Which is the Best Proxy for Scrapebox?

Which is the Best Proxy for Scrapebox?

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Introduction to Scrapebox :

Scrapebox is recently noticed to be the best online search engine scraping tool available, A lot of data analysts use Scrapebox as it is a most versatile tool in scraping data from almost all the search engines online.

Google is marked as the most scraped search engine.  Due to its anti-spam feature it limits the number of scraping results at a time from a single IP. The disadvantage is that this feature can also block your IP from being used further when the limit is bypassed, which in turn  leads to loss of revenue.


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What’s the necessity for using Proxies on Scrapebox?

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Scrapebox is an effective tool while used along with proxies, You will have to make sure that when your idea of scraping data from the internet is from multiple search engines and multiples websites, there are chances that the websites or the search engines block your internet IP and your IP can never be used on the tool again.

Here is the need of using a proxy where you can have a pool of IPs which can be randomly used to scrape data anonymously without getting banned or blocked.

But you will have to make sure that the proxies you buy from a provider are not used before by any Scrapebox users.


Which Proxies are best for Scrapebox?

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In order to get best results for Scrapebox, use of unused IPs is recommended, In most of the cases, you find proxies which are already used before or proxies that are shared with multiple users at a time which will be a risky situation. Using shared proxies will be an issue when both the users are using the same proxy for scraping purposes and accidentally happen to target the same website which leads to blocking the proxies for both the users.

It is recommended to avoid the usage of free proxies as these proxy providers are not anonymous and maintain or store server logs which are risky at a user level. This also leads to a lot of connection errors or timeouts.

The use of Premium Datacenter proxies is increased in recent times due to the features offered. The  advantage of using datacenter proxies is the speed they have which is not available with Residential Proxies.

Datacenter Proxies are well known for the speed on any platform they are used, whether it be a browser, an application or a server, the performance is always the same. Also, Datacenter offers a large pool of subnets which is actually needed while using the proxies for scraping, to maintain anonymity which avoids blocking the proxies, as there are chances of proxies getting blocked when multiple requests are sent from a same range or subnet of proxies.

If location is not a constraint for you, then datacenter proxies are an additional advantage as they can offer a wide range of locations which helps you stay anonymous on web without getting blocked.


How to Add Proxies on Scrapebox

Adding the proxies on Scrapebox is similar to that of setting up a proxy on a browser, unlike that, you cannot add multiple proxies on a browser. You can copy the list of proxies on a notepad i.e a .txt format and upload it directly through the ‘  Select Engines and Proxies ’ option.

While using Socks Proxies you can just add an ‘ S ’ before the proxy format


For Eg : http/https proxies are added as

                Socks proxies are added as S192.168.1.1:1212

Adding the proxies in Scrapebox is not just the end, now you will need to set a timeout for the proxies to work/extract data from the target websites as making the proxies work continuously will often lead to blocking of proxies.

Hence analysts always recommend setting a timeout of 20-40 seconds and  once data is extracted the proxy be given a gap of 20-40 minutes before using it again, this helps in smooth functioning and also help you fetch maximum URLs within the next timeout period.

In Scrapebox, click the Connections menu then click “Connections, Timeout and Other Settings.”  to set the timeout to your desired limit.




Now you know how it goes about setting up proxies on Scrapebox, on the other hand, you also know that it is not so easy for a proxy to fetch data continuously without getting blocked.

Check for : Proxy for Scraping and Web scraping for business, learn more by reading this Web Scraping Guide.

We also know why one should use Datacenter proxies, they are good with their speed, and due to the range of subnets and variety in location always stands out of the crowd in the anonymous world.

When one says Datacenter proxies, LimeProxies will always be a choice for everyone for having numerous subnets and locations and proxies that work with enormous speed.

Also try this Ebook: An Ultimate Guide to Content Curation with Web Scraping.

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