot of options when it comes to data collectors. Then you must specify your delivery selections. Choose whether you want to receive your data in real-time or after all it has been collected. Finally, you'll have your data organized and ready to use in your preferred format. This tool's pricing plan is neither inexpensive nor affordable. Their entry-level package starts at $750 per month and goes up to $2,000 per month.

Web Unlocker

It's a key to unlocking exceptional success rates in reaching your target destinations. To use it, you must send an unlocking technology request, and it will retrieve data for you. Whether your requests are successful or not, this automated unlocking tool takes your money.


Pre-collected datasets from Bright data cover a wide range of data points. Trends can be identified and analyzed, companies, people, and social media influencers can be found, eCommerce activity can be optimized, and data for machine learning algorithms may be obtained. Datasets include the huge acquisition of tens of millions of data points on a scale never seen before. Data is rich and updated frequently, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition with timely business insights. Bright data, on the other hand, charges a high price for this information. And having data doesn't automatically imply that you'll get a positive result from it. Because market trends vary daily, it's not a good idea to rely on a large amount of data all the time.

Features of Limeproxies

Limeproxies provides countless features to its customers which their business needs. By utilizing limeproxies features, you can access blocked content of every country of the world, and you can research your market and develop a strategy based on that research. You can protect your business's private information and your effective plans from the hands of your competitors. Following are a few Limeproxies most effective features:

No Restrictions and Blocked Content

You can use Limeproxies to get around content restrictions imposed by companies or governments. Using Limeproxies' premium proxy server, you can access material from any country or city on the planet. The proxy server gives the impression that you are in Canada, but you are actually in the United States. Several governments worldwide track and limit internet access; even so, Limeproxies proxies allow you to access banned information from anywhere in the world.

Protection of personal information

Limeproxies recognizes the importance of privacy for both businesses and individuals, and they use proxy servers to access the internet more privately. Limeproxies servers will change the IP address and other identifying information in the web request. This implies that the destination server has no idea who submitted the initial request, which helps to keep your personal information and browsing habits hidden.

Research into the market

Limeproxies gives premium proxies to business people that want to use bot research to gather vital market data. These servers can be used for data scraping to extract the most crucial information that a successful competitor is withholding from you.

Internet usage might be restricted

Limeproxies proxy servers can be used by businesses to regulate and track how their employees use the internet. Most companies don't want you to visit certain websites on company time. They can configure the proxy server to block access to certain sites instead of redirecting you not to visit those sites during work. Proxy servers also allow them to track and log all online requests. Thus, they can see how much time you spend surfing the internet even if they don't block the site.

Defend your brand

Limeproxies proxy servers protect a variety of brands. To prevent prying eyes from seeing your transactions, enable your proxy server to encrypt your web requests. You can also use the proxy server to block access to known malware sites. Additionally, corporations can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect their proxy server to the internet, allowing remote users to access the internet through the company proxy.

How does Limeproxies provide more solutions to your business than Bright data?

Limeproxies, without a doubt, takes the lead when it comes to which platform can deliver the most options to your organization. Bright data is confined to a few functions with high pricing, but Limeproxies provides a firm with many options. Here is a handful of them:

Data Mining Proxies:

"I would just like to say "Limeproxies.com" really does go up and above to please their customers. They have been great!. Their customer service is A++!. Great job, Shane and Mike very pleased with your outstanding help."-Wii

Web scraping is one of the most common methods that companies use in data mining. The role of data mining tools in web scraping has been discussed at Towards Data Science. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of Hadoop and other modern data mining technology is overshadowed by Google and other brands' restrictions on data searches originating from the same IP address. Limeproxies proxies are useful in this situation, making many data mining queries a lot easier. Their proxy servers might assist you in getting over this obstacle and getting the most out of your data mining activities.

Proxies for Web Testing:

"Excellent company. I've been with them for almost two years now, and the truth has been great. I recommend them". They are highly reliable.-Wilson

Most websites use a user's location to adjust the site's content and the adverts and third-party data provided. Testing on your desktop can be difficult. The websites that website release managers, engineers, developers, and quality analysts construct and maintain must be tested. It's critical to the site's performance that codes, sites, adverts, and online apps work as intended. Setting the correct criteria and atmosphere for accurate testing is the first step.

