Angularjs Vs Reactjs Comparision – What Are The Major Differences in 2018?

Angularjs Vs Reactjs Comparision – What Are The Major Differences in 2018?

Angulr vs React


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In the article below we will be comparing the two most popular technologies in the year 2018. These are very famous technologies that are widely accepted worldwide and are established for front-end web development. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages from both points of view – the developer point of view as well as from the user side.

First, we need to know what is Angularjs and what is Reactjs?

Angularjs or Angular javascript is an open source javascript that is a web-application software framework. It is maintained by Google. Angularjs is a framework of model-view-controller [MVC] and model-view-ViewModel [MVVM] architectures that help to develop and test mobile and desktop web apps.  Javascript codes are embedded into HTML codes using this framework. The HTML codes help in two-way data binding and decoupling DOM manipulation.

Reactjs is developed by Facebook and it is a javascript library. It is basically used to develop single page web applications and mobile applications. It is a library and not a framework. It is designed to build mobile applications using React native and user interfaces.

We can compare the two technologies under the following structures:

Angularjs Vs Reactjs

The component

Angularjs is built on MVC framework so it is a very complex and fixed structure. But being a very difficult technology Angularjs has an amazing framework because it has a lot of tutorials, support from community and online documents. To create the view for the user, developers need to initialize the model part by the controller and then transform it into the HTML. The application template is extended using HTML with directives from Angularjs written as attributes and tags. The Angularjs controllers are also written separate files. The process becomes complex but it becomes easy for developers to reuse the templates, as the process is very fast. Hence Angularjs needs a lot of skills and developers needs to pour in a lot of effort to master this application but once the person has learned then applications can be developed in no time.

On the other hand, Reactjs is very easy to learn because of the simple syntax used in reactjs. It is a very efficient and comfortable way of building web component trees. Being a master in the technology is very easy but developing Reactjs takes a lot of time. It is not as fast an Angularjs. Reactjs doesn’t have the model and also lacks the controllers as it is a javascript library. It doesn’t let users create an application of their own. But it has the capability to easily work on the high load. Reactjs gives the facility of high responsiveness and flexibility.

Data binding

Reactjs has only one-way data binding. One-way data binding means that users or developers are able to direct data flow in only one direction. Properties [or props] can pass from only parent component and not back to the parent component. But the good feature among this is that Reactjs uses virtual Document Object Model.

But on the contrary to this Angularjs has a two-way data binding model. Here the apps have an automatic synchronization of data in between the view components and models. This two-way model enables the app to behave singularly thereby reducing the possibility of errors.

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Support from the community for the technology

It becomes evident to check before using any framework like Angularjs or library like Reactjs that whether it has a lot of tutorials or documents or learning materials to get acquainted with the technology. This helps users to learn the technology very quickly and check for solutions whenever stuck in some place.

Angularjs by Google has ample amount of documentation and tutorials available for users to easily understand the technology and cope up with it. Users will find an official youtube channel of Angularjs that has a lot of videos that are very well explained by experts to teach about the technology and understand the framework very nicely. Therefore, with these videos, documents, tutorials it becomes very easy to learn the technology.

Reactjs does not have tutorials or videos in so vast amount but has quite a lot of amount of documents. The documents provided by Reactjs are of good quality and useful for users facing problems. And as it is easy to understand and learn in spite of having fewer documents mastering the technology won’t be a problem.

**Conclusion    **

It can be concluded at the end of such comparison that both have its advantages and disadvantages as both are very famous technologies and one is a framework and other is a library. The suggestion would be that if a developer wants to develop a basic and simple app then both can be used. As Angularjs despite being tough is reliable and provides very easy testing on the other hand Reactjs is friendly to Search Engine Optimization.

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