An analyst must imitate a real user to establish the ideal testing environment. This is accomplished by employing the appropriate software, device fingerprints, and geolocated IP types. When used with the correct automation tool, a proxy network service makes website performance testing simple and accurate. You will be able to test across geo-locations, and if relevant to your content, across a variety of IPs: residential, mobile, and datacenter. With 50+ location proxies and 1000 global subnets, it's simple to transition between data center, home, and mobile networks based on your needs.

Proxies for Tracking Prices

"I'm a novice at using a Proxy service. LimeProxies has been fabulous at getting me up and running. Excellent support."-Christopher Avery

Every day, hundreds, if not millions, of pricing modifications are made by online sellers. Companies use price tracking and price monitoring solutions that automatically give trustworthy data to stay up with ever-changing markets and growing customer price awareness. Limeproxies provides online scraping and data parsing services that enable businesses to quickly get fresh, trustworthy, and ready-to-use price data.

Pricing information varies by website and, in certain cases, by geographic area. Even the same provider's costs can fluctuate based on the country or currency, and it's difficult to get information that's only available from a specific spot.

Companies must access data from all over the world to acquire reliable pricing information. Some e-commerce sites only display information based on the location of IP addresses, preventing them from seeing pricing for other countries. Limeproxies' proxy network spans the globe and allows for city-level targeting. Companies may readily acquire product pricing information thanks to high-quality proxies from all over the world regardless of their location.

Which is Cheaper to Use?

Limeproxies is the winner if you want to know which solution (Limeproxies or Bright data) offers the cheapest features. It not only offers a wide range of features at reasonable prices, but it also offers 24/7 customer support in the event of any issues. To use the free demo, you do not need to enter your credit card information.

Limeproxies offers ten proxies for $9.98 per month, 100 proxies for $99.98 per month, and 2500 proxies for $1750 per month.

Residential proxies are available for $75 per month for a starter, $199 per month for a company, $399 for a corporate, and $7500 per month for an enterprise.

Limeproxies offers beginning, production, and corporate mobile proxies for $500, $1000, and $3400, respectively.

Bright data's experimentation package is $300 per month, while their starting plan costs $500 per month, the production plan costs $1000, and the plus plan costs $3000.

Why is Limeproxies a better alternative to Brightdata?


  • It has a fantastic customer service team that is always there to answer your questions and assist you with any issues while using its services.
  • It comes with a self-managed control panel that allows you to order and update your proxies on your own.
  • The panel is user-friendly, and you can make modifications without any technical help.
  • Limeproxies offers premium private proxies in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Australia, and Europe.
  • Limeproxies proxies operate at 1 Gbps speed which is faster than most of its competitors. 
  • Limeproxies can be integrated with different tools with a single click.
  • Limeproxies offers ten private proxies for only $9.98/mo.

Bright data

  • Customer team response can take days to respond and weeks to solve issues you face.
  • Bright data doesn't offer a self-managed panel. You have to learn about it before using their dashboard.
  • The dashboard is not user-friendly. You have to be an experienced person to fully understand it.
  • Bright data provides proxies to limited countries. 
  • Bright data proxies speed is less than 1 Gbps.
  • Bright data doesn't integrate with any third-party tool.
  • Bright data experimenting plan starts at $300/mo.



In conclusion, private proxies can be extremely helpful to your business. In this case, selecting the correct proxy provider is critical. Bright data and Limeproxies are the finest options for choosing Yet. However, Limeproxies is a better alternative to Bright data in many ways. Bright data's features and solutions are less effective and comprehensive than Limeproxies'. It offers private proxies in various locations across the world, including the United States, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. It has a 24/7 customer service chat function where you can respond to your questions within 24 hours.

  • If you like the content, share it with your friends and colleagues so that they can also learn more.
  • Limeproxies is the best solution you can use for your business and brand. By using private proxies, you can unlock your business's hidden potential.
  • Get a free demo of Limeproxies now and use their services for free.

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